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What To Do If Your Child or Loved One Is Going To Get Vaccinated + Much More!

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With everything that’s happening not just in California but in other states about vaccines, I thought it was time to do an entire show about it.

I see many people upset about the recent laws restricting our freedoms about vaccines.

I’m here to tell you that we have not just allowed it by our silent aquessence, but also in our demands.

How did we demand laws that restrict freedoms you say?

By how sick we’ve allowed ourselves to become which necessitates chemical drugs and vaccines.

If we were truly a level headed, chemical free healthy people we would have never been put in this mess to begin with.

Somehow in some odd way we (as a culture) have asked for this.

Voting isn’t going to change ANYTHING. If voting actually worked, it would have been outlawed decades ago. They’re never going to let the employees vote on a new company president.

The only thing that is going to work is to starve their profits. For all of us to become so healthy that you don’t ever need their pharmeceutical drugs and chemical cocktails.

In this show I share some protocols about what to do if your child must get a vaccine.

I share what to do before during and after the administration of the injection.

I hope you enjoyed this show!

Thanks for listening and sharing!

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Show Notes:

How to stop SB276
Just asking IG hashtag campaign
Doctor’s bonuses for vaccinations
What’s in vaccines
Dr. Frederick Klenner
Dr. Frecerick Klenner 2

Show Topic:

Vaccine mitigation

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