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Jeff Witzeman – Cancer Can Be Killed & Flipping The Script On Childhood Chemo!

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Filmmaker Jeff Witzeman joined us on this show to talk about his two documentaries called Cancer Can Be Killed along with his newest one called Flipping the Script.

The latter, Flipping the Script is of particular interest to me because of how the medical industry is forcing children who did chemo and radiation to undergo an additional 2 to 4 years of a softer yet more ongoing form of chemo as a “preventitive”.

If you choose not to particpate in this medical tyrany you get the CPS to come and take your kids from you. On average each kid that gets medically kidnapped by the CPS and given to adoption agencies is worth around $7,000 to $8,000 dollars.

Kidnapping children under the guise of medicine is big business as you can imagine.

It’s sickening the world we live in. These people, who are in the FDA, the AMA, the CDC and CPS will a lot to account for when all is said and done.

I sure wouldn’t want to be them when I pass away.

In this show with Filmmaker Jeff Witzeman we talked about his wife’s bladder cancer and how he originally got involved in spreading the news that people can heal without dangerous chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

I hope you enjoy this show!

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Show Notes:

Dayton Dandes Medical Center in Florida
Dr. Ray Peat
Dr. Richard Massey
Barbara Frank on Parasites
Dr. Robert Morse
Morley Robbins on minerals

Guest Contact Info

This “CANCER CAN BE KILLED” website is a place to affirm everything we know about cancer, how it can be killed, but also it’s place in this world, why it exists and what it hopes to teach us.

Flipping the script When parents fight back. A controverersial fil about how children already in remission cancer are foced by doctors into long term chemotherapy. 2 yrs for gils 3.5 yrs for boys.

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