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Ep #512 – Atom Bergstrom – Red Light Therapy, Looking Within For Answers, Hypnotism, Timing, Color, Longevity & Much More!


Atom Bergstrom author of Yes, No, Maybe Chronobiotic Nutrition, joined us today to talk about color therapy, light therapy as well as the timing of when we eat food and much more.

Please forgive the audio in this show. We had multiple instances of my computer not working so eventually we had to do this interview via the good old reliable and trusty telephone.

We first started with Skype and then after two times when it crashed, I had to complete the show with our land line. Sorry for that!

Anyway in this show with Atom we talked about red light therapy and how red light actually affects the cells of the body. Color and light as I’m learning are critical for our health.

Making sure we don’t get over exposed to too much blue light is also important. We can use all the colors of the visible spectrum for our benefit if we know what we’re doing.

We have to make sure we get exposed to the right color of light at the right time of day and for the right duration based upon what our bodies need in that moment.

Too much exposure to blue light all the time (I believe) is having a tremendous health impact on our bodies. Remember we are much more electrical than chemical. And we’re more spiritual than physical. We are a living ecosystem feeding off of vibration and frequencies. These frequencies are essentially light.

When we consume foods grown in the sun, we’re feeding our bacteria information in the form of light.

So light is critical for our health and Atom Bergstrom breaks it all down in this show.

We also talked about longevity, eating on time (aka solar nutrition or chronobiotic eating) and much more.

Atom is always fun to have on!

Enjoy ya’ll!

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Atom Bergstrom

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Atom has been teaching workshops and seminars across the U.S.A. since 1977. With over 50 years experience in health and nutrition, Atom has been counseling people with various diseases and ailments since the 70’s. His expertise is on nutrition, chronobiology, reflexology, slit-lamp iridology, meditation, Sufi, and I Ching and other holistic modalities. He graduated from Adano Ley’s Texas Institute of Reflex Sciences in 1979.

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color therapy, light therapy, energy medicine

