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Don Croft Using The Terminator 2 Zapper To Kill Parasites, Fungus, Worms, Bacteria & Viruses

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Did you know health issues like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), candida and more have a parasite component to them? Don Croft and Carol Croft from World Without Parasites explain how their Terminator 2 Zapper can kill parasites, worms, fungus, viruses and bacteria in the body.

If this is true, this is huge. What I like about these zappers that he sells is that it takes literally no effort to wear one. Obviously I advocate living a healthy lifestyle which takes quite a bit of work. There’s no doubt it’s hard work staying healthy with all of the assaults on our health these days. Chemtrails, fluoridated water, chemicals in the air, pesticides on the food, electro-magnetic radiation (EMF), stress and genetically modified foods are all harmful assaults on the body.

Why not pick one of these Terminator 2 Zappers up and see the benefits?

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • How long has zapping been around?
  • What are cloud busters?
  • What are chemtrails and what’s in them?
  • What if your liver, kidney and spleen are not moving out (
  • The dangers of cell towers and cell phones
  • How should people start out using the zapper?
  • What does it mean when your skin starts to burn?
  • How can you clean the copper when it gets dirty?
  • What’s in the zapper?
  • What are some good ways to strap the zapper to the body?
  • Don discusses Wilhelm Reich, Karl Welz, Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife
  • How does the zapper kill viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites?
  • Can a zapper harm you in any way?
  • How does fungus affect the arteries?
  • What other kinds of disorders does the zapper affect?
  • Don discusses Dr. Hulda Clark and Bob Beck
  • How long are the lifecycles of parasites

Don Croft says his Terminator 2 Zapper can kill parasites, worms, viruses, bacteria & fungi.
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Show Date: 9/21/2012
Show Guest: Don Croft and Carol Croft
Guest Info: Don Croft and Carol Croft are the owners of and have been involved in building zappers for many many years.
Topic: Zappers, Frequency Medicine, Parasite Cleansing
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Podcast Transcript:

Justin: Thank you so much for joining us today everybody. I really appreciate you tuning in to for another addition of our program. Today is Wednesday, September 21st, 2012 and this is episode #11. You can find that at All of our shows are transcribed, just so you know, so anything a guest says or I say during the interview will be searchable on our website. So, take advantage of that. There are also ‘show notes’ too for every show. If the guest mentions a book, or anything like that, it will be on the ‘show notes’ so there is no need to write them down, as you can just find it at

If you have any questions for our guest today, you can send them to or call in and leave a voicemail and we will play it on the air. That is (949) 391-7363. Just to let you know, this show is brought to you by the VitaMix Blender. In my opinion, this is one of the best blenders on the market. I’ve had mine for about eight years now and I use it about three times a day. It’s just an amazing piece of machinery. If you are in the market to buy one, please consider buying it through us and we will get a little commission for that. You can find that at

Before we introduce our guest, I jsut want to talk a little bit about our show schedule coming up. We have a lot of great guests coming up and we typically do shows on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Next week we have Christopher Wark, who has beat cancer naturally. If you know anyone who has cancer or have cancer yourself, he beat Stage-3 colon cancer naturally. We have Dr. Bruce Shelton out of Arizona, who is doing some really great work with chelation therapy, ozone, oxygen and all kinds of crazy healing protocols, so you will definitely want to tune in to that.

We have Barry Carter on October 1st. He is going to be talking about ormus, and subtle energies and things like that. We have Dr. Wendy Wilson, who is an herbalist and we have Dr. Gerald Smith coming up, who is a biological dentist, out of New York, whose drawing an interesting connection between root canals and cancer. He’s done a lot of great work out of Arizona.

Today, I am really excited as we have Don Croft and Carol Croft from They make an interesting little contraption called the Terminator-2 Zapper and I’m going to put mine on right now. We are going to be talking about parasites and their website, So, thanks so much for joining us Don and Carol, we really appreciate.

Don: Thanks for the invite Justin.

Justin: Yes, no problem. You guys are calling in from Idaho.

Don: Idaho, north Idaho.

Justin: Okay. And you guys have been involved in making these Zappers, I’m just strapping mine on right now, for many years.

Don: Well, we started in 1996 and started out very basic and figured out very quickly that it needed to be improved. So, we started doing that and we’re still improving it.

Justin: I think I read on your website that you got started by reading one of Hulda Clark’s books?

Don: Yes, I got a book and I bought a Zapper for $125, made in Washington, and I got such a remarkable feeling with that, so fast, that I had to start making them and trying them out on complete strangers who were sick.

Justin: And what happened?

Don: Well I turned it into a business and yeah kept healing people, and I had to know what it could do, you know. So, after a couple of hundred people getting healed, I started making them and selling them.

Justin: It’s interesting that the Zappers are, did Bob Beck do a lot of work with the zapping early on, or was that originally kind of made more popular by Hulda Clark. I know there were people before them.

