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Barbara Frank – Aliens Live Inside Us! Either We Kill The Parasites Or They Kill Us!

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Barbara Frank is an herbalist, a healer and is into old time folk medicine she learned from her great grandmother during the slave times.

She’s worked with people for many years with all kinds of conditions varying from Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, cancers of various forms, autoimmune diseases along with helping people put on weight and lose weight.

She’s also helped people with wrinkles, gray hair, balding in both men and women and so much more.

Barbara focuses on helping people kill and get rid of parasites.

Could parasites alone be the sole cause of all illnesses mankind is facing?

Think about it…

A parasite will rob your body of energy and resources. That’s what parasites do. They live off of you, the host. On one hand the sheer number of them feeding off your life force depletes your energy and thus your immune system.

On the other hand they’re also “turning your organs into swiss cheese” according to Barbara Frank. This implies your organs will not work properly.

It’s a double edged sword.

You need energy to heal. But they’re also the very thing that’s making your organs not work properly.

Getting rid of parasites should be at the core of our yearly wellness plan.

Balding caused by demodex mites? Parasites robbing us of copper that keeps our hair color from turning gray? Wrinkles are caused by parasites?

Could all this be true?

Barbara Frank has lots to say about this!

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