Patrick McKeown – The Buteyko Method – The Benefits Of Deep Breathing For Anxiety, Long Life & Better Health – Extreme Health Radio

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Patrick McKeown – The Buteyko Method – The Benefits Of Deep Breathing For Anxiety, Long Life & Better Health

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Patrick McKeown from the Buteyko Method to talk about all the benefits of deep breathing for anxiety and why breathing through your nose using the Buteyko Method is so important for your health.

Breathing through your nose actually helps to produce nitric oxide in the body and it’s amazing because when you breathe through your nose like we’re anatomically designed, it increases oxygenation inside our blood and increases circulation.

Nose breathing is also great for the teeth. When we mouth breathe all night in bed for example, we dry out our mouth by drooling. When your teeth do not have adequete saliva, there’s no ability for the body to fight against bacteria growing on your teeth, hence cavities.

If you let those cavities grow you might be influenced to get a root canal further damaging your health in the process. As we know from all the guests in our dental section, each tooth (accordin to Traditional Chinese Medicine aka TCM) reflexes through a complex set of meridian system to specific organs. Those organs also reflex back to that tooth.

The dangers of mouth breathing are endless but also the benefits of nose breathing using the Buteyko Method are equally as beneftial for your health and well being.

In this show with Patrick McKeown we get into the details and nuances of how breathing (taking in oxygen) impacts our cells, DNA, mitochondria and more.

Who knew respiration would be so impactful to our longevity and health? Don’t you think we should be taught how to breathe in school?

It’s so simple but yet so important and yet so overlooked even in the natural health community.

I hope you enjoy this show with Patrick McKeown about the Buteyko Method and how breathing properly will help improve your health!

Thanks for listening!


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Show Notes

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Guest Info:

Patrick McKeown is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. In 2002, Patrick completed his clinical training in the Buteyko Breathing Method at the Buteyko Clinic, Moscow, Russia. This training was accredited by Professor Konstantin Buteyko. Having suffered from asthma, rhinitis and sleep-disordered breathing for over 20 years, Patrick is able to offer both theoretical knowledge and his own experiences to help clients to overcome similar challenges. To date, Patrick has written seven books and produced two DVD sets on the Buteyko Method, including three and bestsellers: Close Your Mouth, Asthma-Free Naturally, and Anxiety Free: Stop Worrying and Quieten your Mind. The Buteyko self-help manual Close Your Mouth has been translated into ten different languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Russian. His latest book is titled “The Oxygen Advantage” and improves sports performance by addressing dysfunctional breathing patterns and simulating high altitude training.

Patrick is Clinical Director of the Buteyko Clinic International and Chairman of its Advisory Board. Patrick’s professional memberships include Fellow of The Royal Society of Biology, Full member of the Physiological Society and Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences. Patrick holds regular workshops and talks on dysfunctional breathing in nine countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Denmark, France, Holland, the UK, and his native Ireland. He has trained Buteyko practitioners from 32 countries and regularly provides online.

Show Topic:

The Benefits Of Deep Breathing For Anxiety, The Buteyko Method

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