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Dr. Darren Schmidt – How This “Forgotten” Imbalance In The Blood Relates To Hundreds Of Diseases & How To Fix It!


Today we had Dr. Darren Schmidt on the show to talk about a subject that could be the lynch pin for all chronic degenerative diseases. In fact according to his studies over 150 disease processes are tied to lactic acidosis.

What is lactic acidosis you say? Well Dr. Darren Schmidt explained that lactic acidosis is commonly known as simply “dirty blood”.

How would your blood being dirty cause disease? What does that even mean diry blood? Does that mean your blood has actual dirt in it?


It means that your blood could be filled with parasites, plastics (or other endocrine disruptors), viruses, fungi, bacteria or other pathogens that cause the blood to become too think and unable to transfer oxygen and light correctly.

When your blood has all these toxins and chemicals in it, it’s not able to do its job.

So what can you do to clean up your blood and reverse lactic acidosis in your body?

Well luckily Dr. Darren Schmidt talked specifically about B-vitamins and how they can help clean the blood.

Wouldn’t it be crazy if taking a broas spectrum B-vitamin complex could actually have the effect of cleaning up your blood and getting rid of lactic acidosis?

It was an honor to have Dr. Darren Schmidt on the show and I hope you enjoy this interview!

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