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Nathan Walz – Why Light Is More Important Than Food For Your Health!

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In Today’s show we had Nathan Walz on the show to talk about light, water and magnetism.

Many people think that health is all about the food that we eat. We’ve been told by “food gurus” that the only thing our biology looks for to determine health is the food we’re eating.

This is good for them because it helps to sell supplements, superfood powders and herbs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these things.

But if you really want to move the needle and apply the greatest amount of leverage for improving your health, you MUST focus on light, water and magnetism.

You see, we’re only eating the food to carry information into our bodies. This information is transferred through photons absorbed from the sun.

Food is simply a repository for photonic energy that it stores from the sun. When we eat that food, we’re eating sun energy. 


I love good organic food but why focus on the food when we can go directly to the source…the sun!

In this show we talked about the elements of health that will really move the needle for you.




Nathan is a really great guy and I love supporting the work that he does. He helps people on multiple levels. He works on the spiritual aspect of health, personal growth, success, diet, light, water, magnetism, EMF mitigation and more.

He’s become a good friend of the show and I love supporting good people that are in it for the right reasons.

To help people improve.

Enjoy the show and thanks for sharing it with your friends!


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Nathan Walz

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As you can probably tell by now, if I don’t like the answers I get I ask a different question.

I believe in optimizing mind, body, and spirit. I pride myself in using the most current research and science to get you results – physically and mentally. I continue to learn from the best doctors, healthcare professionals, positive psychology research, and success improvement experts to help you in your transformation.

My training and credentials: BA in mathematics and 20 years in corporate America. Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS) from the Corporate Health & Wellness Association.

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