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Heather Jackson – How Cannabis Helped Her Son Go From 500 Seizures A Day To Almost None

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I first heard about Heather Jackson and the Realm Of Caring a couple of years ago when I was researching on Youtube. I saw the work that she was doing and immediately added her to my “guests to contact” file.

It took a couple of years go finally hook up and I’m glad we did.

She’s doing some pretty amazing things with cannabis and helping people learn more about their healing options through The Realm Of Caring.

It was really amazing having her on the show to learn more about not just her incredible story of helping her son with epilepsy but also what she’s done after learning about cannabis.

Heather used cannabis (aka marijuana or hemp – she explains the differences in the podcast below) on her son with all those seizures and the results were pretty astounding.

One of his worst days was 500 seizures in a single day. Now he has just a couple because he’s consuming cannabis.

Because of how much cannabis helped her son with epilepsy she started The Realm Of Caring.

The Realm of Caring is an organization that helps bridge the gap between the doctors, traditional (or holistic) care and the patient.

It’s pretty amazing the work that she’s now doing as a result of witnessing first hand the power of cannabis.

I hope you enjoy the show!

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Heather Jackson

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CEO of the Realm of Caring

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