Kate Joins Me! What Really Causes Autism, Dangers of Glyphosate, The Power Of Language, Don’t Block The Sun & More! – Extreme Health Radio

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Kate Joins Me! What Really Causes Autism, Dangers of Glyphosate, The Power Of Language, Don’t Block The Sun & More!

Today’s show was fun. It was a show we were supposed to have Dr. Frank Shallenberger on the show to talk about the benefits of Ozone therapy but we were unable to get Dr. Shallenberger on so Kate stepped in last minute and saved the show!

We always have so much to talk about so this was fun. We talked about what really causes autism and it’s my belief that there are 3 things to take note of that I think are what’s *really* causing autism.

It’s not just the vaccines friends there’s more to it!

I also talked about Glyphosate, Round Up and Monsanto along with how powerful language is not just in our health but in our lives as well.

Language is super powerful. How we talk to ourselves is key.

Finally I talked about sunscreen and why you shouldn’t avoid the sun and the dangers of sunscreen!

Thanks for listening!

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