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Jeanice Barcelo – The Hidden Dangers Of Hospital Births & What To Do About Them

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    This might be the most powerful interview we’ve done to date. If you are thinking of giving birth in a hospital you might want to think twice after hearing this interview with Jeanice Barcelo.

    I realize this information is not light and fluffy and may not make you feel good but it does us no good to live in a cave. We have to know what’s really going on. Jeanice Barcelo says some very controversial things in this podcast interview. We hope you enjoy the show with her and pass it onto your friends and family!

    After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

    We discuss the following and so much more:

    • Why Epidural shots are so destructive
    • How the inducement drug Pitosin can alter our DNA and cause many other issues.
    • How to use jin shin, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), cranial sacral techniques, watsu therapy, the pain gene and tens machines to clear birth traumas.
    • Why the Unites States is #52 in the world for infant mortality
    • Why hospitals are so dangerous
    • How to protect your child from vaccinations
    • The dangers of circumcision
    • Why breastfeeding is so important
    • Why lotus birthing is important and what to do with the placenta
    • The dangers of cutting and clamping the umbilical chord too soon
    • The dangers of C Sections
    • The dangers of internal fetal monitors and sonograms
    • Why swaddling babies is very unhealthy and puts them into a parasympathetic mode of fight or flight
    • Why Vitamin K shots and goop in the eyes are dangerous and prevent bonding
    • And so much more!

    You’ll probably never give birth in a hospital again after hearing this interview with Jeanice Barcelo… – Click to tweet this!

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    Show Date: Wednesday 2/13/2013
    Show Guest: Jeanice Barcelo
    Guest Info: Jeanice Barcelo is an independent Childbirth Educator and Doula. She has a radio show and speaks about healing prenatal birth traumas. She is the creator of

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    Topic: The dangers of hospital births & more
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    Dr. Bob Marshall Interview

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