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Ep #510 – Dr. Christine Horner – Energy Medicine, Sleep, Ayurveda, Sailing Through Chemo & Easy Principles To Radically Improve Your Health!


Dr. Christine Horner joined us today on this episode of the podcast. Dr. Horner is the author of Waking the Warrior Goddess: Dr. Christine Horner’s Program to Protect Against & Fight Breast Cancer as well as her most recent book which we talk about more on this show called, Radiant Health Ageless Beauty: Dr. Christine Horner’s 30-Day Program to Extraordinary Health, Beauty, and Longevity.

I learned about her through doing some research into a device called The Life Vessel and found that she came up in the search results. Then the next day I was listening to another health podcast and she was mentioned in regards to her work with breast cancer.

Synchronicity or?…

So I figured there must be a reason why she came into my radar twice in the span of 24 hours. Usually I require “random” events like that to happen at least three times in order to act on them.

But in this case I just knew.

She was very highly regarded in the first podcast and when I looked her up after researching The Life Vessel, I knew she was a guest we had to have on.

Dr. Christine Horner is a big proponent on using Ayurveda to help people realign with their bodies and ultimately find healing.

Ayurveda is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years and can be applied to just about any area of our lives to help us lower inflammation and increase our health vitality.

So Dr. Christine Horner uses principles from Ayurveda to tackle issues like energy medicine, sleep and even cancer.

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Christine Horner, MD is a nationally known surgeon, author, and natural health expert residing in San Diego, CA. She holds two board certifications: the National Board of Surgery and the National Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Horner was recognized as a leader in her field shortly after starting her plastic and reconstructive surgery practice because she successfully ran a national campaign to pass laws requiring insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty: Dr. Christine Horner’s 30-Day Program to Extraordinary Health, Beauty and Longevity. (Elgea Publishing 2016)

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On another episode of extreme Health radio so glad to be back we've been gone for some time and had some real challenging technical issues and the soundboard stuff going on and that looks like an hour now just gotta read learn how to use all these knobs and buttons and all this stuff here so thank you guys for joining us I really appreciate you got a great show today dr. Christine Horner and weird to be talking about her book and all kinds of good stuff coming up this isn't me make sure I get this correct here this episode 510 510 all of our shows are free by the way I would done 510 of them so if you guys want to just prove through the archives and check out different doctors and homeopathic people and all kinds of really interesting people are you can always just go through archives and everything is free for you guys to listen to so I'm happy to be here today we've got dr. Christine Horner and her website is dr. Christine Horner., she's at now and nationally known surgeon she actually was a breast cancer I'm sorry I'm a breast enhancement surgery she would do breast enhancements and daddy she's from San Diego California and she was on the national board surgery in the national board of plastic surgery and she lobbied for many many years requiring insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomies and so oddly enough that was not a part of them what was involved in this insurance business which is just crazy so she was the author of a book a couple different books one is called waking the warrior Goddess that was her previous book let me just make sure and turn his music down and the other one is a radiant Health Angels Beauty and its a 30 day program to extraordinary Health Beauty and Longevity let me just turned her microphone up here thank you so much so dr. Christine for being on the show today yeah you know we're just talking about before the show I found out about you through some searching I was doing for that thing little Contraption I saw you did a video for called the life vessel and tried it out an absolutely fascinating technology that work through sound frequency and vibration and nervous system and really get your body into this enhances your really profound health benefits associated with it you can go between treatments every 21 days and actually the treatments are one hour sessions that are normally done over three day. Of time to do one session on the first day do two sessions on the second day with a few hours in between and then the third session is on I'm sorry the first session is on the third day and every 21 days a month at least try to get a preventative care but you know it's really great I've been found to be remarkably beneficial for people with neurological disorders and particular even kids with ATT and autism so interesting in these times we live in 2017 it says so fast and it there so many different little tools and health gadgets and different Technologies of people are using it's um it's it's an interesting time to be alive when you know your guards to all of these new technologies that are sure to come about it really is actually quite encouraged by the research done in the area of energy medicine as well as emotions because she's when I was going to medical school and general surgery residency in plastic surgery residency back then which for I want to hear the phone it was 25 years ago you know we were not had anything about the relationship of the Motions on disease in fact they respond to be no connection except for maybe there was something with people have peptic ulcer disease they seems a little high-strung but that was it was just got done as well so right resources been doing over the last several decades showing that of all the things that affect the outcomes of Hell dolphins and figure out how you do as far as surgery or serious illnesses that the one for The X Factor that has more of an influence of anything else is if you feel loved and supported and if you feel if you don't feel loved and supported and in factor in toxic relationship with the most devastating straps on human body in the things most associated with disease right up so fast and so and you all your experience some and we'll get in your story too and how you got into all this following a just a traditional medical career but in all of your experience since then what percentage would you say help is affected by like if you were to put a percentage on like the spiritual emotional aspect and the dietary expect they're working out and fitness aspect and terms of health how would you rank are what percentage would you give you one of those categories do you think the most important to be healthy and equally important so innocent sleeping if you do the right number of hours during the right after I mean if you're in the right time so I was going to bed before ten o'clock and getting up by 6 o'clock those are considered the hours for sleep as late as a traditional medicine from India which I'm certified in and talks about it your five thousand years ago this it off tomorrow is from 10 to 6 a.m. and the research now prove that that is in fact true we get those very best medicinal qualities for more sleep between 10 and a half 6 a.m. and if you stay up to midnight on a regular basis it's was your hormonal balance off so severely that they found their risk of heart disease diabetes obesity and certain cancers like breast cancer prostate cancer and colon cancer are almost doubled and people who stay up to midnight not exercise exercise again in the right the right amount as the spectacular medicine for a body works and it made the news and if you don't know I mean there's the novel resources come in last 4 years and people who don't for more than 5 hours a day even if you exercise it will shorten your life and increase your risk of developing diseases sitting is really deadly you know it for us and moving our bodies as a natural state really you know you can't take one step out of the other than you can have the best guy in the world but if you're not exercising you're staying up late you're under a lot of stress you're not going to be healthy if you know you had any one of those elements is going to have a fire effect on your health I agree we just had a dr. Kelly Starrett on the show you maybe it's in there with his work that we did done he does a lot of functional movement and things like that and dumb