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9 Tips To Heal Digestion, Lung Health, Fibrosis, Fibroid Tumors, Listener Questions & Much More!


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In this episode I talked about some natural ways to heal digestion naturally. If all disease begins in the gut, then it’s absolutely imperative that we constantly strive to optimize our digestion over time.

How we digest, absorb and assimulate food is something that’s never fixed or never 100% optimal. In order to keep digestion at 100% optimal levels, we’d need to consumer the same exact foods every day at the same time.

But if we did that eventually we’d develop a food allergy to those same foods. Since what we eat changes every day, it’s imperative that we do the necessary things to improve digestion.

So what are some ways we can enhance our body’s ability to absorb food?

There are obvious things we can do like increase the amount of good probiotics in our bodies. The human body is supposed to have over 1,000 different species of bacteria (not total bacteria but just different species of bacteria) but now because of drugs, medications, vaccines, flu shots and antibiotics (not counting pesticides, stress, glyphosate etc) we’re down to about 300 different bacterial strains.

This means that the bacteria needed to extract nutrients from certain foods is simply not there. As a result we’re seeing an abundance of food sensitivities and food allergies common today.

The other thing you can do to help seal the gut are colostrum, rectal ozone therapy, bone broth, l-glutamine etc and a product I love called REstore for Life developed by Dr. Zach Bush.

No matter how bad your digestion is, it can be healed. I don’t care if you have leaky gut, crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea or a twisted tortured redundant colon.

I don’t care what label they want to infect you with, you can heal your digestion naturally with…

A proper outlook
A change in lifestyle
Avoiding stress
Increasing water and salt intake
Avoiding foods that are hard to digest
Proper supplementation
Physical manipulation like colonics, coffee enemas, acupuncture etc
A spiritual approach

You can heal your gut if you stick with it and continue to learn. In this episode I also talked about fibroids, cannabis, took listener questions and so much more!


Can I ask you a question !?
As I’ve an autoimmune disease and get ulcers continually on my fingers very painful and lung fibrosis ..
Can you suggest what type of smoothies I should make
Would really appreciate it .

Regards Justina


Hello! I was just listening to podcast #559 and heard that you were pregnant! Congratulations!! I know you were working on getting rid of a fibroid using Cannabis oil….did that work for you? I have a fibroid I have been trying to heal naturally as well, but haven’t had much luck. I’m taking numerous supplements and enzymes, but didn’t know if maybe you found the answer..? Any info. would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Lisa B



Hi Guys! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that we love our sauna. James has been using it everyday since it arrived and I have been averaging about 4 days a week in it. My leg pain I have had since last spring when I tried to move a big truck tire on rims with my leg has completely disappeared. Best experience so far for me happened about day 3 when I went to bed. I always try to hold a vibration of love, wellness & protection and then picture myself sending it and surrounding my children with that light. Up until then I have never felt anything in connection. Just a nightly prayer that I hoped made a difference. That night I could feel the warmth, see the light and like I was just being surrounded in a big hug and love. It was unreal. I didn’t want to lose how that felt. James was talking to me I could hear him but it was like I was somewhere else. All these years up until this I have never experienced that. For me that was crazy. I have never been able to meditate, muscle test, or any of those thing so many people practice and experience. And I wasn’t even trying. I was just going to bed like I do every night. So cool! Thank You for introducing so many great speakers, products and educational learning experiences.

I do have a question on cleaning the sauna. I have been using a damp cloth and wiping it down and running it for about 10 minutes after each session. Can I use Castile liquid soap when cleaning it. Right now I just can’t get the sweat smell out of it. Not sure if we are just extra stinking or what. LOL.

Thank You,

Andrea O

Justin, Kate, Will, Ben, Charlee Brown and Coco Puff 🙂

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