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Morley Robbins – Iron Is Killing You Slowly & Here’s How To Fix It!

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Morley Robbins stands alone in his knowledge of minerals and how minerals control what’s going on inside our body. Specifically we talked about iron, copper, magnesium and a little bit about calcium.

We also discussed the role of vitamin A or beta-carotine which becomes retinol.

The interplay between these minerals is truly eye opening and will change how you view your health.

He’s the man behind the Root Cause Protocol which we cover in this episode.

Morley Robbins is a fascinating man with an understanding of minerals like no other.

We get people trying to get on our show daily. Along with that, there are many “pop” natural health people out there with huge followings.

Yes we could invite them on our show and reap the benefit of their massive online followings but to me I’d be selling out.


Because not only is their information so basic but many times it’s damaging to our health.

I’m interested in giving people a platform (and picking their brains as well!) who are on the cutting edge.

Does that mean we don’t allow people on who have a large fan base? Honestly it’s not about the fan base of a guest, it’s about how they can benefit you, the listener.

Morley Robbins has to be in in the top 10 guests we’ve ever had on, hands down and maybe even in the top 5. His work is that important.

I hope you enjoy this show!

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