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Ask Me Anything, Heart Health, Grounding Ideas, Spiritual Growth & Light Tips

Today’s show wasn’t even supposed to happen. For some reason we had an issue with Dr. Kaayla Daniels. I believe this was the second time we had audio/visual issues with her and maybe it was for a reason.

I realized I got pretty fired up and inspired during this show.

We helped people in our chat room with thyroid and hormone issues, atrial fibrullation and heart issues and generally talked a lot about building the foundations for better health.

What are the invisible processes that help the body to heal? What is that background process and how do we heal THAT?

We shared a lot of ideas here during this inspired podcast and I truly hope you enjoy it!

It was never meant to be…or was it?

I hope you enjoy this show impromptu show!

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Show Notes

Richard Massey on Recall Healing
Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself
Magnetico Mattress Pad
Clint Paddison Arthritis Program
Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Joe Dispenza
John Taylor Gatto Interview
Less EMF
Be Wild And Free
Human Charger

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