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Reyah Carlson – Bee Sting Treatment…Can Apitherapy Help The Body To Heal?


Reyah Carlson joined us to talk about bee sting treatment. Can bee stings aka apitherapy help the body to heal itself? How does the venom of bee stings actually help treat certain health conditions?

Reyah Carslon has been stinging herself and also practicing apitherapy on patients for decades. There’s a lot we don’t yet know about when it comes to health practices of ancient cultures. There things like Kambo, urine therapy, bee sting treatments, and even psychedelic plants like krattom or ayahuasca.

These are ancient plant medicines that cultures around the world have been using to help restore and regenerate the body. We haven’t talked too much on the show about insects and venoms and even snake venom or frog venom.

It would be wise to consider all possibilities (even bee string treatments) as a way to assist the body to do its own healing and work it’s own magic.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Reyah Carlson and you get some value out of it.

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Reyah Carlson has been working directly with clients about Bee Sting Treatments.

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Bee Sting Treatment

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