and so I don't know what it was ever since the beginning of the year I have had a standing desk for you know probably a couple years now and I just got really lazy because it was like one of those desk where you had to crank it and I have to crack it up and down and I just I put it up and I got lazy and I put it down and I keep it down but speaking of sitting and I mean that's a huge issue since the beginning of your I haven't really I haven't said other than doing interviews in our studio I haven't done any sitting at all and I feel so much better it's on Belushi it's amazing that is not everything emotionally spiritually so much oh my God I noticed a lot of this with people I don't have a cell phone but I see people with them and they and they have that forward head Carriage to Sophie just sitting and then kinda gets messed up to open now I've been doing all my workouts out in the backyard in the Sun but even though you work out a lot and train a lot if you said a lot if it doesn't Medicaid that and out the other because I love you I do so going back to the sleep that's really fast anything to me cuz that's something that I'm working on myself and for some reason I'm just a night owl I love to stay up late and so I've been progressively working on getting to bed earlier and earlier and last night I went to bed at 11 and that was early for me and I just feel so good but you were saying there studies that suggest that going to bed after 10 is having all kinds of fun damaging effects on her health that have all throughout the day and throughout the night and if you go to bed before ten o'clock those formations are off to bed after 10 o'clock they're not it has to do with not only like estrogen or testosterone as things like that but also inform levels and you know your glucose levels and so they find cortisol stress hormones and stuff too so if you go there before 10 o'clock like it all those levels after that then they're not as a key or most of the sleep hormone has as many of their functions there too so not only does it help to make you sleepy but it also is a very powerful antioxidant it has a direct stimulating effect to the immune system that helps to regulate all sorts of other different hormone so it actually the higher melatonin goes the lower your estrogen levels go there's also another word about you know bunch of other phones that are involved as well and so if you go to bed before ten o'clock there's a spike that occurs and melatonin between midnight and Who I Am with You absolutely don't want to know because if you do the consequences are really spectacular and they find the people again to save to deny those melatonin curve doesn't go up as high as if you work the night shift which is the very worst thing that you can do and it doesn't matter if you sleep 8 hours during the day your mail with her levels are flat as it is what happened to young cats the healing effects of melatonin plus like I said that everything's kind of all working coordinated together in influencing each other so when the military levels are low light that you also have all these other formal and balances that occurred another thing that happens is that your cells are actually programs and they still found these receptors and neurons in your brain that respond to the light and that we have it all sorts of things happen to her body based on those the diarrhea you know the fact that we have living on the planet in a really regulated with that info if you're working with that is doing the awesome like titties at the awesome we'll put on pants again your body is really balanced and that internally intelligence within you is it is super smart but if you go against it you know that we wanted to come to the opposite problem as far as you know the imbalances really obstructing the flow of as an intelligence but one of the things that they recognize is that you're still at night that they're supposed to rest and and I are headed up again I thought years ago they said that they have those two hours of the day divided up based on certain energies they called OSHA's this is not something we have it in western medicine that and I are getting recognized as these douches and they're called Vata Pitta and kapha Vata government if you go to sleep with a full big belly full of food and then that just a minute all night long if I just got to deal with that meal tonight 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. is very common for people who stay awake after 10 o'clock to start feeling hungry again and they want to know that I'm here again this time that is governed by metabolism info it is a time when your cells are designed to rest and kind of go through their own certification in are so it's a constant kind of detoxification that your body does but it doesn't with yourselves from 10 to 2 so if you're awake during that time that's not happening you're not getting that in a detoxification and then your cells also know that they're supposed to shut down and do that detox so if you eat those calories don't go into your cell your cells become insulin-resistant which then causes your blood sugar levels to go up in the calories you eat just to go to fat and that's why they should have the diabetes is twice as high and people who stay up to midnight on a regular basis and obesity is twice as high even if you're the same number calories makes sense so the biggest meal of the day should be between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. so would it typically you have for dinner Just A light meal and what time do you eat that early as you want something light if your back in your bed time doing it every week you go to bed 15 minutes earlier kind of naturally backing up at bedtime as you're going to bed before ten o'clock or 6 o'clock and you have way more energy and so much better and then you normally do it when you do that but when you're going to have your stomach or not try to do that mean I really easily digestible and probably no later than 4 hours light and the effects of light on our health and the different frequencies and wavelengths of light blue light red light in all these different types as well and I'm sure I'm sure it all ties together with that system doesn't hurt you absolutely have because almost everything that you can think of that's involved with complementary alternative medicine actually originated in Arvada so it has light therapy color therapy sound therapy using chanting or music therapy of The Source Yoga at Sand like that on it no we've always known that since living in beautiful sunny Southern California that way either we had as everyone's getting in a bad mood but if you live in the winter time you know up in the northern climate people getting a really bad mood right where they get the pressure it is very common the seasonal affective disorder and we know that it can be treated with those. There was somewhere that has an improvement and also taking vitamin D which is a normal thing that are skin will be a factor in response to the ultraviolet radiation from sunlight and most people do not get enough sunlight over 80% of people are estimated to be low in vitamin D but it was like super important has it as like a hormone in our body and it's actually essential for proper function of every cell in our body and almost every disease State you'll find that is associated with low vitamin D levels and research shows that if you supplement vitamin D and get your love cups to a normal level that it can't have such profound effects like having your risk of breast prostate and colon cancer in half by the survival and beat of Officer pressure in her to where they found that just getting people simple middle of the day sometimes Impressions depression weather in remarkably improved so the only way that you actually knew how much vitamin D should be taking as you gotta get your levels checked as everybody kinda metabolizes it differently and in the past with used to recommend 400 international units today now that spot that everyone needs at least 2000 international units a day as sometimes much more than that depending on how your own body metabolizes it that a cool thing is you don't have to go to a doctor's office to get your levels checked there's actually a website called Power Of Thee. Or we can order a kiss and that it comes to your house it has instructions you prick your finger pill got a blood on there in the send it in and they will let you know what your levels are and then they recommend that you read texts every 6 months and other kind of keep after it and see if you need it or just the amount of vitamin D that you're taking is the other cool part of that is that when you go through that way to check your vitamin D level they actually entry you into an