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Vulnerable Pregnancy Twins Update, Supplements We’re Taking & So Much More!

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In this episode of the show Kate and I discuss our pregnancy. We’re having twin boys that are due sometime in June of 2018.

Many people thought we were not healthy or able to have kids, which was quite the opposite actually. We would get so many emails from people giving us advice for how to get pregnant. We always thought that was rather strange because we were never really trying to get pregnant.

There were a couple things going on in our lives that prevented us from trying to get pregnant. The first one was we wanted to setup a life and lifestyle that would allow us to continue pursuing our business (this radio show!) rather than having to get a regular job in corporate America.

It takes a long time to build and audience and a viable business that you can live off of to support your lifestyle. So I wanted to make sure that we were ready financially. I know a person never really feels “ready” to have kids but part of what I’m good at is looking at the way other people live and modeling that.

I can learn from how other people live and know exactly what I *don’t* want. For example, I don’t want to be in debt and working 2 full time jobs (unable to pursue my dream of helping people improve their health) to support my family. As long as we put off having kids to build a more stable income, I could do that. I also wanted to make sure we were able to control our time and schedule.

There are so many health practices I do daily that I would never be able to do if I worked in a corporate office doing marketing for example. I like to take “sun breaks” every hour, I like to stop working when I’m tired and jump in my Relax FAR Infrared sauna (link below) if I need to.

Sometimes what you want comes from knowing what you don’t want.

I knew I didn’t want to live the kind of life most people live. I wanted to love my work and help people get healthy in the process, so that took time to build a business around that.

With that said, waiting so long to have kids (I’m 42 now) was a necessary evil for us.

On the flip side, Kate has had a lingering fibroid (about the size of a baseball) in her uterus for 10 years. My guess is that it developed as a result of being exposed to plastics, estrogen forming foods (before she knew better), xeno-estrogenic chemicals from working 19 years in a hair salon and the kicker….birth control pills.

We tried multiple ways to shrink or get rid of the (not her) fibroid naturally. We were running out of both time and money. It is my belief that if she were 20 years old with endless resources we could have shrunk it naturally but we were running out of time and money. We even visited a surgeon to see what his thoughts were, which we discussed in our show.

With no luck shrinking the fibroid naturally and no surgery, we had to take the leap at some point. So this is where we are now. I’m incredibly excited to have twin boys, it’s going to be so much fun.

So we talk about taking the fear out of pregnancy, protecting ourselves from negative and fear driven people and what vitamins and supplements we’re taking for giving birth to two healthy babies.

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