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Dr. Mark Sircus – Why You Should Be Consuming Molecular Hydrogen For Optimal Health

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Today we spoke with Dr. Mark Sircus all about hydrogen medicine. There’s a lot of talk in the alternative world nowadays about molecular hydrogen and having this show to dive more deeply into the subject was wonderful.

David Wolfe always says to “stack the odds in your favor” when it comes to healing. If you have a degenerative disease or any kind of health challenge, you want to give your body as many options as you can in order to heal.

But I also think the same thing is true with regards to anti-aging or what some natural health practitioners call “pro youthing”. I like to adopt as many different protocols, biohacks and healthy habits into my daily routines that will support me to become healthier every single day.

That might mean using molecular hydrogen, doing coffee enemas, red light therapy, saunas, cold thermogenesis, grounding, c-60, meditation and more. There are probably hundreds of different health hacks or “bio hacks” (some call them “mito hacks”) that you can build into your day.

Molecular hydrogen is DEFINITELY something you want to look into my friends. This could be a game changer.

Here’s some of what we discussed…

  • What the difference in benefits is with magnesium sulfate versus chloride?
  • Why is taking bicarbonate better than drinking green juice to alkalize the system?
  • Where does hydrogen go once ingested?
  • How does hydrogen help produce glutithione?
  • For what conditions should we take Hydrogen?
  • The side effects of hydrogen therapy
  • Hydrogen in enemas?
  • The potential of hydrogen to mitigate the effects of EMF

Thanks for listening or watching. 🙂

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