international studies on the effects of vitamin D relationship to another is different diseases so that we get this really accurate information on it so fast any I'm going to look into that that's really cool what I was so I've been looking in vitamin D and I think I was reading somewhere recently that it has I think over two or three thousand different metabolic processes that is involved and it's really special for proper functioning of multiple sclerosis disease heart disease cancer there's a strong relationship between difference between the different types of vitamin D D2 D3 and all the different forms of finally found there some vegetarian sources derived from algae I'm in a we think of it being like in theory but that's because they've added another day there's not like a naturally occurring thing it's usually 4 to 5 and it was vitamin D yeah she wanted food special like breakfast cereals are fortified with all these vitamins and probably aren't even getting it there just ask you has a few minutes ago about them being exposed to ayurvedic it's so funny it is not here in the west I mean in 1996 you were probably fall on in your practice and you know this system of medicine has been around for thousands of years and you know it so interesting that so many people don't know about it but what happened what how are you introduce two in 96 and what was your story going from conventional medicine to where you are today actually a lot of surgery one of the reasons was because my mom is actually been diagnosed with breast cancer before I got into my medical practices sorry because of her I got involved in Cancer Society and then ended up being a lot of breast reconstruction and then back in 1993 so couple years after I start my process all the sudden insurance companies stop paying for breast reconstruction following mastectomy and they sent me a letter and said hey we're not going to pay for your 32 year old patient ever breast reconstruction as it sounded Oregon with no function say that really made me mad and I organized a national campaign to pass legislation to make it mandatory that insurance companies pay for breast reconstruction is one story short it was like a five-year campaign and I ended up flying to Washington and meeting with President Clinton first lady Hillary and we actually got it tag on the budget Bill and they act of divine intervention and now it says federal law you know that all women should have or you know can have breast reconstruction of performed if they need so he knows I'm having nothing but I was doing that I can pay my mom gets metastatic breast cancer from stage 1 disease as well you know any ways to get breast cancer and just give up and die with in like 9 months on my that holey rock my world and my mom did everything you're supposed to do according to Western medicine and I sure didn't work and then I looked at my practice and the patients that I was hearing breast reconstruction on for breast cancer or getting younger and younger until finally I was doing women in their twenties but I thought okay so I started going to the medical research together 20 years ago and I thought well we were even talking about Natural Health Point I'm and I had no idea we're going to find because I thought pharmaceutical companies sponsored all the research and as I started looking for the medical research 20 years ago found the house and study showing exactly why we have a breast cancer epidemic everything we're doing that contribute to it and the things that we traditionally are not doing that are done in other cultures that are in a highly protective and they're all Natural Foods sell their lifestyle in fact while the research showed that about 95% of the cases of breast cancer and prostate colon cancer very similar to her so very close to that that I'm 95% of the cases could be presented just through diet and lifestyle alone if it diet lifestyle disease Run 2 app of the day went before I'm nutrition for that nothing about health at me that's one thing I really I realized I learned nothing about health until I learn about ayurveda all the time was about diseases and how to suppress the symptoms with medications or just you know cut things out so therefore we hear a lot about people of a lot of people say that there's very little help it's tied during the medical process in the medical schools and stuff so you're saying that for sure is there we've heard also that there's like maybe through a couple electives you could take that aren't mandatory that are available for doctors but you're saying they're just not touch anything about health at all I want help now the medical schools are now offering some topics and complementary and alternative medicine in nursing school they even had integrative medicine as a part of it so there's some progress you know for sure in it so there's definitely other ones that are kind of wagon behind that's good that's good progress is good progress I have another situation the United States know we got 75% of the world's here so so so much it just that people are constantly scared of being sued and even if they get exposed to complementary alternative medicine with her practice they do the standard of care thing which is just the drugs couldn't have surgery and there's like to trade lot of them so you know corporate stuff that the Stilley House that's a real issue right like you said I didn't realize it was 75% of the lawyers are here in the states I mean that's a big issue because you have doctors and I have licenses and then those are on the line that means their entire life style is on the line their ability to pay for their air support their family and don't say it's a scary thing yeah wow so back then when you first learned about our Veda and then did it did it affect how you perform your career it must have because eventually you you know got into that happened to Washington to meet with President Clinton is Cincinnati Ohio a Time television reporter to interview me and it so happened that he was a teacher transcendental meditation for 25 years 30 years old with her chatting he's like you can really word meditate I was like okay fine so I learn how to meditate and was completely blown away by the fact of it and he said well if you're interested you know this really comes from the system of medicine called ayurveda again I've never heard of it and he said you know the best thing for you to get exposure tired it up is to go to the health clinic that they have in Fairfield Iowa has all kind of interesting places in a if we do a detoxification so-called Pawn Shop, Boca Muse 5 and Company's actions and as it may sound like it would be painful and other than that actually was a serious spa treatments for they do lots of heated Orioles lots of the stars and sting treatments father as you know things like that and again the five thousand years ago they came up with this since back then we didn't have a chemicals we have today I mean everything was basically grown organically and it but what I heard it recognizes that week if I can delete taxes not just here for the food in the water and so forth but also from emotions that we have that causes food not to digest our food as well as we can as for those undigested food particles become these clouds here for the channels within the body so they recommend that you should have any toxication there a couple times a year so I go to the clinic and I signed up for 3 Days to begin with about 48 hours into it I looked in the mirror and I look 10 years younger and never felt better in my life and I thought oh my God these people really know something about hello so that's when I went not really learning everything I could about ayurved I got certified in it and the more I learn the more I thought you know people really need to know this information cuz there's only simple things that you can do like a medicated Nationwide on the loose and television network and I was working 14 hours a day 7 days a week to pull off doing bad and doing my practice and I have a tendency to over work but after 3 years ago I woke up one morning he was I can't do this anymore I have no friends so that's when I just did Fullerton and let you know what my passion is teaching people how to become and stay healthy naturally and avoid the nice so I left off as rude as hard as I leave my practice and become I can I go I would call myself an educator by tribullets interviews and things like that yet a difficult transition because as a medical doctor I'm assuming that you were making a good salary at that time it was not a difficult transition for you to financially I could do it and this and this Berkeley won the best health book of the year when it came out and I now then the Third Edition so I'm done he know 3 New Edition