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What did you guys think about that show interesting guy right out of Bergstrom is one of my favorite people I just love talking to him he's got so many unique ideas and perspectives about things that I just think are really fascinating and really don't want to hear his perspective a lot and I would encourage you guys to check out son sick nutrition if you're interested in trying something that may be a little bit different in a little bit unique in terms of what you tried before cuz most every day it as as you well know focus is primarily an 100% on what you consume how much and what you don't consume and how much and all of that but what atoms talking about and it makes sense is is the time when you eat the same so an ancient Chinese medicine it's it's known that there are certain circadian rhythms and body timings of organs and so the organs all have their own time and I'll talk about you know the liver will squeeze and detox and be more active during the hours of 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. and there's a time for every organ that's known and Chinese medicine and then what he saying is that there's also a time and you know it in the natural world that we should be consuming foods and so foods that received the light of the day of the sun first those would be foods that are high up on the trees and typically those are like fruits and things and so the angle that the Sun hits those fruits and vegetables and things corresponds to the time and which we should eat them and so I me to make sense if you were if you were combined that with Chinese medicine with the timing of your organs and he seems to be in I'll put a lot of good information out there about that so if that sounds interesting to you I highly recommend just check it out Sunset fasting a guy I like him a lot is just front of our show he's been on the show a ton of times I really like the work that he does and it just got a great energy the great spirit about him we had a handful of people right in and just say you don't love any time Adam is on the show because he gives me so much hope and he's got such a great positive vibe and ask back to him and I just love listening to him cuz my day is always filled with more positive energy when I listen to Adam and so I like out of a lot to one of these days we'll meet him in person but he's doing some cool stuff and so let me just let you guys know to bring this up we have a lot of cool shows coming up now we have coming up with got Corey yellin from cannabis oil with a second hand of Missy cannabis oil radio I think it is curing cancer and helping with health conditions should I think she does cannabis oil radio a doctor with diamonds go to be coming up this month we're going to be talking about sleep you wrote a book called The Yoga of sleep and he talks about sleeps and sleep and dreams let's see Carolyn Dean were to be talking with her she's here total body meltdown I'm not sure what that is about my forgot when we reach out to her what she was all about Carolyn Dean & D and then we have Melissa Hennig were to be talking with her about the raw paleo diet which is alright paleo I think it websites Rob and she talked about using raw meat Andro animal products raw vegetable products raw everything wrong so it's really an interesting idea the cool thing about these different types of diets if I want to pick a diet that I think would be in terms of what I eat if it if that would be the most beneficial for me I think eating a raw diet would be the most healthy but I would include animal Foods in that like Romney draw organ meat and raw butter raw eggs those types of things in small amounts so if I'm just going out on a limb and guessing here and assuming that I'm in touch with my subconscious and I understand what what diet right now would be the best for me I would think that eating a raw diet for me right now where it's probably 80% vegetables and 20% animal products it's no problem I can put those in a smoothie or I can just drink them down Rocky Balboa style I can do let's see what are the raw animal products rub butter have done stuff like that rock cream that's pretty easy but raw meat and raw organs I don't know if it's funny I feel drawn to do it because I feel like it would be very powerful but I just haven't done it yet so maybe after this show with Melissa she can talk me into making some recipes I actually have the DVDs from Odgen is vonderplanitz the late great algenist with all of his ways of preparing raw food I should probably watch those and look at his recipes for doing raw meat products but I don't know I think there's something powerful and that and I and I know eventually I'll be moving in that direction takes me a long time I'm like a big ship it takes me a long time to change directions I don't know what it is I just it just takes me a long time to get into things and to and to actually change and do stuff like that so but I know it's on my radar it's in my Consciousness and it will happen so we'll see how that goes and as for being a part of everything we're doing we love you guys and where to be launching I want to let you guys know really quick of membership Academy that it's going to be sorted distilling down all the best information that we get from guests and we're going to be bringing on different speakers in there to do classes and courses on different ailments were going to have an A to Z section where you can get your questions answered by a doctor or a naturopathic person in the physician or nutritionist where we're going to be answering all of your questions your health concerns on every month and Wells go to be doing courses on like different processes in the body is like that just Jen or or sleep or you know these types of things where we can really dive deeper into a lot of the issues that people have and so we also have an area of organ systems in the body so if you really want to focus on your liver or going to be doing courses and programs on bat on how to do that and exactly what to do we're going to have videos how to videos I gotta do coffee enemas how to do like these sort of healing bass of people do where you can put different substances like clay and charcoal and needs different herbs and DMSO and oxygen and things into the bath and so what are we doing a lot of really cutting-edge stuff in the academy so if you guys are interested that if that fascinates you little place where we can communicate with each other drawings spiration from one another go through courses and really take her help to new levels in a private setting and so it's going to be a paid for membership Community not sure when we're going to lunch yet right now it's February or the beginning of March of 2017 as I'm suspecting sometime in 2017 we're going to launch it and we're going to open the doors and for the first week or so it's going to be more going to offer a huge discount for the first 7 days and that disc count will last entire time that you are a member so if you cancel your membership and we sign up the price again be a lot more or it could be a monthly charge and so I could be it it's not going to be crazy but there will be a charge you to be a part of the academy but the reason for that is because it takes a lot of effort and time to put together this information but one thing I'm really excited about by doing this so is that it's something that I want to do for me because I'm really interested in taking my health to another level and and also having a resource of different doctors and people talk about different issues with health so for example if someone has a no kidney stones or someone has lymphoedema or someone has headaches chronic fatigue you know it would be amazing to hear it 2 or 3 minutes snippet of 5 or 10 different Cutting Edge doctors talk about all the things that that that they know about that can help with that particular condition and that's what we're going to be building ideas about what we should do it let us know and we will certainly take them into consideration cuz we want to take and create something that is going to be amazing for all of us and something that you'll be excited to join and be a part of so I think it would be really great after 5 years of doing the show I think it's time to dive deep and really really develop Solutions and an organized way for people and that they can really help people and the content to is going to be with someone going to be short form some is going to be long form so they'll be short Snippets of things that you can listen to as well as longer longer lessons in courses and things so that's going to be a great content for all and we're going to do video and audio as well so there should be all kinds of what is well as PDF so maybe all kinds of cool stuff there for you guys thank you for listening let me make sure I get this correct again this was episode 512 thank you for visiting our sponsors we talked about during the show thank you for visiting our store and thanks also for buying for Amazon link I don't know if you guys know that you can do this yet but there's a link on the right hand side of our website it says Amazon but below it is some text that you can drive to your desktop and you only have to do this one time so if you like our show and you shop on Amazon even if you don't show up very much on Amazon if you drag that link that text link on the right hand side of our website onto your onto your desktop on a Mac or PC you only have to do that one time and then that'll create a little icon and then if you use that icon you can rename it and then if you use that icon to make your Amazon purchases that helps support the show so we will be super excited if you do that it's a great way to support the show without a no donating or anything like that so but thank you guys who do donuts on patreon and Pay Pal you guys are amazing so thank you for making this work possible for us and helping as many people as we possibly can so we thank you for that and also don't forget to check out or R store if you're interested in any Cutting Edge Health Products were adding products all the time younique products that you can get like a lung cleanse as we just out of the lung cleanse that I've been doing from Global Healing Center we had a dad we added the scaler silver let's see what else do we add oh we added the raw Chef fermentation course which is awesome awesome awesome stuff the Russia Russell James is top-notch if you want to learn how to ferment foods and start easily adding them to your diet all kinds of delicious fermented fermented foods check that out that's a great great course and you can sign up to as many course then we had it the intramax which is the best vitamin mineral supplement 420 ingredients and this liquid vitamin amazing we also added recently the orawellness shine product which is to help the remineralize your teeth to make your teeth stronger and less cavity or a cavity resistant other we got 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