Alison Gannett – How The Ketogenic Diet & Blood Tests For Cancer (& Other Markers) Helped Her Recover From Brain Cancer – Extreme Health Radio

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Alison Gannett – How The Ketogenic Diet & Blood Tests For Cancer (& Other Markers) Helped Her Recover From Brain Cancer

It was a real treat to speak with Alison Gannett. Her story of being a high level professional athlete to dealing with brain cancer is motivating and inspiring.

As we discussed on the show, there is a difference between being fit and being healthy. It’s really important to avoid making the mistake that they are synonymous.

Lately I’ve been following more of a keto diet because I know how the ketogenic diet affects cancer cells. Essentially the idea is that cancer feeds on sugar, and when you replace sugar with healthy fats, your body learns to use energy from fats and the cancer cells die.

That’s the theory.

And according to Dominic D’Agostino cancer cells need sugar to continue to proliferate and to grow.

Some of our guests have said that the keto diet is great for initially starving the cancer but then the cancer is smart, and it adopts to the new terrain devoid of glucose. When the cancer cell changes its metabolic ability to uptake energy from sugar to fat, the keto diet becomes less effective at starving cancer cells.

Then there are other guests who disagree saying that cancer cells cannot adopt and derive energy from fat. Alison Gannett certain is proving the latter to be true.

She gets between 50 and 60 markers tested each month with her blood tests to see how her body is doing with the cancer.

We talked about which blood tests she gets each month, how she monitors her progress, the labs where she gets the tests taken as well as the woman who is responsible for her transformation.

This was a fascinating show which was full of hope, inspiration and motivation. 3 things you typically don’t get by going to a conventional medical doctor who only knows cut, burn and poison as their main treatments for cancer.

We really do have a say in whether or not our bodies create disease and how our immune system is able to handle that.

I hope you really enjoy this show with Alison Gannet about her story with brain cancer and how the keto diet is helping her get through it all.

Please share!

Happy listening!


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Guest Info:

In July 2013 a deadly baseball-sized malignant cancerous deadly brain tumor was discovered. After an initial partial surgery, Alison has forgone traditional approaches and instead has used a ketogenic diet, DNA testing, and new lifestyle starve the remaining cancers and provide health to the rest of her body. She uses 50-60 modern diagnostic blood tests monthly to make sure her health is constantly improving. Her new goal is to help others customize their diets and lifestyles to either prevent cancer or conquer cancer, and also to start ketogenic cooking camps at their farm.

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The ketogenic diet and brain cancer

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