Don: Well, Hulda Clark and Robert Beck came up with pretty much the same device and I started out with Hulda Clark’s book, like you said, but a lot of protocols are seeing confusing, conflicting and so be observation and experimentation on myself I simplified it a whole lot and when Carol joined me in 2000 we developed a terminator together with, by adding a lot of subtle energy components and Carol’s really good with subtle energy, can see it, knows what it does so it was a really nice collaboration.

Justin: And what is, what’s subtle energy, what is it?

Don: Well, we used Dr. Reich’s…Wilhelm Reich’s term orgone but it’s chi prana, life force, animal magnetism they have a lot of different names, ether, and it’s what materialistic science tries its best to ignore but it’s like ignoring night and just focusing on day or ignoring day and just focusing on night, it’s the other half of electricity and magnetism.

Justin: So it that…..

Don: You can’t have any of that without subtle energy.

Justin: So solar energy is more like the animating life force that we all have. The animation of the bodies.

Don: That’s right and Dr. Reich was the first modern scientist to turn to technology and with his orgone accumulators and their crop buster and other stuff, well we started bilking what he caught and Carl Welks commercialized organite, which is a devise that, it’s a material that generates its energy essentially, always caught with it, and so that’s what we pursued, and it’s simple too.

Justin: Yeah. These devices are, I mean the zapper that I have look like a, you know, something that’s a little smaller than an Iphone but it’s a little thicker and you just wear it underneath your belt and I definitely feel a warming sensation, kind of like a stinging, when I am wearing it.

Don: When you wear it, sure. I’m sorry.

Justin: Oh no, no. And, so what is that warming sensation, or that stinging indicating?

Don: Well that’s a good question. When we’re sitting, all the acids are going to rush towards the positive electrode, which is, there are two different zappers that are electrodes copper disc, one’s positive, one’s a ground. Well, the acids are attracted to the positive pole and if you don’t move it they’re going to eat a hole right through the skin to get to that disc.

And so when it’s starts to tingling you just move it and it never happened, this never happens on the palm, on the sole of the foot. So people who are extremely acidic can do that, just right there, at first. Generally it takes two or three days to become alkaline by using any zapper, any zapper,

Justin: Wow. So now is this the same thing as, I ‘m trying to think of the technology that creates a resident frequency of something that is vibrating inside your body like a cancer cell or something like that where it creates a counter frequency to kill it, is that kind of what’s going on here or is it much more simplistic than that?

Don: In my opinion this technology is so simple that a lot of people have to believe that it’s more complicated and the resident frequency theory is something that Hulda Clark promoted but it has no relationship to zapping, zapping is just electrification. It’s like charging a battery. Your body, a healthy body has an excess of electrons and that’s the alkaline state. So when you’re using a zapping you’re gently adding more and more electrons to the body until it achieves that alkaline state. And then that alkaline state, parasites can’t live they fall apart. So they literally just disintegrate. Yeah, I’ve got a picture on my website of big worms.

Justin: You know I was just on your website and you’ve got lots of great information, that’s and you can find out more about the zapper, they’ve got lots of different products there, now am I correct in my understanding that the zapper can affect viruses, bacteria. fungus and parasites.

Don: Yeah, it destroys all, every pathogenic organism disintegrates from the presence of pre-electrons. And this is how colloidal silver works. Silver carries those electrons into the body, and it doesn’t take much.

Justin: Wow. So the zapper essentially sends frequency into your blood stream which then kills the parasites.

Don: Well, try to think of it as a flow, like turning on a spigot and you’re just pulling free electrons into your body, let your body use it. And, this is, you know what an amp is, an amp is voltage times current, let’s see, a light bulb, a 100 watt light bulb I think is what, 10 amps. Okay a light bulb is 10 amps. What you get inside the body from a zapper is 5 millionths of 1 amp and that’s how little it takes.

Now frequency, any frequency does exactly the same thing because the purpose of the frequency in any zapper, including the multiple frequency zappers, is to get some of that current through the skin by capacitance. Now a zapper puts out 5000th of a amp. You’re only getting 1000th of that through the skin and it seems inefficient but that’s all you need, and the whole thing about frequencies is a misunderstanding of Royal Raymon’s life accomplishment back in the 20’s and 30’s, which are life generator.

Now he was able to target specific organisms by discovering their residents frequency, that’s the length of their body, and broadcasting that with a flashing light, a plasma light just within the vicinity of body and that destroyed that species of parasites which residents frequency.

Now a zapper does every species of parasite, thousands and thousands of species of parasites all at the same time with any frequency because this is electrification. This is because none of those species can live in the presence of an abundance of free electrons.

So our whole industry has been generated on this misconception of Royal Raymon’s life work.

Justin: Okay, and now what’s the relation to Wilhelm Reich and Nikola Tesla to this kind of technology?