is this adding an updated material on that and then you mention my latest book is called a radiant Health ageless Beauty and it's all about how to create extraordinary Health and Longevity of those books or framework and ayurveda because it really kind of gives the contact for understanding all the different elements that are important for an extraordinary house and then I got it includes all the modern in a research which is something showing what the most important key elements for creating health and maintaining it that's so cool we had a guest I want a little bit ago dr. Jack Kruse and he was talking about light and red light. From light all this kind of stuff and you know it was really cool because you know he went into the science you know he's a neurosurgeon and he went into the science of it all when and how light affects the body and all this stuff but then at the end of the show he was just saying you know this is so simple and I'll get outside more get full spectrum light reduce your blue light exposure and that's what I love so much about is a scientific system it's very very comprehensive been around for thousands of years but it's it's it's just that so many simple principles in there so I'm looking at what they called natural laws govern us as human beings we know we have to sleep every night we don't do very well we have because it's a natural all we have to do that it recognizes hundreds of different was it also recognizes that not all of us are the same so it may be recommended for one particular body type is not the same thing that's like a man it for somebody else is a good example of certain people can eat hot spicy foods in there fine and other people you thought of and immediately had indigestion and feel terrible so it's really customizing based on your unique body type and your balance is an inventive but then give you the guy book basically the rules of being a human and this is what you need to do and if you do that like I said your body goes into balance and it answers your body's energy intelligence if you violate those laws and he go into imbalances affect the flow of the intelligence and I can keep you well as kind of us basic foundational principles and I are there too it's not just a Min you can correct me if I'm wrong but it's not just diet and lifestyle it's looking at you know how you move your body your body type how you express your emotions and gets into all kinds of really interesting facets of life not just with your food right one of the main principles in that particular form of ayurveda is that kind of the ultimate ultimate you know like purpose of ayurveda is actually for it light and it means that we're creating your body and your mind and your spirit and everything in a place of so much ballast that you're able to be more spiritually connected than you know that the absolute altum it as being spiritually connected in this for enhancing higher States Of Consciousness so it's really different here than just as sane as physical as many different than the modern stuff you see today you no go on the paleo diet or this diet you lose $5 on see now it's like wow I mean talk about it in order or layer of them and I was there to answer your state of consciousness I mean it's pretty fascinating stuff now with you said the type that you were certified in there was a particular type how many different types are there you know what happened it was passed along as an oral tradition and then they actually wrote things down there 2,500 years old and they still use them in the hierarchy of the medical one of the sheets and he has a surgical one the techniques with them but as far as really you know reading a structure around it and getting the information out and forming schools really good educate people and it didn't happen until the end of the same like the seventies interesting so it so fascinating to me that we grew up in especially in this modern Western culture and our world and we don't get educated on so many things but we don't know the first thing about how to take care of this sort of meat that's all that we have that we carry through life and you know it it's as fast as that we have to educate people to the extent that we need to tell you no one adult needs to tell another adult that they need to go to bed before 10 p.m. and I shouldn't even know that scava today and I couldn't say we are in the element that is totally in harmony with the rhythm of the nature and now that we live it indoors pregnant it was for the most part then everything's all screwed up does he have that natural Connection in there anymore I know we've completely lost I think it's a disconnection I've been meaning to write more about this but I think that's a disconnection from a lot of different factors I think we're disconnected spiritually we're disconnected from ours are our own psyches our own souls or disconnected from each other when we're disconnected from the earth and in all of those disconnections can be reconnected at any time just decided to to live a different style of life but it's all of those disconnections that I think are causing all these strange and weird diseases these days now that it is more than anything else I think that the more we know the more that you're interacting with other human beings the healthier you are the more longevity you have the more isolated you are at least you know what that you really don't date with other people then it has the opposite effect on our help and you know I can't help it when I see that or were you just listen to what you just said they're of people that are and I like hospitals and they're isolated from people and their disconnected from being Anna getting any sunshine and I mean how could that be a place where people get here you know true deep healing and I was going to say to the hospital I think that you probably are exposed to high it too right so funny and ironic that you just said what you just said because it was so against your entire career before and do everything you can stay out of the hospital that's your health and it also help you recover from this is to include some tea nutritional supplement so there's like a lot of some people argue okay to get everything from your diet in the answers actually not I mean that's like saying that in a research shows that is are critically important for sissies medicine so it's a mega 3 fatty acids are we know that those are the healthiest types of fact that we can consume and two others just like my dinner to every cell for its function for cell membranes are made out of fat our brains but it was actually we never really realize but the type of that you can say they can't get enough of them in your diet so I recommend that people take a minute every day for Optimal Health family anti-inflammatory tested it against the level of anti-inflammatory quality they found three fatty acids has the most powerful anti-inflammatory mushrooms are actually the one food that helps to support our immune system cells more than any other type of food and so is a cannon safe as well as testing on the uses your field decades ago were they were doing the testing on all these different mushrooms and see what effect it had on the new system and then they found their stuff Tickler type of shiitake mushrooms that had the most of the facts and so they actually collected and had have it like as the mother Planet other than alive and then they the way they processed it then is that one of the issues with mushrooms as the molecules are really huge as hard for you deserve them and so the bioavailability isn't that great so what they did was touch process it so where they tipped the substance from the mycelium for the roots of it it made smaller molecules so that you can absorb it into your system and have it be much more available and so what they found is that on the HTC when they tested it they found it it's supported every cell type in email system and did it so effectively that had lowered it was quite significantly of many different kinds of cancer from breast prostate liver cancers even though I know Miss and if you get cancer in Japan you will be treated with HTC in the hospital because of the survival statistics are so much better and helps to take away many of the side effects from chemotherapy you know two and then there's this really exciting research that just came out of the University of Texas Health Sciences that tested aacc against the HPV virus which is the virus that we know the supposed to do a cervical cancer and so there's somebody get the chronic infection and I'll just mention like if you like or HDD is the most common sexually transmitted disease 70% of people will get exposed to the during some time in their lifetime but 98% of the time it goes away