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The Bob Beck Protocol – Micropulsing, Magnetic Pulsing, Ionic Colloidal Silver & Ozonating Water

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On this show we talked with Vicki, President of the Bob Beck Legacy Association and current caretaker of the website,, and also the caretaker of the last of Bob’s possessions – all his papers from birth to death. Vicki represents a group of people that are dedicated to carrying on the legacy and work of Dr. Robert C. Beck, D.Sc.

Dr. Bob Beck was a scientist and a researcher who came upon some pretty incredible discoveries about how magnetism and electricity (aka micropulsing) help the body to become healthier.

Remember none of these protocols do anything to disease. They can’t cure or heal any disease that would be making a medical claim.

As Vicki and I discussed on the show is that these divices help remove the obsticles that prevent your immune system from functioning properly.

When you build the energy and immunity of the body that’s where we can start to make some magic happen. Again none of these devices (or anything/product) we talk about on the show can heal or cure anything.

Because we’re bombarded daily by toxicity, chemicals, stress, EMF and a poor diet, these are major stressors on the immune system. What we’re trying to do on our show is point out that these things do exist and they weaken immunity.

When we can get a handle on all the things that prevent the immune system from functioning properly, then we can take the immune system out for a spin and see what it’ll do!

The Bob Beck Protocol is as follows…

  • Micropulsing
  • Magnetic Pulsing
  • Ionic Colloidal Silver
  • Ozonating Water

Here are a couple videos that I started watching back in the day.

Show Notes
Bob Beck Protocol Handbook
The Politics of Medicine

On Last Thing!

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Show Guest:

Vicki about Dr. Bob Beck

Guest Info:

The Bob Beck Legacy Association recognized that Bob Beck’s contributions to humanity and his highly interesting life are largely unknown. He had no children, so there is no family to carry on the memory of all he did and who he was. Vicki, the Association’s caretaker, says that herself, and the other Association members, are grateful to be able to play a part in sharing Bob’s work with you as a tribute to who he was—a physicist with a wide range of accomplishments, an inventor who had a passion to apply technology for the betterment of mankind, and a man with many interests. A true renaissance man who was coined “the People’s scientist.” Vicki’s own background was previously working for a manufacturer as their study coordinator and government correspondent.

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Micropulsing and electrification of the blood

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