Corrie Yelland – How She Used Cannabis Oil To Help Heal From Anal Cancer & Skin Cancer! – Extreme Health Radio

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Corrie Yelland – How She Used Cannabis Oil To Help Heal From Anal Cancer & Skin Cancer!

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  • Corrie Yelland was on the show today to talk about her harrowing journey from having anal cancer as well as skin cancer to being completely better. We cannot say cured or healed on this show because everybody knows that only doctors, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation can cure people. Because when people’s bodies develop cancer, they’re deficient in chemotherapy, drugs and radiation.

    If only their body had had enough chemotherapy and radiation inside of it, then they never would have got a cancer diagnosis. 😉

    In all seriousness Corrie Yelland had one hell of a journey in dealing with cancer. It wasn’t until she started using cannabis oil on her cancer that she started seeing results.

    It’s amazing what the body can do when we give it what it needs. The body is always seeking homeostasis and trying to continue to be alive.

    The body wants to live and when we get in alignment with that premise we begin to heal and feel better.

    Corrie had anal cancer and skin cancer and her story is pretty remarkable.

    Enjoy and pass it on!

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    Corrie Yelland

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    Corrie’s story is remarkable. Diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2011, she was told by her oncologist that if she didn’t undergo radiation treatments she would be dead within 4 months. After being told the after effects of radiation, Corrie declined the treatment. She started researching cannabis oil, began making her own, and started taking it. When she went back for a check up 6 months later, doctors declared that she was cancer free.

    Since that time, Corrie has helped thousands of people all over the world. The Cannabis Health Radio podcast will allow Corrie to take her message to an even wider audience.

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