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Ian Jacklin – Natural Cancer Treatments “They” Don’t Want You To Know About & Much More!


Ian Jacklin from the website called I Cure Cancer is a documentary film maker and all around health advocate.

In today’s show we talked about natural cancer treatments that are supressed and how they work and why they’re supressed. When you think of a natural cancer treatment you have to think that it’s a direct threat to pharmaceutical industries. They make billions of dollars per year from cancer.

In fact there are now more doctors living “off” cancer than patients living “with” it. Make no mistake, cancer is big business. It’s a profitible business and it’s growing every year for a few different reasons.

We all have cancer cells within is and 80% of the time our immune system gets on top of it and we never even knew it. They’ve done autopsies on people who have died in car crashes and they were riddled with cancer cells but never even knew it.

But getting better and better testing that can test smaller and smaller cells, if they can detect some extra cells in your body and then put you on chemotherapy, radiation or give you surgery, they stand to make almost a million dollars off of you.

Considering the fact that over 20,000 people per day are diagnosed, that’s a massive business right there.

So Ian Jacklin and I talked about the politics of cancer, why chemotherapy doesn’t work but only kills a patient and why natural cancer treatments are better.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Guest Info:

Ian Jacklin is documentary filmmaker, actor and former kickboxing champion. Known best for iCureCancer.com

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The politics of cancer

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