Dr. Gerald Smith – New Frontiers in Dentistry and Medicine: Reversing Post-Concussion Syndrome, Autoimmune Disease, and Cancer – Extreme Health Radio

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Dr. Gerald Smith – New Frontiers in Dentistry and Medicine: Reversing Post-Concussion Syndrome, Autoimmune Disease, and Cancer

We had Dr. Gerald Smith on the show quite some time ago. Dr. Gerald Smith is a dentist and doctor that helps people recover their health. He’s an amazing individual that looks at all the different aspects of health.

He’s really into cranial sacral, chiropractic adjustments, energy healing and natural health. He’s truly a great guy helping to change the world!

In this show we talked about how moder medicine needs to change and how we can do it. Unfortunately most alopathic standard medical doctors (although well intentioned starting out) have been brainwashed by pharmeceutical companies to be sales people for drugs instead of somebody who tries to help heal people.

Most doctors know about drugs and surgery but not how to help the patient get better.

Although they want to help people unfortunately they are controlled by insurance companies and drug companies while always being scared into using the “standard of care” treatment or face a potential lawsuit and have their medical license taken away.

Dr. Gerald Smith is fortunately outside of that world operating his practice.

We talked about post concussion remedies, healing autoimmune disease and even cancers naturally.

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