Don: Well now Tesla, Tesla’s big thing in life was etheric as well as electric, you know that right? Okay, the radio is an etheric electrical device, magnetic because radio is carried through the ether which is the sub stratum of reality of the whole universe. It’s a measurable force which Wilhelm Reich called orgone and Tesla, the Tesla coil generates this energy, amazing. People receiving this energy see this enormous bright blue field around Tesla generator, Tesla coil. I remember when people would get the Tesla coils and just turn them on because it just felt so good to be around it.

Justin: Wow, that’s interesting. Have you guys, now this kind of technology is pretty amazing and I would imagine not so well looked upon by the powers that be, have you guys had issues with that?

Don: You call them powers but I’d never call them powers because this corporate order is parasitic. it’s not powerful. It’s based on perception, so. And a science is going to catch up with it, you know, if you look at what black ops things like that, that’s all subtle energy, these new towers that you see everywhere, those are subtle energy weapons, subtle energy weapons there not for cell phones.

A whole lot of other stuff, the weather weaponry, that’s been subtle energy. They use frequency and they use electricity but it they weren’t subtle energy based weaponry we wouldn’t be able to disable them so easily.

Justin: Wow and you have technology to be able to do that.

Don: Yeah, it’s the same thing that’s in the zappers, it’s organite. So, organite, yeah organite. It’s a little block you see inside your zapper, too if you lift the lid.

Justin: Yeah, I’ve look at that. Let’s talk a little bit about organite and what’s inside the zapper because I think there’s some interesting things inside the zapper.

Don: Okay. Yeah there’s some other components in there. The mobious coil. It’s a second hand it’s VIA and somebody gave it to me. It’s a sublte energy device. It’s a weapon if you don’t put a wire around it it makes you feel sick and even with 5000th of an amp going through it’ll make you feel kind of sick so we put the, if you look inside you’ll see a little wire going in the edge of the zapper inside, that’s to keep that mobious coil in a healing capacity.

Justin: Oh wow okay.

Don: It’s an amazing little device. It’s simple and it’s pretty cool.

Justin: And you have a crystal inside there I think as well, right?

Don: Yeah, what you can see is an amethyst and a garnet and just about everything that terminator was suggested by somebody else. Carol is the one that arranged it all in a very cohesive way. The garnet and amethyst yeah that creates a full spectrum effect that resonates entire body’s energy system and then inside the organite blocker, four gem stones.

Justin: Wow.

Don: Well that’s proprietary because this is now a competitive market there are several knock offs out there. They’re healing stones. Carol can talk about that.

Carol: The idea with the subtle energies inside the zapper are, what is does is the electric, you know the regular current that kills the parasite all the solar energy stuff in there encourages the body to heal at an accelerated rate so it works together and that’s why it works so well is because it also encourages the body to heal after the die off and after the purge of the parasites and the worms and all that.

Justin: Now when you, when someone wears one of these zappers what are they going to feel in terms of die off relatively soon after wearing it. Will they feel a really strong die off effect or how does that work?

Carol: It’s very interesting we just heard, I just heard from some people too that they expressed that they felt really bloated and also some diarrhea you know, symptoms, and that’s pretty normal especially if somebody’s been to a third world country and there’s a lot of die off. But most people don’t experience that unless they’ve been to a third world country.

Sometimes they’ll feel, a lot of people feel really energized by it because of all the solar energy stuff in there plus the body, you know our body’s a miraculous thing, all you’ve got to do is give it just a little bit and it wants to heal, it’ll take whatever you can give it and do the best it can with that.

Justin: Right.

Carol: And so a lot of people report back kind of euphoric symptoms because their body is just so appreciative of what it’s getting from the zapper.

Justin: Right, because we do so much to assault our health on a daily basis and….

Carol: Oh gosh yes.

Justin: You know I think when you give the body something it really can work with it just eats it up, it loves it doesn’t it?

Carol: Yeah it does.

Justin: Now what, what kinds of things does zapper effect in terms of symptoms for people like, you know can it work for people or do things positively for people who have cancer? Or perhaps bloating or candida and things like that? What are some things the zapper can effect in a positive way?

Don: Any zapper, even the simplest zapper, generally cures cancer within three weeks, most cancer. This is something I discovered early on, arthritis, same thing, heart disease, brain parasites, which are a big cause of depression, liver problems, it cures about half the cases of diabetes that we’ve run across.

I don’t know what the parameters are. Since people started using antibiotics, we’ve got worms in all the major organs because antibiotics destroy a barrier in the colon that prevents these parasites from entering the blood stream.

A whole lot of problems, especially heart problems are caused by worms that actually should never have gotten out of the colon. So, the first time somebody uses antibiotics, it’s like opening the door to a whole bunch of money that doctors can make later on from a variety of degenerative sicknesses.

