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Patrick Durkin – The Connection Between The Water You Drink & Your Spiritual Life


Patrick Durkin is the man behind The Wellness Enterprise.

On our last show we talked about water in its physical form. We discussed the differences between tap water, well water, spring water, reverse osmosis water, acid water, rain water, alkaline water, ionized water, mineral water, hard water, soft water and the list goes on and on.

On that last show we talked about each of these waters and why you might consider drinking them. Remember, you’ll need different water at different times.

Sometimes you might need strucutred water, sometimes your body may need acid water, spring water or alkaline water.

It’s not normal, optimal or recommended to drink one kind of water your whole life.

In the same way you wouldn’t eat the same foods your whole life, you should always be changing the water you drink and only drink what feels good to your body in the moment.

Once it no longer feels right, try switching up the water you’re drinking.

So that was the last show we did, all about the physical aspects of water.

This show was going to be about how you can structure water and how water can hold memory and all of the esoteric spiritual implications of water that most people don’t think about.

We ended up talking a great majority of the time about spirituality in general. I hope you don’t mind but I felt like during the conversation this is where the conversation was leading us.

I feel that as a radio show host, it’s my duty to be tapped in to what’s happening in the moment. Sometimes I need to steer the conversation certain directions and sometimes I need to make sure I ask very specific questions that I know the listeners (and myself) want to know.

Other times spirit leads.

This was one of those times. The conversation was fun and I hope you enjoyed it.

Water was the framework but we ended up talking mostly about emotional spiritual issues infused with personal growth and personal development.

I hope you enjoy!

Patrick is an awesome guy.

Make sure to visit his website!

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Patrick Durkin

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Patrick Durkin, the founder of The Wellness Enterprise is on a mission to end the use of plastic water bottles. Dedicated to finding the best water for people so they will find it compelling to change their habits he has experimented with many water filtration technologies including Aquasana, Brita, Culligan, reverse osmosis, Kangen, alkaline water from Enagic, water coolers, water vending machines, water filters you put on your tap, whole house water filters, water pitchers from Seychelle and others like the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher. Patrick offers the best water filtration and structuring technologies for water purification on including Natural Action Water from Clayton Nolte, Jivara Water products, UMH structuring devices, The Best Water Filter Ever and more.

If you find a water filter or purification system you like better than the ones at tell Patrick ( )because he is loyal to offering the best technologies, not defending the ones he sells.

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