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Ep #508 – Leanne Venier – Debunking Myths About Light, Red Light Therapy Benefits & How The Right Color Light Can Help Your Body Heal Itself!


Leanne Venier joins us from Catalytic Color to talk about red light therapy benefits and why red light (and full spectrum light) can help the body get well and heal itself.

Why are so many people coming down with cancer and getting auto immune diseases in record numbers? Is it the toxins and chemical in our food? Is it chemtrails? Is it negative thinking? Is it vaccines or flu shots?

Why are we getting sicker and sicker with each passing day? We are now living in a time where this present generation of children will not outlive their parents.

This is the first time in history this is the case. Why are we so sick?

My contention is that light has a big role to play on a phsiological level as to why we are so sick. At the root cause of all illnesses in my opinion is stress from spiritual, emotional issues. Then on a biological level the first thing to look at is light, dental infections and colon health.

Light is absolutely huge if we want to heal and take our health to new levels.

On this show with Leanne Venier we talked about red light therapy benefits, sun gazing, wearing sun glasses, shadows and clouds, melatonin and vitamin D and how light affect the pineal gland.

I had a million questions for her so I hope you enjoy this show with Leanne Venier!

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Leanne Venier

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Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA, is an international award-winning artist, engineer and expert in the science of color & light who regularly lectures at major medical centers, SXSW Interactive, MENSA & elsewhere, combining her art with her past careers as a mechanical engineer then acupuncturist to teach medical doctors, executives and lay people about the latest scientific research for optimizing health & productivity using color, light, Art & Flow State.

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Red light therapy benefits

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This episode of a podcast as brought you buy good morning good evening she Concourse and if you guys are unfamiliar with you, she goes like a ancient moving meditation practice similar to Tai Chi that they've been practicing in the orient for 4000 plus years and has put together by a good friend of ours named Chris of trust God and he came back from a debilitating back injury and back surgery through the use of Qigong and it's a way to bring a spiritual meditative practice into your daily life I take about 10 minutes in the morning 10 minutes in the evening and it helps to build your life-force energy it helps to wake you up and restore yourselves you can really feel it when you're doing it too it's it's quite amazing how it affects the body and it's a great way to balance yourself and to prevent negative energy and people's drama and people's emotions from affecting your life force it's really have an awesome practice and I do it every single day so that will be available here and we also brought you buy this really unique pyramid that's our good friend Ken rohla who's been on the show couple times has put together this thing called the rest Shields like this golden pyramid that he uses on some really interesting Technologies in this thing it's a scalar wave technology and you plug it into the wall and it emits a field around the pyramid itself for about 20 feet and you plug it into a regular power outlet and you use it while you sleep or you use it anywhere in your house that has the high enough that helps to introduce or Limited jet lag it relaxes the body produces the effect of EMF pollution helps to improve performance during waking hours it's really cool I don't know we've been using it for a little while now and I really really like it and them so it's available and can have been able nice enough to put a coupon code called Extreme health for 10% off valid through February 28th 2017 about how to recommend looking into this thing and we're big fans of it when we went to the two shows was done with can it's called the rest Shield using scalar technology so I had to recommend that both the red shield post both the rest shield and if she going program will be available at extreme Health / 5:08 and they're both available in our store as well.


Alright thanks everybody for joining us here happy Friday everybody this is awesome I love Fridays you may not be listening to this on a Friday but nothing special about Friday so I don't know what it is something in the air something that makes it feel good I just love Friday's Fridays are great day we got a really great guest it's going to be a lot of fun I'm really fascinated by this topic and we've got the we have an A on the show and we really talking with her about color frequency lights and how all of those play a role in our health so it's going to be really interesting I'd ever since episode 466 I think it was with dr. Jack Kruse of really really been studying and getting into using light in a therapeutic way to Nunnally prevent disease but just happy feel good and really really thinking to myself that you know is it possible that all of our diseases and our modern culture all of the issues and health problems that were having as a result of lack of exposure to GoodLife and Too much exposure to harmful light so I'm starting to think that and soul and it would be awesome to talk to and I'm really excited to get some myths debunked and then to talk about her work with light and what she seemed with people to be really good show for those who don't know we do broadcast three days a week on Monday Tuesday and Friday if you want to join us the best way to stay a up today with all of our shows is probably 2:00 signup to our newsletter less than we sent our newsletter out every Monday and every Friday and you can do that by texting the word get healthy to 33444 and that way you'll never miss a show you'll never miss anything that we have going on if you text the word get healthy to 33444 right there on your cell phone right now and we will send you a bunch of bonuses and all your program as well as an e-book that sells for 20 bucks on Amazon you can just sign up and you'll be off and running so that would be cool that way we can stay in touch with you more about all the different things we have going on so early on as an artist she's a mechanical engineer she's an expert in the science of color and frequency and light so her website is catalytic color catalytic I'll put her laying her website to her link on Extreme Health site 508 that way you can get access to it the catalytic is her website and a cool thing about to about her is that she left everything about I don't know 10 years ago and went off to Italy and decided to this she was going to live in Italy for a while and decided that that's what you wanted to do and to leave a career behind in and the states and because I did the same thing many many years ago and I took a year off and travel around the world spin some money and bought a round-the-world ticket and visited 12 to 15 countries and just had a blast and so I can resonate with what she did so let me just go and turn her microphone up and turn the music down and hopefully it we just turned her up early quickly okay Lee and can you hear us okay?