Justin: That’s interesting. It’s such an easy thing to wear one of these zappers. When we come back, I want to ask you a little about how it can effect and help cancer and heart disease, as well as the connection with parasites and heart disease. We’ll just take this quick break and we’ll be right back.

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That would help us to continue providing, hopefully, really good quality information that you could really benefit from.

Thank you so much for listening, and with that said, let’s get back to this interview.

Okay, we’re back with Don and Carol Croft from and before the break we were talking with Don about how the zapper can effect things like cancer and heart disease. Those are the top killers in the United States I believe. I’d like to ask you Don, how exactly zapping can effect, let’s start with heart disease and how it effects the arteries of the heart?

Don: Just love that Vitamix by the way!

Justin: I do too, they’re great.

Don: The first time I saw it work on heart disease, I was visiting a guy in the hospital in St. Louis in 1996 and he was scheduled for open heart surgery and was in a lot of pain. He was going to have open heart surgery the next morning. I saw him the evening before that. I said ‘hey, do you want to try this zapper, I don’t know if it will help you’. He held the two pipes …[inaudible]… in those days, and 15 minutes later his pain was gone.

I later read that a lot of time doctors cut open the heart and find a bunch of worms, so they would close it up again and say ‘I can’t help you’.

So atherosclerosis that’s a deposit of cholesterol in the arteries. Another researcher discovered that the reason the body does that is because the arteries have holes in them, eaten by fungus. The body is really smart, like Carol says, as it will patch these holes. So, more fungus, more patches and before you know, the arteries are just made up of cholesterol. Now, the zapper destroys the fungus pretty quickly.

So the body and life as it is, reabsorbs the cholesterol over time and the blood pressure goes down and the heart works better. It’s simple, really, really simple. Most heart problems are caused by parasites.

Justin: One of the many ways we get parasites is by living day to day live, being exposed to animals and things like that.

Don: The thing about parasites is that that have consciousness, they have will, and in today’s world, where people are doing their best to poison us, through the food supply, the water supply, the air and electronically, and now with subtle energy.

You see these panels and all the water towers, let’s poisoning the water, that’s weaponry that’s not for cell phones. So, this encourages the growth of parasites. Even people who are on raw food and are extremely healthy, sometimes they have to kill those parasites. Now, 20 years ago, that wasn’t a problem.

I remember that, because I was on raw food in the 70’s. I never saw this problem in the 70’s among raw food people. But now, unfortunately, it exists. Parasites are worms that carry fungus, virus, slime mold or whatever and all of this fails to reside in an alkaline environment where there is an abundance of free electrons.

The atmosphere is healthy when there is an abundance of free electrons. The smog disappears, the air is clean, you feel good and you can see for 50-60 miles. The same thing inside the body. Vertically it’s the same thing in the body politic. Politics is parasitic right now. And none of that has to be, none of it has to be.

Justin: So there is also a fungal connection to cancer. I think Dr. Tullio Simoncini out of Italy I think has been making a connection recently with the fungal, he says all cancer is a fungus so that would lend credence to what you’re saying how this thing can kill fungus.

Don: Well, I don’t know enough to have an opinion on that I just suspect he knows what he’s talking about. Now the life cycle of the virus a piddly virus, something like that, I’m not a doctor I was a psychic when I started this you know Carol would probably agree with him completely. And the life cycle of any virus is three weeks, and cancer is always cured within three weeks in zapper.

General herpes takes three weeks to cure that with a zapper and one reason we developed the terminator was because ordinary zappers weren’t consistently killing general herpes, it’s most aggressive viral sickness so used that as a test disease and we finally reached the terminator zapper configuration 2000 we saw, almost 100 percent success rate. So I say that’s the most aggressive form of wires that we know about.

Justin: So you guys have, I looked on your website recently and you guys have another sort of an upgrade to the terminator, it’s called the T-Rx is that right?

Don: Oh yeah, I’ll send you one of those just give me your address because yeah you’ll like that a lot.

Justin: Yeah now that one…

Don: It’s kind of a device that Carol made and she can talk about that but she came up with it two years ago. And I mean tell you what’s in there but I have to shoot you, you know. Here she is.

Carol: The difference between the terminator and the T-Rx in what we’ve seen and also I’ve experienced empathetically is that the T-Rx seems to go deeper inside the body so it’s more intense. The only difference is there is a different coil in there that opens the body up even more for the electrical current.

Justin: So it’s a little bit stronger and goes a little bit deeper into the body.

Carol: Yeah, yeah.

Justin: So, now what happens….

Carol: Usually we don’t sell those to people unless they buy the terminator first because they tend to do the tingling and the burning up quite a bit faster and that’s just because, and they seem like they’re a lot more stronger as far as electricity wise, but they’re really not, it’s just that the body is excepting it a lot more efficiently so it seems like it’s a lot stronger so you actually get things done a lot faster with the T-Rx.

