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David Milburn – How To Improve Indoor Air Quality For Better Health

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David Milburn came on the show to talk about indoor air quality. We have many of his company’s products in our store if you’re interested in learning more.

He’s from a company called HypoAir and we really like what they’re doing.

We like supporting good people making great products that actually help people live healthier lives.

In this show we talked about

  • Mold remediation
  • VOCs and how they affect the body
  • How HypoAir deals with bacteria
  • Chemicals and how to deal with them
  • Off gassing of plastics and cleaning supplies
  • Air Ionization
  • How to improve indoor air quality w/o an air purifier
  • How outdoor air quality affects indoor air quality
  • Smoking mitigation strategies
  • Dust and lung issues
  • Mold test kits
  • Viruses and pet dander
  • Why particle size matters
  • How to keep your lungs healthy for life
  • And much more!

I hope you guys enjoy this show with David Milburn from HypoAir and his tips for making our indoor lives much healthier!

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And thank you for listening!

One final thing!

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