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Andy Mant – What Is Blue Light & How Does Blue Light Destroy Your Health?

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  • Andy Mant is the owner of Blublox and joined us to talk about light today.

    As many of you know I got into studying light a few years ago. I’ve been really going crazy studying how and why light affects our health. We talked with Andy Mant about what is blue light and how does blue light destroy our health.

    We talked specifically about how light in general affects our mitochondria. When you start realizing that our light environment is more important than the food we eat, you quicly start getting the whole point.

    Even food is tied to photosynthetic web and biophotons from the sun. Food is a repository of light. When our cells die, they emit a biophoton light burst of energy (like when a star dies, it emits massive amounts of light) and it’s that light that feeds the rest of the cells.

    We live off of light my friends. Food gurus will tell you it’s about food but it’s not, it’s about light.

    After 600 shows and being involved in the natural healing world since 2003 this (along with Recall Healing) is the biggest game changing discovery I have made thus far.

    Since completely changing my light environment my health and life have changed.

    Here’s a rough idea of what we talked about..

    Why blue light is bad after dark
    Why blue light is bad during the day
    Why blue light is good during the day
    Why it’s not just blue light after dark but green light that’s bad
    Why blue light in your skin is bad
    Light hacks for your devices, home and work
    Why you should wear sunscreen or sunglasses
    My daily light routine
    Hormones and light


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    Guest Info:

    Andy Mant is the owner of BluBlox and is a writer, researcher, biohacker and all around great guy! 🙂

    Show Topic:

    Blocking blue light

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