on its own so it's like you know the system just handle this I'm in the 2% they go on to The Chronic infections usually there's a reason maybe they got a bad guy out there smoking I got to know drinking too much sex as you have a chronic infection there's no effective Western treatment to get rid of it and you end up having to do this is kind of like observing it and women you know get the pap smears what she has an effective as lord of the risk of cervical cancer by 74% since they started doing it however you know they're treating it with chemicals during surgery always kind of stuff to put him in a cervical cancer so this researcher at University of Texas Health Sciences tested ahcc against HPV virus because not only does it and Hansard me a system but also as direct killing effects for viruses and bacteria that she found it it kill that use PC virus Bend it an animal model that was successful too so then she did not have a clinical trial on women with chronic hbv infection again there with her treatment works and she found that the majority of those who took it for 6 months that is completely eradicated the HPV virus now he's doing the same clinical trial on it's on to University of Pacific said she's got in bed and I've been talking about this for a while and I've had people have heard me speaking and then they come up to me later and I said hey I heard you talking about that I had dinner chronic hcv I took a scene and they're all negative for it this is it from she talking mushrooms and again they extracted from the mycelium the ACC is a compound in the mushrooms and the extract extracted from the mice human body it also goes to how little we know I mean it's just so fast and it were finding new research about mushrooms and different substances that affect the body and newsstand on the studies are being done and it's like 2017 but I feel like yeah we know a lot about the human body but then on the other hand we're learning so much and there's so much great resource bank then the amazing 1000 research centers in looking at the health properties but they found a hundred and fifty different ways that it works the support your help and there's 30 different anti-cancer properties to it is considered the number one anti-cancer spices that profound anti-inflammatory an antioxidant in our capabilities to an end and that inhibits the growth of 17 different kinds of cancers like everyone that's not going to work every day every day really exploring medicines I think it's important to take a few additional supplement have amazing effect on your health I listen to a doctor the doctor out of South Africa few years ago and I think it was called like the spice doctor or something like that I have been able to find him since I've been trying to research him and find his website but you know it sucks quintly it so it looks like you just everything went away but during the interview he was talking about the showing all these studies that corresponds to what you were just saying with the tumor cultures and civilizations that use different types of spices and if it types of herbs and spices and going on and on about how important spices are to our health and I just love I've been using tumeric a lot lately and I just love it take it as a supplement I'll put it in anything really that's a bright and I love it it's great as well as the spices and not surprisingly they find that the place where the lowest incidence of breast cancer for instance is in rural India Really Cooking with those spices and I definitely think as well from the other one of the principal yes I think we've gotten away from spices and in American culture but man it mean when you start looking at the research was listen to this doctor from South Africa and he was just going on and on and on about all the different disease processes and cancer rates and all these things are just lowered around the world with people who consume lots of spices level of people smoking a high incidence of breast cancer is found and what is his name thing is that because you're eating for fresh vegetables and spices American Burgers and Fries different vitamin B17 and there's a lot going on with that would have thought about B-17 or it's also known as a magnum nickel and I think oh my God this is completely crazy and I realized that you keep it more the SPF sunblock there was a plastic surgeon block and unblock blocks out 98% of the ultraviolet rays they're doing it and you're putting yourself at risk for concentrate that in most instances where combining two healthy things you get the synergistic reaction there for instance with green tea and rumor if they found it if you can find in the same as a supplement that green tea and Hanson's anti-cancer quality is of turmeric by three times and turmeric and hands as the anti-cancer effects of green feet by eight times have the synergistic effect so you can just do a few of these pieces and combine them and I actually formulator the supplement years ago called protective breast formula that has seven different supplements in 1 tablet devices have to pay again it was easier on your digestive tract and everything that we've done studies on it and so basically what I find is that if you just take me to eat or 5 different things look at that 98% in our protection and you don't need to be taking them wanted to use them other things to the only going to give you may be 2% more but it's too hard on your stomach on your way over and on your pocketbook so I think it's great that we're doing all this research on all these damn you're all the vitamins are really important like we talked about buying the TV show important as got you no answer properties but now they're all important and then there's certain things that really give us that added this but you don't need to go crazy taking everything you hear about it soon isn't it because they're so many supplements in that actually offered telephone consultation for people that help them in a with her health in it but you know I particularly I help people her newly diagnosed with cancer patients to help them with an integrative approach because outcome no way better and and in a very different supplements you can use to help counteract all the side effects of the western treatments and kind of enhancer Effectiveness to help people with that so they know exactly what to do cuz you know you get on the internet look like you have no clue I'm curious for people that are interested in integrative you don't everybody knows that chemotherapy and radiation destroy cells destroy cancer cells but also destroys healthy cells and so we've we've talked to doctors I can't remember what they said they'll maybe you might be able to remember from your research but they've talked to or help people who have had chemotherapy and have never even lost their hair because they took different types of vitamins and supplements during that time I do a lot of different nutritional supplements and helping counteract side effects of chemotherapy but I do look at what's what's the drug prescribed what is a side effects you know that and then what are the things that can counteract it and they usually they don't interfere with the effectiveness and that they can enhance it for France's Adrian myosin which is a common drugs used in breast cancer or some other ones are very toxic to settle that use high-energy so like your hard your kidneys and her one of the main reasons is toxic to the cells is because there's a substance called Co q-10 with as a vitamin like substance so that are so Sonya facturing is present High quantities and is um we're going to bed as high energy as in disease States cookie town as well and when cooked in slow it makes those so vulnerable to severe damage from the chemotherapy if you replace the cookie pan that it protects the cells if they don't get the damn it then we've also discovered other substances that can be beneficial for each one of the organelle structures of potential as a target for the for the chemotherapeutic agent so like L-glutamine as you know the number one thing that helps the Kind Rewind the digestive tract and it's also good for cardiac stuff melatonin you know the sleep hormone you can take it as a compliment and it has tremendous a protective effect against the side effects of chemo in fact the survival statistics are way higher and soul places like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America actually only give their patients melatonin as a part of the treatment in it with it LOL and another one is really kind of specialized he has to do an IV but IV fluid as my own as a thing that only person neuropathy from the current enough than one side effects of chemotherapy is not reversible so you know it like a horrible fight sit and