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Suzen Chan – Her Lyme Disease Symptoms Made Her Feel Like She Wanted To Die & Tips For Treating Lyme Disease Naturally

Suzen Chan the author of The Gift of Lyme Disease and Co-Infections: A Healer’s Journey to Healing Lyme joined us on the show today to talk about lyme disease.

Suzen shared her story of how she contracted Lyme Disease and the subsequent health challenges she had as a result. I forgot to ask her about the Marshall Protocol which is very interesting to look into if you currently have Lyme Diseases.

Suzen said on this show she felt like dying. She was in bed for about 4 years of her life in extreme agony and pain as a result of the tick bite and subsequent bout with lyme disease.

We talked about her lyme disease symptoms and how she was able to reverse and treat her lyme disease naturally.

Getting a tick bite doesn’t mean you have lyme or will get lyme.

What we have to do to prevent lyme disease naturally is increase our immune system and raise the health and vibrancy of our immune system. We need to be clean and detoxified and properly oxygenated.

Even if you got bit by a tick that carries the lyme bacteria or spirochete, doesn’t mean that you will contract lyme. Lyme disease can only take up residence in your body if your body is operating at a low vibrational frequency.

We hope you enjoy hearing Suzen Chan’s inspiring story of overcoming lyme disease and also show she treated lyme naturally.

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Suzen Chan

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Suzen is a pioneering multiple modality therapeutic healing practitioner. Her unique and extensive research and techniques have allowed her to discover the profound interdependent integrative nature between body, mind and spirit. Suzen reveals the simple accessible tools needed to heal an ailing humanity. She has successfully healed conditions once thought incurable, irreversible, or unchangeable releasing individuals from life sentences of suffering. Through her studies in the United States, Czechoslovakia, China and Tibet, Suzen holds over thirty-three certifications in advanced healing in the fields of Licensed Massage Therapy; Colon-Hydro Therapy; Pastoral Counseling; Energetic & Holistic Healing; Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach; Detox and Regeneration Therapy Specialist.

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Lyme Disease

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