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Patrick Durkin – Water, Spirituality And How Drinking The Highest Quality Water Affects Your Health, Mind and Success!

Patrick Durkin is the owner of The Wellness Enterprise which is a “structured water superstore”. Patrick joined the show to talk about the many aspects of water and how water affects our consciousness. Every time Patrick comes on, somehow we end up talking more about spirituality than water.

But water sort of sits on the edge of biology and spiritaulity. It holds two spaces in both worlds. The more you study water, the more complex it becomes and the more you realize that it holds a certain power over us. Water is a conductor of electricity, frequency and light.

Water is incredibly complex and I’ve only just talked about the “physicalness” of water not even how water affects our spirit body. Water is a conductor of energy and information. Water holds a charge and gives us the spark of life.

Because of this, the most important thing you can do is to fix your current water situation. Are you drinking out of plastic water bottles? If so, switch immediately to glass?

Are you drinking spring water or filtered water? If you’re drinking spring water make sure it’s not filled with acid. Google “rain water statues” in Google images to find out what acid rain is doing to your bones.

Did you know that you can put water on a book and let is sit over night and (since water can hold information) the contents of that book can be consumed to help you better absorb the material in the book? How could this help you to better study information?

Water is more important than food.

Before you chagnge your diet, change the kind of water you’re bathing in and consuming.

Water is life.

Water is everything.

Patrick Durkin shares so much great information on this show about water I hope you enjoy it!

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