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FFAF – 4 Minerals That Can Change Your Life + Simple Tips To Radically Improve Your Health Without Changing Your Diet + Much More!


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Today we were scheduled to have Jane McLelland on the show to talk about her book called How To Starve Cancer.

But because of our connection we had to reschedule the show together. It was unfortunate but the connection was so choppy and so intermittent that I decided to pull the plug.

I didn’t want to but you the listeners or viewers through that. 🙂

So I had to come up with a show “on the fly” as it were.

Fortunately I’m always trying new things and learning new information so for me to put someething together last minute is rather easy. 🙂

This is one of the benefits of the job. It requires constant learning and personal growth, both of which I love and pursue daily anyway!

I shared some ideas about 4 minerals and 1 vitamin that you may want to focus on to immprove your health. These minerals and vitamin are…

  1. Iron
  2. Magnesium
  3. Copper
  4. Calcium
  5. Vitamin A (retinol)

Most people think they’re anemic or have “low iron” based on their blood ferritin tests. We need to lower iron, increase copper and magnesium along with vitamin A.

Just doing these 2 things can radically improve your health for the better!

I also shared lots of other things I’ve been learning as well as took some listener questions in the live chat room.

I hope you enjoyed some of the tidbits from today’s show!

Hi Justin:

This is GVas (on YouTube/Google). My real name is Gloria. I’ve listen to your podcast for a few years and recently I started getting interested in the Red Light Therapy. I’ve purchased a few things from your store and wanted to know more about the Joovy.

I was wondering what is your take on these: Is it better to start slow on the Joovy, meaning try a “Solo” then upgrade? Does the product produce heat or just light? The one you use is for full body? I am really thinking about getting one, but I want to make sure I chose the best one for the buck since they are pretty pricey. Although, is awesome that they now have the 18 months no interest program, that is pretty cool.

Thanks for all you do Justin, I hope one day I can meet you and your wife and kids in person. Just to say THANK YOU.

You guys are a great source of wisdom and the interviews you bring to all of us who are in this path is invaluable.

Thank you for your time.


GVas 🙂

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Joov Red Light Therapy
Irish couple killed baby with a vegan diet

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