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Brother Sage – Urine Therapy Benefits And How Drinking Your Own Pee Can Transform Your Health

Brother Sage joins us to talk about urine therapy and its benefits to our health, healing, happiness and longevity!


Are there really benefits to drinking your own urine? Urine therapy benefits are touted among those that take part in this ancient practice.

We’ve done a number of shows about urine therapy which you can find in our archives. Why would somebody drink their own pee? Isn’t urine filled with toxins that our kidneys and bladder are trying to excrete?

It turns out that just about all mammals practice urine therapy in their lives and human beings while in the gestation period in the womb recycle their own urine. Everybody that is opposed to it, as once consumed their own urine.

Kind of ironic how that is isn’t it?

Drinking your own urine helps the body’s immune system to recognize what’s foreign and what’s domestic. Because of glyphosate, GMOs, pesticides, chemicals and other toxins our gut health is being ruined and you’re seeing a rise in autoimmune conditions. Urine therapy helps to re-educate the body to know what’s a toxin and what is a vitamin.

Drinking your own urine also educates you as to how toxic your diet really is. If your pee is extremely pungent and dark yellow, you know that you’re not drinking enough high quality water and what you ARE eating and drinking might be damaging to your system.

The other benefit of urine therapy is that it helps to re-introduce vitamins and minerals that you might be taking that you were not able to absorb the first time around.

We have an issue these days with our body’s “absorbtion process”. Since it has been damaged from diet and lifestyle, re introducing a substance like your urine can help you absorb many of the vitamins and minerals you’re taking to improve your health!


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Guest Info:

Brother Sage has been a successful Wellness practitioner since 1979. Through the influence and studies with Stanley Burroughs, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Prof. Arnold Ehret and Dr. Ann Wigmore, he became a nutritional educator and worked in the Wellness/Nutritional departments of multiple health food stores in Texas, Hawaii and Colorado. He was a top saleman, representative and leader in nutritional companies for 30+ years. Wrote Healing Water from Within(c)2018. He is currently offering interviews, book signings, coaching, trainings, writings and videos on Orin Therapy.

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Urine therapy benefits

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