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Brian Hoyer – How & Why You Should Protect Yourself From 5G, Wireless Radiation, Dirty Electricity & More!

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We had a great show today with none other than Brian Hoyer from Shielded Healing. Brian’s specialty is helping people live better healthier lives by blocking electromagnetic field radiation.

EMF comes in many forms. There are electrical fields, magnetic fields and wireless fields all around us. In fact we are bathing in these fields all day every day.

Some people call this non native EMF or nnEMF. These fields are not native to our biology or nature. We had Brian come to our home and he checked our walls for dirty electricity and stray voltage. He also checked magnetic fields, wireless radiation, 5G fields and even geopathic stress in our home.

We plan to have those videos on Youtube soon.

In this show we talk about the dangers of EMF and how it impactst he body along with how you can block it in your home.

I hope you enjoy this podcast with Brian Hoyer.

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Brian is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a certified Geobiologist trained by Geovital Academy, a 35 year running naturopathic clinic in Austria that specializes in Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine.

Brian has completed courses in advanced clinical assessment techniques, Autonomic Response Testing with the Klinghardt Academy (levels 1,2,3, Applied Psychoneurobiology, Family Constellation Therapy), and hundreds of hours of continuing education in nutrition. He is on the board for Rhiza Retreat Center for on the Big Island of Hawaii that launched in 2018. He currently tours around the country educating on EMF and how best to install permanent and portable solutions for these technological stressors.

He lives near Cleveland, Ohio with his wife, Lindsey, and their three daughters. Last summer (2017) they built an EMF shielded tiny house on wheels . He toured the country doing workshops and EMF inspections on over 150 homes helping people create and plan out the installation of EMF free ancestral healing spaces in their homes.

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