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Our Crazy & Unexpected Birth Story Part 1 – Learning To Let Go

ATTN JACK KRUSE LISTENERS: Click there for the show notes for that episode. Sorry for the confusion!

We had been teasing this birth story for a few days on social media. This was a crazy set of events that led to the birth of our twin baby boys Will and Ben.

It’s definitely NOT what we planned or even close for that matter. In this journey through life I (and we) seem to be presented with many reminders to let go and detach from our desires. Are you learning that as well?

It’s been said that all suffering comes from attachment and it makes sense. If you hold on to nothing and want for nothing, then things can come into your life and be taken away and you’re the same person.

Sometimes we need to optimize for practical instead of living in idealism.

I don’t even want to type too much on this page as it’s better if you just listen to it.

I hope you enjoy this story of our birth, the placenta and the wild journey it took us on. I hope that you can gain some insight into it and have it touch you in some way.

Thanks for listening and sharing!

Justin, Kate, Will, Ben, Charlee Brown and Coco Puff 🙂

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