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15 Natural Immune Boosters and Viral-Killers!


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In this episode of Extreme Health Radio I share some ideas and ways to strengthen your immune system inspired by the new Immune System Course inside Extreme Health Academy. Unfortunately what happens most of the time is that we want to take a pill for a health condition instead of actually changing how we’re living.

There are many things that weaken the immune system like blue light exposure, lack of sunlight, EMF radiation, indoor chemicals, bad thoughts, negative people, lack of proper sleep, feeling stressed and anxious.

Did you notice anything in that list above about food? So why would taking 1000mg of vitamin c every 15 minutes work if all of those lifestyle factors I mentioned above are happening?

1000mg of vitamin c every 15 minutes isn’t going to make up for chemical toxicity, negative thinking or blue light exposure.

Remember my friends the key to our immune system is lifestyle. We need to start doing spiritual work and find some self love so we have the motivation to actually take care of ourselves.

Living in the Western world we’re indoctronated to believe there’s a pill for every ill. When we think like this, it tells our subconscious mind that we can still commit the lifestyle sins that are making us sick as long as we’re taking a pill (whether it’s chemical or natural).

What heals the immune system is a complete and radical change in our lifestyle that supports health and healing. While we’re doing that we can support our body by taking the substances I mention in this episode.

But make no mistake, you cannot heal in the same environment you got sick in. This is deep and profound. Our body responds to the environment. If you’re sick it’s because you’re living in a toxic environment (by environment I mean internal AND external).

We’re like moo cows living in a feed lot ready to be put out to pasture. We’re living a feed lot life, thinking feed lot thoughts and eating feed lot food, never making it to the green pastures from Psalm 23.

The disease is our lifestyle my friends. Change your environment (mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally) and you’ll radically change your immune system.

Dr. John Bergman beautifully explains this concept below…

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