sew so it's not reversible if it does happen one of the other ones because they usually put on these know that helps counteract that enhance the effect of this you know these treatments because then you're protecting people from you know all the damaging effects of the women that I work with and it with this is like they say he was here they have no nausea no vomiting no weight loss or white count staying warm over there in oatmeal system stay as high as functional HTC you know one of the things that it really helps with that and hair is a little bit trickier there's a few things actually ACC has the research showing it helps with hair loss then you can just prevent office think so I haven't had one woman was hit on me because you know I feel fatter on chemotherapy hanging all the things you told me to take then I did before I know wow that's so I'm never heard that mean that sounds too almost unbelievable right here's the issue the issue is that a lot of patients are scared by their doctors because our doctors will say you know if your naturopathic doctor is recommending this that's great but there's no studies that suggest the interactions between vitamins and chemo and were afraid that the vitamins will prevent the chemo from working right now and then there was this area because it's going to where does the radiation or the chemotherapy Works in and so when there was a huge of study that was done that was like a review study where they looked at all the different studies it redone in relationship to the question of antioxidants there during the time of getting chemotherapy and I don't know the ridiculous thing of it is is that if you're eating a plant-based diet is naturally high in antioxidants for what it what are you telling your patients they should be eating like junk food that's what they found was that I absolutely did not interfere with the effectiveness of the commode fact it could enhance it green tea is a great example where they found it in the presence of green tea it does something to the cell membranes in the to assault the causes more influx of the chemotherapy and looking at Adrian is it in particular and they found that the pros of the green tea it has the level of a dream I sent it three times higher in the cancer cells and it somehow cause on the normal self Pacific chemotherapy out so it was enhancing the effect of the for the chemo while protecting against the organ damage so you know the studies are there and I just think it's heartbreaking that this isn't it corporated because she is nearly malpractice notice but somebody on these drugs but yes they can be effective but it's just insane not to do all the protective things and to do things I can really enhance the effectiveness of it so that you know people can go through their treatments to sail through them and not have any devastating side effects now have you worked with patients that have gone through chemo with no they haven't taken anything and they sort of find out about you at the end and so he worked at them to sort a cleanse and detox and all that yeah everything that you can to help by the body after you're done with your cancer treatments and build your body detoxification and taking proper care of yourself after having gone through chemotherapy would be or should be I would say probably at the high highest on the list of people is that are full of energy in them as well if they can actually measure these membrane potentials and inside of that energy levels really well and so it's so low that they're not able to spit these toxins out and so one of the things as a lifecycle does and they found also infrared saunas can work with this technology is it as energy to the cells and allows insisted the toxins out so you can walk into the room where somebody's doing the rifle treatment which is easy kind of deceptively simple flying and they are comfortable foam pad and a pen a kind of a frame box and you're listening to music and me that's all that you know if you're experiencing but when you walk can to the room or somebody's in the life before you can smell like petroleum products and some good stuff like I mean it's not so it's just like holy smokes so it did help the body check out you know these toxins and stuff another really great time out of you for doing a detox after in a during cancer treatments and now I was less as a while back and I think that's how I found you but I was there a technology did it change names because they enhanced at the improved on the original technology for the left us alone I mean there's really nothing you need to deposit because again it's a it's a standing in there what you see as far as the effect of this of it as he has approved it as a relaxation device and we can't really talk about you know all the amazing stuff that really it really does but you can just say hey this is something it really bad to see there's a system and an increase profound balance in the body would spend enhancers your bodies in really intelligent and so you got all sorts of amazing kind of Corrections different disease states he know that our curse those kind of helping your body to heal naturally heal from many different things as well as doing this really profound detox and another thing that helps your body to heal naturally because those toxins interfere with that ability now is all of this a part of your your newest book write a 30 day program everything we talk about it that's so cool it's a 30 day program people can go through and just follow day by day it was a wonderful day one of the most important things that you can do for your health in a really established yourself that's so cool it's cool when you start building and stacking disciplines and you get into a momentum and then what I like about it too is that you you start feeling better and then when you feel better you have more energy and it becomes this kind of thing we're after it's all said and done you're not looking at these little small disciplines you do everyday is something that you have to do it's something that you want because it feels good and healthy when you start working at creating balance in the body of the first baby couple weeks or something like that it might feel harder it might feel like you're depriving yourself from stuff but once your body starts shifting into this more Brown state of help you actually start reading the things that are healthy for you in it so it's not hard because the unit is here and no my own personal Journey with his life than I do if I was there I mean how much better because you're constantly looking for you know once you get out of the woods and terms of like you these nagging little injuries as he's not getting little digest of this shoes and stuff what you get out of that and then you start thinking well how good it can I feel how much energy can I have in it so it's kind of an upward spiral at that point and I don't remember they even had like in the afternoon and it was 40 never really acted like all the time and it's kind of like copy of that stuff submitted the others but he was available everywhere so cool and so you do upcoming Sea-Doo advance to do public speaking and you travel around and down while have fun interview next time going up to Portland and then any or all over the place so um it's so necessary if we actually talk good health principles and school it would be no need for people like you and I know but that's okay Facebook page and people can actually contact you for consultation so you work with people individually to available health tips and tricks so much for being on the show and sharing your story and I really appreciate that close out the show and thanks everybody for joining us today really appreciate it let me make sure that I get this correct here I'm going to put a couple of it we talked about we don't really do it anymore just because it's a time thing they were going to try to do a couple of the links that we talked about during the show so this is episode 5 10 so if you want to check out the actual web page for the show it'll be extreme Health slash 510 you can check out other sponsors for the show and all that good stuff there 2 episode 5 and so if you know of anybody who was so dealing with cancer or needs to improve their life or is interested I have a day or any of the subject matter that you talked about how we both appreciate it if you would pass it on to them and maybe they can listen and if they like them are show and like what the doctor ordered talked about the they can contact her and work with her individually so we would appreciate that again this is episode 5 10 and we thank you guys for listening you guys are amazing and we love you all let us know if we can ever help and we'll catch you guys on the next episode.


