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Ken Rohla – Getting Back To Nature, Sleep Tips, How Consciousness Creates Reality, Scalar Energy, Natural Healing & Much More!

Ken Rohla joined the show today to talk about all things natural healing. Ken is the main man behind the Scalar Energy Rest shields we have in our store.

We talked about how important it is to get back to nature. Getting outside and being in the sunshine is incredibly important.

I believe there is something magical that happens when you are outside. We all know about being grounded to the earth’s energy field on a magnetic level or breathing fresh air deep into your lungs but also getting sunshine and Vitamin D is so important.

But what about other factors? Are there other factors about being outside that make it vitally important? What if there are a wide array of benefits that we can’t even measure yet using science?

What if there are invisible factors that can dramatically improve our health that we just don’t even know about yet? What if there are invisible waves or some kind of energy produced by the earth that help us heal and have invincible health?

We spend so much time indoors and it’s a real shame. As I mentioned during the show, if you put a graph of somebody’s life on paper you’ll see the total amount of time spend outdoors decrease with age.

What increases with age is sickness, lowered immunity and ultimately illness and disease. Is one causing the other? My suspicion is yes. I believe one of the best things we can do for our health is to simply go outside where we can breathe fresh air, be connected to the earth and get sunshine in our eyes and on our skin.

We also talked about tips for getting a more restful sleep and how consciousness creates reality.

And as always we discussed what scalar energy is and how it can help improve our health in many ways.

We hope you enjoy this show with Ken Rohla!

Show Notes

Ken Rohla- The Physics of How Consciousness Creates Reality
The Enlivened Rock Powders

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