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Dr. Nasha Winters – How To Heal & Prevent Cancer Using The Multi-Layered Metabolic Approach

We had Dr. Nasha Winters on the show again today. She was also on a previous episode some time ago and we really enjoyed speaking with her.

During today’s show we connected with Dr. Winters while she was in Mexico during the Winter time. She knows how to absorb the quantum yield of her environment that’s for sure!

Dr. Winters, Kate and I talked mostly about cancer during this podcast but she also deals with many different health issues with people. She’s one of the most well rounded people we’ve ever spoken to on this show.

Many people are beginning to understand how the light cycle affects circadian biology. Some people focus on food. Some people focus on fitness while others focus on spiritual emotional issues.

Dr. Nasha Winters seems to put all these pieces of health together in a unique and fun way.

She works with people to help support their immune system to build robust health.

Dr. Nasha Winters is an amazing person and I love supporting the high level work that she does.

In 1970 president Nixon declared the “war on cancer” and yet still 609,640 people in the United States will die from the treatments of the disease, meaning from chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Far less people will die from the disease itself.

Something is horribly wrong here my friends and the truth is being supressed. If doctors like Nasha were able to convene and get real research funded, we could eradicate this God awful disease in a matter of months.

In fact high level executives at Goldman Sachs have been quoted as saying that curing cancer is “not a sustainable business model.

The real life changing information is being kept from you by design. They don’t want a healthy free thinking powerful population that doesn’t need them. They want sick and docile individuals who will obey orders.

But the truth is only a Google search away (for now) and we are all free to do our own research and this is why we bring good folks like Dr. Nasha Winters to you.

Please pass this important show on to anybody you love.

Thank you for listening and sharing. 🙂

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