Justin: So, now do you guys wear these, because I wear mine pretty much during the time I’m sitting at the computer because if I get up and walk around sometimes it can fall out but it’s, do you guys have some fancy ways that you like to strap them to your body?

Don: I have mine in my sock right now at my ankle. Carol put her’s in her bra strap.

Carol: I usually don’t wear mine during the day anymore I usually, I found that I kind of trained my hand to hold it and I just wear it my palm all night long and then that’s my zapping time, because I not around. There’s also those tennis sweat bands near Sam’s that you can buy. Those work really great holding it on your palm.

Justin: Okay, and you can…

Carol: I just wear it there all night long.

Justin: Yeah and so that would be a great time to wear the zapper because you’re getting eight hours of it in, right?

Carol: Exactly. Exactly, and you know it can’t burn you, it won’t burn you on your palm.

Justin : That’s right, that’s right.

Carol: There’s no worry about that so that’s what I’ve started doing.

Justin: Now a lot of people these days are getting into the grounding technology and getting these mats and I have one of them right here, where you can supposedly ground your body while you’re at your computer whatever, is there a conflict with zapping while you’re grounded or I imagine that wouldn’t be an issue, would it?

Don: Well some people are saying that stuff so they experimented with it and found that it wasn’t so. I think somebody got an idea theoretically that that was happening and just went with it but, but we don’t make that many claims because we want to be sure we know what we’re talking about before we make any claims at all, and so we experiment and we observe and otherwise my gosh we could add all these things on our zappers.

Justin: (Laughing) They’d probably put you in jail, wouldn’t they.

Carol: Yeah, yeah. Speaking from a psychic’s point of view though, anything that grounds you is going to make it easier for your body to heal. So it seems to me that the two would work really, really well together.

Justin: I would imagine because, isn’t there something with the grounding with the free ions, and that’s kind of similar to the zapper, right?

Carol: Exactly, it is. Actually the two would complement each other.

Justin; Okay.

Don: I think you’re breathing free electrons when you ground .

Justin: Yeah. That’s what I’ve heard too. Is you’re allowing the free electrons of the earth to pass into your body, I guess.

Don: The only way you can hurt yourself with electricity is to put too much in the body, but that’s like you know, putting your finger in a wall socket or something. It takes an awful lot to hurt you, unless you’re absolutely homeless.

Justin: So what happens, on my zapper I’ve got, you know if I wear it pretty frequently I’ve got the little metal discs, the copper discs start to turn green or kind of discolored or it’s typically it’s just one of the discs. Is there a way to clean that off? Or what is that?

Don: Yeah, we use a paste firm metal copper cleaner from the grocery store. That’s just the crude from the body and it’s going to the disc that farther from the switch, right?

Justin: Let me take it off, I think so because one of them is much darker, yeah that’s it exactly.

Don: Okay, good. The one that’s closer to the switch is the positive and the one that is farther from the switch is the ground. I don’t know why that one collects the stuff, but it’s the one that burns you that’s the positive one. That’s where the acid goes so I don’t, I wish I knew more. I’m not a scientist you know.

Carol: If you don’t have copper cleaner, regular toothpaste works too. You just rub it in and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Not a wet cloth, just a damp one.

Don: We like copper cleaner because we’re lazy.

Justin: Do you have to clean it off, or can you just let it sit there?

Don: Well it slightly insulates so the zapper’s more efficient if you clean it occasionally. Some people send (zappers to repair) and sometimes it’s so thick you have to grind it off. It’s crazy.

Justin: Really.

Don: Our instructions tell you what to do.

Justin: Okay, I want to talk a little bit about some of the other products on your website. On you’ve got all kinds of interesting other products that I have been looking at today. You have a harmonic protector. What is that?

Don: That’s one of Carol’s inventions.

Carol: The harmonic protector is a device I came up with because when we first got together, when we’d travel, I’d get extremely sick from cell phone towers and the high voltage wires and all that. By the end of the day, I couldn’t even function, so I tried the Q-Link, the e-crystal. I tried all the devices out there to protect against EMF (elector magnetic frequency). None of them really worked for me. They worked for other people, but they didn’t work for me.

So, I said a prayer to the universe and I told him I said if I’m supposed to do this work, I need something to help me so that I can travel.

I think it was in about two weeks, people showed up on my doorstep with titanium chips and all the stuff that went into those pendants. In the beginning I mailed out a bunch of these to different psychics and different people before I started selling them. They all reported back the same thing, that they felt rejuvenated, that they weren’t tired and that they could go into Wal-Mart and not get ill, you know, it was all in the reports and they were all pretty much the same.

What it does is it bounces the body and it enhances the orec field so that you can block out EMF naturally. That is kind of what the hormonic protector does for you.

Justin: Do you know if it transmutes the energy that come from EMF’s?

