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Dr. Will Falconer – How To Increase The Health, Vitality & Lifespan Of Your Dog Naturally!

Dr. Will Falconer joined us today from Vital Animal and we talked with him about holistic vet care in general and homeopathic remedies for dogs in particular.

Dr. Falconer’s vet practices forcuses on using natural remedies and alternative methods for helping dogs overcome issues like flea and tick bites and boosting their immune systems.

Dogs should be living much longer than they are. Dog cancer is on the rise and it’s because we’re taking dogs out of their natural habitat and forcing them to live in our toxic environments.

We feed them toxic foods, keep them indoors all day without fresh air, sunshine and exercise. We isolate them from other dogs and remove them from their “pack”.

We expose them to wireless radiation and chemicals inside our home and wonder why they are getting cancer and getting sick.

Dr. Falconer talks about rewilding your dog so they can potentially live much longer lives.

I hope you enjoy this interivew with Dr. Will Faloncer!

Please pass it on to your friends and family!

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Natural pet care

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Dr. Will Falconer founder of Vital Animal

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