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FFAF With Kate – Why Schools Are Dangerous, The 3 Main Causes of Autism, Blocking Blue Light and Much More!

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Today was an interesting show. Kate jumped in and saved the day. This show was supposed to be with Dr. Frank Shallenberger but for some reason we had a communication mishap and we were unable to connect.

I decided to do a live show anyway because I love connecting with all of you and as that happened my amazing wife and cohost Kate joined in from our house and we had a lot of fun!

I hope you guys enjoyed it.

I miss doing those live shows with her. She’s so fun and she’s been amazing lately to take a break from the shows in order to take care of and feed Will and Ben.

During the show we talked about what’s really going on with school and why schools make our children sick. There are so many issues with schools today. We’re taught disemowering information while being subjected to authority (raising your hand to ask permission to go the bathroom? Saying the pledge of allegience. Hello??) while being in toxic environments.

Schools are dangerous places that are damaging our children on multiple levels.

We talked a bit about how that’s all happening along with where autism is really coming from and so much more!

We also talked about how to block blue light, why you should block blue light and how light impacts our mitochondria.

Lastly we talked about non native EMF and how our kids are sleeping for 12 hours per night. It’s incredible! 🙂

One Last Thing!

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Show Notes

John Taylor Gatto Interview
Less EMF
Be Wild And Free
Human Charger

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