Vortexing Water, Facebook Debates, Gun Control, Inversions, Urine Therapy


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Vortexing Water, Facebook Debates, Gun Control, Inversions, Urine Therapy And More!

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We answer listener questions and talk about a wide range of topics on today’s show. I love having this forum to speak with you all.

We talk about the power of vortexing water, debating issues on Facebook, gun control, inversion, urine therapy and so much more.

Did you know that everything in nature works in a circular pattern? We’re much more circular and cyclical than we are linear. Our society wants us to think we’re moving on a fixed time line from left to right and eventually the conveyor belt ends and we fall off. But in nature we see electrons spinning around atoms, we see cells shaped like circles not squares, we see the earth spinning in circles, tornadoes, hurricanes, waves and everything is spinning. There is power and energy in the spinning action.

We also talk about petty Facebook arguments and how our ego wants to make us think that we are our thoughts, emotions and opinions.

We also explore the topic of gun control for a little while in relation to the Sandy Hook shootings (if they ever even happened like the media tells us).

You’ll learn about what I’ve been thinking about lately in relation to inversion therapy. Apparently all mammals will eventually die of something called calcification. The only two mammals that don’t die of this (one is the bat and I can’t think of the other at the moment) calcification diseases practice inversion therapy. They hang upside down. Coincidence?

Lastly we talk about urine therapy (uropathy) which is basically ingesting your own urine. It’s been in practice for over 5,000 years and it’s natures most powerful medicine.

Don’t forget if you send in questions, most likely they’ll be answered on the Free For All Friday Shows! 🙂

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Show Date: Friday 1/11/2013
Topic: Zeolite, cleansing, blood testing, animal foods and the heart
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