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Ep #616 – Aaron & Geneva Bigelow From Ampcoil – Combining PEMF Therapy With Rife Frequency To Help Deal With Chronic Health Issues


Aaron and Geneva Bigelow joined us from Ampcoil which is a unique new device that combines PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) with Rife frequencies.

It’s a powerful combo of using two different frequencies in harmony with the human body in order to fascilitate an internal environment of health and healing.

I just want to make this clear, the Ampcoil or any other device doesn’t heal anything. Only the body can heal itself through God’s love.

These exogenous devices simply help the body do what it’s already trying to do. It helps the change the environment.

I hope you enjoy this show with Aaron Bigelow and Geneva Bigelow from Ampcoil.

The Ampcoil and other devices like it are simply more tools in your tool belt to make us healthier.

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Thank you all.

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