Alright well there you go dr. Christine Horner what do you guys think about that show interesting and it said yeah I just find it so fascinating that in 2017 it's so crazy that we don't even know how to take care of ourselves as much as nuts blows my mind that we actually have to teach like I said during the show one adult needs to tell another adult you know that they need to go to bed by 10 p.m. I mean the fact that we don't even understand how to take care of our bodies the fact there's so much confusion out there and there's so much some uncertainty there so much um you know down to people just have no idea how to take care of themselves it's crazy to me absolutely nuts but I love the ideas of the ayurvedic principles and I just think it's a really really simple and it's really and I like the fact that it's a comprehensive system and it's just so cool that you know all of these ideas and principles that we talked about on the show and then they all just fall in line with what our bodies the timing and the rhythm of our bodies and our lives and I don't know I just find it to be really a comforting system and it makes so much sense and it just looks at the different doses of the body and unique individuality and I don't know it just makes a lot of sense to me and I just liked her principles and what we talked about I tell you what I'm going to be going to bed earlier though it said that I've been working on it it's really think about the idea of going you know doing it in 15 minute increments have to go back and listen to what you said about that if it was 15 minutes a day that you go to bed earlier or every week you go to bed for those 7 Days 15 minutes before you did the previous week so I'm going to start doing that cuz I really want to start going to bed earlier I'm such a such a night owl I've been I've been that way my whole life so I don't know it's something I just I think maybe it's probably because I can get some of my work done and is calm and quiet no one's around the phone's not ringing does no applications I don't have to do my workout I don't have to do my son on my rebounder you know I'm all done with all that stuff and I think that some probably one of the reasons why I like to work at 9 but after having spoken with her I mean it's fascinating because these are just little changes that we can make it our life but you know not doing something or doing something incorrectly for a vast majority of your life that's where things start to get you know complicated with your health it's like that whole idea of the ship in a two ships leave The Harbor at the exact same place and one of them is just one degree off from the other one and after you know for five hours of sale and are not very far apart but after you know 3 weeks failing their hundreds and hundreds of miles apart and so just being a little bit off just being slightly off of what you know to be right over a long. Of time is very damaging and so that's one of the reasons why I transition from a raw food vegan to eating some animal Foods it is just figured out why would like to split the difference I just didn't know if I if I put myself into the position of thinking okay let me transform myself 30 years in advance from now 40 years from now and if there were some scientific evidence which I don't believe it there ever will be but if there were some scientific evidence that would show me that you can raw food vegan diet wasn't the correct diet for me then what would my attitude be 30 years from now about a situation like that I was just be just bombed I'd be like oh my gosh I say you know perhaps I damage myself I there's no way of knowing or perhaps I didn't allow myself to have the best health I possibly could and there's no way to go back and get those 30 years so what I figured I figured why not just split the difference eat mostly plants like Michael Pollan says eat mostly plants and a little bit of animal food in the animal food is damaging to me then because I'm it's a small part of my diet and not a big part of my diet then you know it'll be mitigated by my lifestyle my email being out in the sun and all the other things I do to to to support my health so that's the philosophy there and it's the same idea was going to bed like at 11 o'clock or 12 o'clock if you do it for fun if you do a little while but man that's what I've been doing my whole life so in 30 years from now I don't want to listen to a show like that men think I'm a nice guy self 30 years in advance and ask yourself okay what do I what would have told myself today to do everyday for the next 30 years and one of the options that I could take it would support the direction I want to go and what are the actions I don't want to take that will cause me to become off course and you can so it look at yourself kind of in the future and look back at where you are now is something that you were in the past and you can see you can start making life changes and decisions that will help support the direction that you're going and so so because of all that that's one of the reasons why I'm going so we're going to go to bed earlier and I think you don't like I said during the show I went to bed at 11 o'clock last night that was really for me but I feel amazing and I usually go to bed around midnight and I figured that's not too late I used to go to bed and I used to go to bed at like 2 o'clock in the morning sometimes 3 I'm ever doing that a lot so I'm glad that I at least I'm going to bed a little bit earlier so now I can start bringing that you know midnight down to 11 down to 10 and keep working from there so that's your stuff dr. Christine Horner I'd highly recommend checking her out I thought she was really cool she had a lot of good things to say and and you can also check out that life this whole thing to you can look at their website and also want to let you guys know that we're going to be launching in 2017 a membership Community is something we've been working on for quite some time now and I'm really excited about it cuz as with this show it's really challenging to to really get to the nuts and bolts of how to do things and quick ideas and getting answers for things I mean these shows are sort of meant to highlight the work the other people are doing and his children cuz you can't really go in-depth with someone like this on an hour even A2 Hour podcast or a radio show it so it's challenging because you kind of go from one top it to the other and it's not right it's not very it's not very hyper focused on the things that some are or our health challenges right so it's just these are meant to sort of alert us and open our minds to what's out there and what healing modalities out there what types of work people are doing the types of research people are doing and so but the membership Academy that were going to be creating this is where we can actually get answers to her health problems and health conditions and health challenges and so it's going to be a private private access online membership Community where you get access to it to all of this great information we're not going to stop doing the free radio shows but this is going to be a pay for services not going to be for everybody but it's going to be for those of you that really want to take your health to the next level that wants to interact