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Michelle LaMasa-Schrader – Recall Healing – Getting To The Root Cause of All Disease!

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Michelle LaMasa-Schrader joined us today from Soul Tree Tranformations to talk about some of the deeper aspects of health and disease.

We did a show a while ago with Dr. Schrader and it was a ton of fun and we got a lot of feedback on it. My goal with Extreme Health Radio is to present options for healing that you will not hear in the mainstream media.

People are reversing diseases using this kind of spritual/emotional work. It’s fascinating to see that when you heal the underlying conflict there’s no need for the body to create an illness.

How is a tumor or a heart attack the body’s most sensible way of healing?

It is.

I hope you guys enjoy this show with Dr. Schrader!

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For years, I was embarrassed about my introduction to this world. It wasn’t the ideal way that one may come into this world. However, today I understand that my parents were brought together to allow me to come into this world. I believe that there was a divine hand at play in forming and helping me carry forth a special purpose. I also believe that my purpose is continually unfolding each day….

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Recall healing

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