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Inspiring Books, Autism, Living Your Legend, Listener Question & Much More


Before I start, please forgive me as I have a bit of a cough on this show. I tried to turn my mic off each time I coughed but you could still hear it. I’m working on cleansing my lungs and working on my cough. Thanks for bearing with us!

We humans are always a work in progress aren’t we!? 🙂

Kate wanted to join me today for this Free For All Friday episode. It’s always a lot of fun having her join me in studio.

We talked on this particular Free For All Friday show about inspiring books.

The link above are from some people I loosely follow online and some of the books that they read. Soon I will compile a list of books that I read and that I have read if you want to follow along.

I don’t like to read fiction too much, unless it’s got some philosophy behind it like Atlas Shrugged or Animal Farm or something of that nature. Books have to have meaning for me to spend hours out of my life with them.

I find that if I read books that have no meaningful story, I’ve just entertained myself but learned absolutely nothing. For me, in this life I feel it is all about learning and growth.

I’m obsessed with learning as much as I can in as many ways as I can. Obviously reading is a great way to learn but not the only way. I can watch videos, listen to radio shows and learn by hands on experience.

I believe these are the 4 most powerful ways to learn.

Sometimes I get off my A-game and don’t read as much as I can. I do however always listen to podcasts and online radio show (I hardly ever listen to music, I find it to be a waste of time, unless I’m using music to alter my emotions) any chance I can get which is usually a couple of hours per day.

I’m reading The Anastasia Ringing Cedars Series of Russia right now. I’m in book #2. Kate has been reading like crazy so in this show we talk about what these books are about and how they’ve impacted us.

What I really enjoy with this radio show is that it forces me (forces is the wrong word because I love living healthily) to live the lifestyle we promote.

We promote health, personal development and spiritual growth. I’m always trying to become a better speaker, tell stories better, be more captivating and have deeper insights to share.

In order for us to improve the show, we have to be on the path of health, spiritual growth and personal development. We have to be living the lifestyle we encourage you to live.

So this show really keeps me accountable which is one of the selfish reasons I love it.

Kate shared some of her stories with relation to autism and her “fake job” which she calls it.

I also shared some answers to listener questions and much much more.

I hope you enjoyed this episode.


Hi! I was listening to an older podcast about the Relax Infrared Sauna and you briefly mentioned something about taking Niacin and coconut oil and something else prior to doing one. Can you tell him the general protocol or where I could find it? I have tried researching on my own but couldn’t find anything except for about the niacin. Thank you for your help!



Hi Justine ,

where can you get coffee enema’s from ? And when you do them are they different then regular Enema’s?



Hey Kate and Justin,
Love the show! You’re helping save thousands of lives for sure!

I was wanting to know if y’all are fans of doing the liver-gallbladder flush popularized by Andreas Moritz and Hulda Clark.
Have you done any?
Did it improve your health?
Did you ever reach a state where you stopped passing stones?
Not a fan of the flush?
Don’t believe the stones are real? etc

Any insight is much appreciated!

Blessings to you two! Wishing you maximum health & happiness.

Paulo Z


Andrew Fletcher said he has high blood pressure and kidney cysts. I think an inclined bed may work for the short term, but wouldn’t do it continuously at a 6 inch head raise. The Hollandia beds resemble more of a hammock shape than a flat bed.
You can literally fold a Hollandia mattress in half and there is no damage to it.

Adrian W

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