with other people and make some really cool friends cuz one of the things that I have a challenging time doing as we could so many emails everyday and it's really hard for me to keep up with all the emails and I want to connect more directly with you and I want to you know be friends with all of our listeners but I can't do it the way it is now and so what we're going to do is create this really awesome ability for all of us to enter interact with one another and a private Forum that's going to be FDA free were going to be able to talk more freely I don't know how freely we can talk because who knows what they're monitoring these days there to be able to friend each other and help each other get through our health challenges as in if someone has a certain condition in the Forum and someone else is going to the same condition we can talk about it over the first person can share with the second person hey I've been doing this and it's been working great and here is the recipe to do this and you know I'll let me know if it works you kind of facilitated online community that helps us to support each other and our health and so we're also going to have like horses where were going to be talking about different aspects of Health like digestion improving digestion simple practical tips for all of these things that we have an A to Z area where your health challenges are going to be answered by a doctor a naturopathic doctor so we're going to be taking your questions and answering those and making everything available to you and long-form a content and short form content is going to be an awesome place for you to take your health to the next level get answers get support get inspiration and I what I see it being too is perhaps in the future we can do some sort of like conference you know or your leave Retreat or something like that and I don't feel like to recruit some doctors that will help us a guide us through seasonal cleanses to so like every every time this the season changes we can go through it liver cleanse or a good you know in the next season we do a colon cleanse and next season we do something else so these are all be overseen by a doctor and I'm not sure if there's going to be upgrades where you can pay for that but you know I'm open to all of your ideas cuz I want to create something that you are going to love and you were going to really really be a part of and enjoy and is going to help you most importantly take your health to the next level and and overcome your health challenges and then support you and becoming the best version of yourself and so creating a membership Community is going to be an amazing place to do that and so you know I only know from what I emailed it come in what you guys like so please email me and let me know what you'd like to see as create as it would be kind of a thing where we can create it together you know we can all work together and if you let us know maybe I'll put like a pole on there and damn you give me that way we can create something that you actually want so you can feel like you're helping create the community as well I'm really looking forward to it it could be for everyone I don't want it to be for everybody but I wanted to be for those people who have serious health challenges that one inspiration want motivation and want to get their questions answered by bite by doctors and then I wanted to be for people who may be don't have any health challenges but then if you are interested and taking your health to a new level and so we're all going to be sharing you know tips and ideas and health hacks and bio hacks and research and all kinds of cool things to be able to facilitate us becoming the best version of ourselves so whenever we launched I'm not sure when we're going to watch it cuz it said it's a lot to create and them but whenever we do launcher there's going to be like today we're going to do probably let's see we'll probably do about the 7-Day you know 50% off kind of a thing and so it'll be a monthly payment but the price will go up over time but when you get in at the very beginning we're going to allow for people to have this huge big discount and and your price would never go up after that so and you going to be able to cancel anytime and as your membership and you know really be in control of your membership so if you have them you know if something happens with the job that you have and you need to pause it for months you'll be able to do that so I try to make it a really cool awesome place for people to gather together to take their help to new levels and time and really create an amazing environment that helps us to to get to where we want to go and become the first versions of ourselves and that's the whole point of everything that we're doing so I'm really excited about it and if that is interested interesting to you then what I'll do is I'll place a link to that let's see at extreme Health slash 510 and that way you can I'll put a little say membership website and them so as of now it's not live yet it just takes you to a page with a video right now that says basically what it's going to be about and if you want to be updated or notified of the time that we launched so that you get access to that cheap price at the very beginning so that's about it with that I want to thank you guys for your support for the latest patrons you guys are amazing thank you for supporting our show we could do the show without you think you so much and thank you for going through our store and with a lot of cool things on our store adding new products all the time great great products that I'm really proud of and products of use and products I do use and they're just amazing stuff on there so we have like a sauna on there a rebounder the G Concourse we have cleansing programs with juicers blenders all kinds of really cool appliances and awesome stuff on there so thanks for visiting our store and supporting us to that way and thanks for being involved in our newsletter list and being signed up to that that's really cool we send out those every Monday and Friday and your support also only after almost forgot to tell you guys you guys are so cool a lot of you guys have been two points on Amazon and I will just want to 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that icon on your desktop and just call it Amazon EHR something like that and then you use use that icon every time you search make a purchase on Amazon and that supports the show that way you don't have to remember to go to our website and I realize that people are you know I do that same thing I forget to support support people on Amazon so it's great that you only have to do it once and it's an awesome way to support us and that helps us tremendously so before I sign off let me say let me just give you a brief update on some of our upcoming guests for the month of March we had to take a lot of February off in order to build this website so natural back pain relief how about that that's a The Cure word government doesn't like that only go only doctors can cure people remember that man I'm wondering are we ever going to get to a point where we just can't say anything can't use any any terms any language as someone's getting to that point now isn't it hard to believe isn't so lots of 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