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Dave Murphy – How Doing A 30 Day Urine Therapy Fast Completely Transformed His Body!

It’s been said that the only disease….is a closed mind. Just knowing about urine therapy is empowering. You don’t even have to practice uropathy but just knowing it can be a tremendous remedy for people if they want to avoid pharmaceutical drugs or other invasive therapies practiced by conventional medicine. 🙂

Today we had Dave Murphy author of The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual on the show to talk about urine therapy. Urine therapy has many names like urotherapy, urinotherapy, uropathy or auto-urine therapy.

Essentially urine therapy involves the simple act of drinking one’s own pee, which has been called “man’s perfect medicine”.

Dave Murphy stopped by the studio today on the way back to England to talk about his experience doing a 30 day urine therapy fast. That means he didn’t eat or drink anything other than his own urine for 30 full days.

The healing effects he had as a result were astounding.

I’m not wired like that unfortunately. I drink about a teaspoon of urine first thing in the morning upon waking up. I’ll take a little bit of my mid stream urine and then fill the rest of the cup up with water. That urine mixture is in a small shot glass.

Then I take my mason jar full of water right after it to chase it down. I also take activated charcoal and this unique product as a way of detoxifying my body on a daily basis.

Sometimes if you’re sick or if you really want to reboot the entire matrix of your human frame, doing a 30 day fast or even a 30 day urine fast might be something to ask your health care practitioner about. We’re not saying you should do what Dave did. We’re just sharing Dave’s story about how urine therapy helped him dramatically improved his health and even allowed his body to heal naturally.

Urine therapy is not for everybody. The idea of drinking your own pee isn’t appealing and I get that.

Some people like the late great Dr. William Hitt (in Mexico) would take your urine, spin it, add some other substances and re-inject it back into your fat cells (usually the butt) and it would have profound effects.

People healing the incurables with urine therapy.

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