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Luke Storey – Biohacking Tips To Improve Your Health & How To Optimize Your Lifestyle For Success

Thank you all for your patience during this time. We are literally restructuring the entire way we are producing shows along with making sure everything inside the brand new Extreme Health Academy is working and everybody is happy, which they are!

Today we spoke with our good friend Mr. Luke Storey. He’s got a great podcast called The Life Stylist and he’s doing really great work in the world helping people wake up from their delusion. 😉

I love supporting other podcasters because we’re all in this together!

In this particular show Luke Storey and I talk about meditation and spirituality a lot. Personally that’s one of my favorite subjects to talk about because it is my contention that all dis-ease begins with an imbalance in the energy field in the spiritual area. Eventually that disturbance makes its way into our biology.

We also talked about a lot of his biohacks that he does to maintain optimal health. Is it possible to live for 150 years with good hormonal health? Is it possible to avoid getting degenerative diseases? I believe so.

Luke and I also discussed his podcast and the work that he does helping people improve their health!

This was a fun show with Mr. Luke Storey.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening and sharing!

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