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My Health Journey, Your Body CAN Heal, The Root Cause Of Disease, The Power Of Big Pharma, Listener Questions & More!


During today’s show we unfortunately had to reschedule with Allison Huish to talk about her brain cancer journey. This is the beauty of doing live shows!

Either the show must go on or you have to abandon ship live on the air and have some material to share that’s worthwhile.

Fortunately I live what I teach so there’s always a lot to talk about! 🙂

We talked about how I got involved in natural healing and I shared a little bit about my mom’s cancer journey and how it ultimately led to what I’m doing now, which is simply to share information you will not hear from your medical doctor.

I do my best to cover all the angles of health. As I mention on the show lots of people focus on just one aspect of health. In my opinion health consists of mindset training, personal growth, family connection, water, frequency, laughter, purpose, diet, nutrition, fitness, light, water, magnetism, detox, deuterium, spirituality, oral pathology, energy medicine, emotional well being and everything in between.

There are only a few people that connect all the dots.

We also discussed oral health and how your teeth as strange as it might sound impact your health more than you think!

We also discussed how big pharma must be really scared because they are doing the best they can to make as many people as sick as possible.

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Thanks for listening!

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