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My Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis, Kate’s Pregnancy Update & Some Rants!

Today’s episode was something I didn’t plan. In fact I had just walked in from an oncology appointment with a medical doctor. As many of you know I got into natural healing and alternative health as a result of my mom’s cancer diagnosis in 1995.

At that time she was about 10 years without smoking a cigarette. She quit smoking when she was around 45 and had smoked for 20 plus years.

At that time we thought that the cancer she had which was non hodgkin’s lymphoma was the result of decades of smoking.

We later found out that there are now many studies showing how Roundup and Glyphosate has caused non hodgkin’s lymphoma. The studies are so compelling that now over 400 people are now suing Monsanto for this.

Over the years my mom has been dealing with a myriad of health issues from secondary lung cancers, to heart attacks and bowel issues. Recently her body was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She had 2 lumpectomy’s. The first one was able to remove all of the offending mass and the second one got rid of all the outter margins and offending cells.

Now, even though the cancer has been removed, they want to put her on a 5 year treatment plan involving chemotherapy, antibiotics and other drugs.

The doctor she saw was very pompous and talked to my mother like she was a third grader. I went to this appointment and got to witness the sales pitch for chemotherapy.

There were so many things going on in my mind during the meeting with this doctor that I was making mental notes the entire time and when I came back, I told Kate that we need to jump on the mics and record a podcast before I forget it!

Near the end of this podcast we share an update for our twin boys that are coming any day now!

If you have anybody in your life dealing with cancer that’s treating it with the standard of care from conventional medical doctors I’m sure you can relate!

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