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Brandon Amalani – 5G & EMF Mitigation Tools That Are Helping The Body Deal With These Harmful Frequencies

Brandon Amalani from BluShield and Shen Blossom joined us today to primarily talk about EMF radiation.

We talked about how dangerous it is and ways we can mitigate it in our home and work environments. I personally feel that this is the number one massive change to our environment since electricity in 1879.

This is huge guys.

Emf or nnEMF aka non native electro magnetic fields occur in our walls and that’s known as “dirty electricity”. It’s also in “stray voltage” that doesn’t get back to the power companies correclty. There’s also radiation coming off of our laptops, iPhones and computers.

There’s also wireless technology that we have to look out for and now we have 5G which is really causing massive amounts of damage to our mitochondrial health.

All of these frequencies and wavelenghts cause micotoxins from mold, fungus and bacteria to proliferate. It breaks down blood brain barriers (especially in children) which makes vaccines all that more dangerous. It also opens up the voltage gated calcium ion channels to open up on the cell membranes which floods the inside of the cells with up to 1,000 times the amount of calcium.

This has hundreds of deletarious health effects.

Brandon talks about some new technologies that can help organize into a better waveform these fields we’re bathing in all day long.

I hope you enjoy this show with Brandon Amalani! 🙂

Thanks guys!


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Show Guest:

Brandon Amalani

Guest Info:

Brandon Amalani is the founder and creator of Shen Blossom. Brandon specializes in sourcing rare, top grade herbs, and creating unique formulations that employ traditional small scale methods of transforming the herbs in a way that preserves the energetic and healing qualities of the herbs so that the personality of the herbs shine though. Brandon uses time and traditional methods to protect the herbs through the extraction process in order to ensure their full spectrum nature. With an understanding of the chemistry of how specific herbs can be extracted yet simultaneously be cared for, he is able to utilize methods and processes that unlocks the nutrients and benefits in a natural and effective way without over processing and degrading the botanicals which is common in the herbal industry.

Using the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Brandon helps guide people into understanding themselves better in order to work to heal the body, raise the spirit and to increase personal peace and conscious awareness.

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EMF radiation

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