Carol: Yes, that’s exactly what it does. The premise of orgonite is that it transmutes any negative, disharmonious, deadly orgone, dark or unbalanced emotions and energies. People who come in contact with you, who don’t like you, they don’t want to warp their emotion, so that that doesn’t effect you. It does that, balances it, sends it back out and balances your chi or life force.

Justin: It’s like essential equipment for walking into Wal-Mart, isn’t it?

Carol: You bet it is.

Justin: Do you guys have something called the Orgone Pyramid?

Carol: That’s for personal space. That protect like a small house.

Justin: Really.

Carol: Anyone who comes into your house, it’s interesting because I do psychic fairs and different fairs around our area. I have my pyramids and I have my pendants and I have what we call power busters, which are small orgone pieces. People come up to our table and there is always someone standing at our table and they just petting a pyramid or whatever orgonite piece there is.

You don’t see people going to people’s tables and touching all their stuff. They can help themselves because their bodies want to dump all that negative stuff, so they just reach out and touch everything. It’s interesting to watch.

Justin: What’s going on with the shape of the pyramid. I’m sure you’ve got some knowledge about that as far as the way it tranduces energy. What’s going on with that shape?

Don: Well. The non-traditional science has always known that every shape has it’s own energy. Pyramids have a special energy it’s kind of the same as cone energy by the way, but Carol chose the pyramid shape because most people live in angular houses. If you lived in a dome a cone might work better, for instance.

And, even with the orgonite the spape creates positive energy. But when you make it out of organite it just multiplies that effect dramatically.

Justin: Wow, interesting. Okay when we come back I want to ask you a little bit more about what’s going on with the zappers and how it can affect other issues that people can have in the bodies, so when we come back we’ll be right back with Don and Carol Croft from worldwithoutparasites. com.

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Okay, we are back with Don and Carol Croft from worldwithoutparasites It sounds like you’re having a good time back there. I wanted to ask you, Don or Carol, about cell towers and the dangers of these things that seem to be popping up almost everywhere these days?

Don: There are millions of them and they have all popped up within a few months in late 2001 or early 2002, millions of them. We travel to Africa, Europe, South America and everywhere people live and they’re not for cell phones, they are weapons. I think most cell phone traffic is handled by satellite now. I understand why people feel sick around them, because they generate what Wilhelm Reich used to call deadly orgone radiation, and they might even be using mobius coilsfor some of that.

Those rectangular panels, Carol has the impression that they are mobius coils. They are being used for a lot of different things, psychic warfare psychological. They can target a person in a room, using two or three towers. So when you put simple orgonite within a quarter mile from any of these towers, it turns them into healing devices. The corporate order is so stupid in their arrogance that they just turn it up so that it makes more healing energy. That’s why most of the smog in most of the major cities has gone now, because thousands of people are doing this.

The only way you would know about it is to really hunt for it online.

Justin: So you have like a device that you can put at the base of some of these towers, right? Kind of hide them in the dirt.

Don: Within a quarter of a mile. People who see energy will see that after this has been done, within 20 minutes there’s like an outline, a yarn or so from the tower, the whole thing looks like a black line and the energy outside of that line is very bright, and inside of that line is kind of messed up. I don’t see energy but I know a lot of people do. We all see the same thing. It’s extremely simple, it’s just metal and resin with a little bit of crystal in it. Now our orgonite is a little more complicated naturally.

Justin: I while back I was made aware of a website called and you can search for how many of these cell towers are near you. Last time I checked, I think there were over 100 of them within 5 miles of where I live. It’s just crazy.

Don: That’s just what is listed on the site. I guarantee if you go out and travel around you are going to see more than this. There are about 10,000 in L.A. The general ratio is one tower for every 2000 people.

Justin: Oh my gosh. I think, in the future, we’re going to look back at this time when we’ve been exposing ourselves to all of this radiation, kind of like the way we do with smoking now.

Don: Well, we see this as the good old days because now is the time of the struggle when we can beat this corporate world order, and their parasitic influence and part of it is exposure and a big part of that is disable their weaponry.

Justin: What would you recommend for people who want to protect themselves from cell phones. What kind of products do you guys have to help neutralize some of the radiation that’s coming off of those phones, blackberries and all that kind of stuff?

Don: I think that something for Carol to answer.

Carol: I haven’t found anything that completely gets rid of all that. Any time you put a phone into your hands, you’re going to get radiation from the phone. The best thing to do is to use your speaker phone as much as possible. I do have a device on my iPhone, but it doesn’t get it all, but it’s the best one I’ve found so far. I got it from I think that was the website. It’s a sticker that goes on the back of your phone.

I’ve tried a lot of them, but I’ve barely noticed a difference. With this one, it probably gets about 70-75%, which is quite a bit. So far, it’s the best one I’ve tried.

Justin: Wow, I think that a lot of the cell phones are, I think that the health repercussions of these things are just going to blow us away in the future. I recently read something that Apple banned a free app that someone had made that measured the amount of radiation that came off of the iPhone. Oddly enough, Apple banned that app.

Don: I think cell phone are weapons too. I don’t believe they need to make them.

Justin: Oh really.

Don: I totally feel that about everything. Televisions, everything they can. They turn into a weapon. And this is all subtle energy. This is all outside of the universities or the media this is done as black ops. It’s a huge industry, huge, worldwide.

Carol: Look at the smart meters and all that stuff. Those things are like the worst there is.

Don: Oh, those things are horrible.

Justin: They’re installing those in every house in America now, aren’t they?

Carol: Exactly, you know there is a study done and that is like strapping a cell phone tower right through your house. People who have signed up to have cell phone towers on their property, almost every one of those people have cancer, or have died of cancer.

Don: Yeah, what a bargain, $1500 a month so they can kill you.

Justin: Wow, that’s amazing. What can you do if you live in an apartment, a lot of people live in apartments and they’re trying to put smart meters in them. Are there things that people can do with the authorities, or maybe they can start protecting themselves in their own space with some of your things.

Don: Orgonite transmutes better energy, so orgonite where you live will
transmute that stuff. If they’re targeting you, orgonite is not enough. You have to fight back. In terms of the opposition, exposure is the only thing that’s going to stop it. Full exposure. Most people are not interested in that, but it only takes a few people to get it done. Parasites can’t survive if they’re exposed. The world order is parasitic. It’s old and it’s parasitic.

Justin: Wow! I wanted to ask you quickly, as we have to wrap up here in few minutes, and I know this is a huge subject, but what is going on with these chem trails that you see all over the nation now. It seems like people are starting to become a little more aware of these things.

Don: They are more aware because you see them now, but back when they were killing people and hurting people, you only saw them for a few minutes, because they quickly came down to the ground. In 2009, Carol and I invented a device that we call the orgonite cloud buster.

Within a year, thousands of these were made and the chem trails were neutralized. And now you see them in the sky because they don’t come down anymore, they create these seeded little clouds that drift across the sky for a while until they disappear like any other clouds and then we have dis-information website that pummel you, terror and fear mongering we call them chicken little sites.

It only takes a little bit of thinking to realize that, unless you’re 12,000 feet tall, you’re not breathing that stuff as it doesn’t come down to the ground. It sounds outlandish. If you make a cloud buster you are within the field of probably 100 cloud busters within California. Can I plug something?

Justin: Please do.

Don: We’ve been promoting the basic zappers, because I’ve mentioned the word outlandish, but most people can’t accept that a small device can do all this, so they feel uneasy about paying $134 for one of our zappers, and I don’t blame them. I encourage healthy skepticism, but they’re promoting the basic zappers.

They’re $35 and I promised Carol Tolegal in North Dakota what I would plug her today, and she spells out her email address as

Okay she’s a Lakota card carrier, she a man band Lakota lady elder, very reputable, and we helped her to set up to do this because the feds are trying to destroy her, because of her traditional standing, so anyway she’s perfect so she sells them wholesale and we, when people buy a lot of terminators to get money we think that’s probably a bad idea because most people won’t even use them because it sounds to crazy.

If you want to give them away buy these little basic zappers, they’re $17.50 a piece wholesale.

Justin: Does she have a website or just her E-Mail?

Don: Just E-Mail,

Justin: And is that is that the number 1 or one?

Don: Spell it out, one.

Justin: One, okay

Don: Yeah. One, right., right onedakotawoman. Her name is Carol Tulegal.

Justin: Okay, excellent. Yeah, no that’s great and so I wanted to talk to you little bit about some of the things that you guys are working on. I know you guys do a lot of the building of your own products and things and so I wanted to see what direction you’re headed with the things that you’re selling and the things that you’re in to and you’re website and all that.

Don: Well, you see we keep improving our products and Carol is the one who does that really, because when she comes across new materials she’ll introduce it to one of the products, like the coils you mentioned. The coils she mentioned that goes in the T-Rx’s organizer plug.

Which is a mobius, I can tell you a little because you can see it, it’s a caduceus coil with 17 gem stones in it. I just won’t say what the gem stones are but they relate to all the chakras the energy centers and have some additional things inside them. But we done all that without increasing the price over the past 10 years.

Justin: Wow.

Don: Yeah.

Justin: So, okay, so you’ve got all of your products on your website and, just before we go I had one last question, it’s kind of in lines with what we’re talking about earlier, but as far as television, what do you think is going on as far as, do you think there is anything being transmitted through TV’s to people that’s…..

Don: Yeah, there has been since the ‘50’s, since the beginning, it’s subliminal.

Justin: Yeah, I wanted to ask you about that. What’s your opinion about that?

Don: I’ll tell what the CIA owns the industry, at least in north America. They set up the TV industry, they were captured soon after they were created in 1947. From day one it’s been recognized.

Carol: When they did their big thing and made everybody buy high definition TV’s, or you’re not going to be able to get cable TV right?

Justin: Right.

Carol: Okay, when they did that everybody who updated their TV to the high definition TV or whatever it’s called, there’s a camera angle in those TV’s, they can watch everything that’s going on inside your house. They can watch you, they can hear you, everything.

We have a flat screen TV in our living room that we don’t hook on to any kind cable or anything we just like DVDs and series that are on discs already, we don’t get on any kind of cable or satellite TV or anything like that. But still I cover that TV with a scarf when we’re not watching it because, I am not going to have them watching me.

Justin: Wow, I had never heard that before.

Don: There’s no privacy anymore.

Justin: Wow. So where do they put that little camera, just inside the screen somewhere?

Carol: It’s got to be yeah.

Justin: Wow. That is I’d never, I’ve heard of you know some of the stuff that, you know that’s been transmitted, but I never knew about the camera thing and the new flat screens, that’s amazing.

Don: Well, it’s like I say, exposure is the best weapon against this. It’s cancer and it’s so bad that sooner or later it’s got to come out. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I mean what they do to millions of children every year is another thing.

Justin: Right, right.

Don: Exactly.

Justin: Wow, yeah so, you know I think that a lot of people can benefit from your zappers because if they’ve got some kind of health crisis that they’re dealing with like maybe it’s cancer maybe it’s just candida or things like that, arthritis, you know, wearing something like this and doing a small investment in your health to wear a zapper, you know it doesn’t take any extra work you know, changing your diet takes extra work, working out takes extra work.

All of that you should do but it requires effort and work on your part, but wearing a zapper is a great passive way to promote healing.

Don: Well that’s a good point. You can free of sickness but honestly of you want to be healthy you have to do those other things.

Justin: Right.

Don: Being sick is not being healthy.

Justin: Right.

Don: That’s just the first stage.

Justin: Yeah, but no it’s such a great way to improve health without really even, you know, putting out any extra effort because a lot of people, as you know, a lot of people are lazy and they just want a, you know, something easy.

Don: That’s one of my favorite aspects of it, being a lazy person.

Justin: Right. Oh well, alright well we’re going to wrap up the show here, is there anything, last words that you want to talk about?

Don: Ah, boy, well I would, over the past four years Carol and I have been getting healthier and that VitaMix is one thing, super foods I used to [inaudible] and we’re middle aged people that we can look forward to several more decades of active service I think and you have to be healthy and the zapper alone, it’s not enough, it’s important but, to be healthy these days you got to go the extra mile and got to do extra stuff. Not like 100 years ago.

Justin: Yeah, well 100 years ago we had, you know, food that actually contained minerals, you know, we had…

Carol: Food that was actually organic, now you have be really careful. You don’t really know if it’s organic unless you’re raising it yourself and you know what kind of minerals it has and where the food comes from.

Justin: Right. And even then you can get organic food that has no minerals, you know, and……..

Carol: Variety actually.

Don: I have to say if somebody wants to buy organite, they want to make it, or if they want to make it there are free instructions on

Justin: Okay

Don: And there’s a list of vendors on that site from all over the world, these are reputable vendors, and there’s a few disreputable ones out there and they get caught in the search engines, so dig a little deeper to try and find the good ones. But that’s what people do now, people know about this information.

Justin: Yeah, it’s great with the internet and with shoes like this popping up all over you know, it’s a lot easier to get the word out these days than it was 20, 30 years ago.

Don: It really is. The internet is a miracle.
Justin: Yeah, hopefully we have it for many years to come, right?

Don: Well, it can’t be stopped. If it could be stopped, they would’ve stopped it.

Justin: That’s true, that’s true. Well thank you so much Don and Carol Croft for joining us today we really, really appreciate it. And your website is worldwithout and you have a couple other websites like the that you link off to, I believe from that. But thank you so much for joining us today, I really appreciate that.

Don: Thanks for talking to us Justin.

Justin: No problem and let me just close out the show and do you mind staying on for a couple more minutes?

Don: Sure.

Justin: Okay alright. Well thank you so much everyone for taking time out of your day and listening to this podcast and this radio show about zapping and parasites and health and all of that. So thank you so much for joining us today and again you can find the information on this show at and you’ll see a transcript there is a couple of weeks and we’ll get that up and we’ll get all the show notes up as well so you can check out all the different websites as well as worldwithout o thank you again for joining us and if you liked this episode please do us a favor and share our link with your friends or click the Like on Facebook and Twitter and all of that good stuff and share it with as many people as you like. We really appreciate you helping get the word out for us so thanks a lot and we will catch you on the next episode.

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