Hopefully now it's better as not correct the background as I was saying before it was many years ago you decided to just leave everything and go travelling and probably when you were in it was that something that you're starting to get into before you left work it's one of those colors I noticed all these different physiological responses coming up in my body and emotions that were coming up and I was really the first the first time I really was aware of how profoundly were impacted by looking at different colors that was kind of bed so original feed this is such as we have a dress on her show his name is Adam Bergstrom and he does a lot of the work with color too weak to smoke with him a little bit about it but he talks about using a wearing certain colors like shirt so you know you know part of your wardrobe every day so there's a color for every day of the week that's interesting hair color with Trail if it's earlier than yourself I mean I probably wouldn't want to have the same color per day I mean I choose my colors based on how I'm feeling because we actually are drawn differently colored women in their color energies or coffee and you choose the colors to wear on your body or in your environment you can actually for your health that way and you can also inherit whatever things you want to be doing that they for example I use a simple as often because if it's like a lot of people or wherever the power colors in an energizing color but he actually wear red and then be more assertive you feel more certain people perceive you messing with their self confidence in its ability also it color and make sure you know after the males have a dominant red in their skin for when you wear the red color on your clothing it gives the perception others that you're very self-confident and it's very good for you know if you have an important meeting or something like that I'm actually done scientific research where is sports teams that wear it has red uniforms actually way more often it then for kids were things that were blue and says his head that's also known as Donald Trump Red Power tie right website a blue backdrop because the person will feel more inclined to purchase something or another feel color and whatever it is example of you know the first stock roll the root chakra is all about survival it's about fight-or-flight thing about doing whatever you need to do to survive in the world so whether that is related to holding money finances that sort of thing security all of the ties in with why we respond to read in this way so that all danger signs warning sign stop sign things like that are always red because it catches your attention if if you immediately into that fight or flight mode in this again this is scientifically proven increases heart rate increases blood blood for getting ready to run just looking at colors sociological standpoint it is measurable and if you think of it from the chakra system in the five elements element again the same thing it's all energy energize because if you think about it and it's good and its effect on people you look at like you know you think danger you think stop and get some make sense because if you were to cut someone that's obviously a dangerous situation someone could be out of peril and red is the color of blood when it's exposed to oxygen and so it makes a lot of sense but then I talked about them gradient truck bodies are connected with different emotions all the connected the different colors that you can actually use color as a diagnostic so whichever color somebody I'm sure to tell you where can give you beating Clues as to where there are no violence or physically and emotionally psychologically if someone were to ask me my favorite color I'd probably say like a Sunfire red or orange color is within the last 20 years I like your face and your battery constantly it's like that constant energy source coming in that high-level Energy red but you tend to want to have read in your environment you know where you choose accessories for your home or computer or things like that in red desert resume or sometime too much going on it or Indigo where you could come up with all of this for every color because there's purple there's Violet is paying I guess each color has their own frequency in and then red and yellow yellow the entertainment screen with something like you and then blue indigo violet dating colors so calming indigo is more calming and like today in degrees all depend on how much is dark they are another thing and help feel like you can buy at night in the evening I've got one of those said that that program called flux I'm sure you're familiar with that so I'll have that on let me look at my settings really quickly here when I turn it on at night at Sunset it'll go to 1200 Kelvin her rate is already at 1200 Calvin the Amber setting and I to change the settings on my computer to do that to get it to go that that orange or that red so sometimes I'll be working in the evening and I'll have it on that that's setting that color setting and if I have to do something like let him doing something in Photoshop where I need to see a color all set I'll turn it off but what I'll do is I'll put it on my orange glasses and I'll turn it back to Blue for a couple minutes so I can see the color but I find it that is super super super stimulating that which is kind of weird because you're just saying that blew it is not stimulated by guess it depends right anyway. Night time our body start producing melatonin you to the color of the Blue Sky okay everything like I said luxury about this years ago before anybody heard anything about that regard but it's like in it it's the same way that if you go out in the middle of the day is going to be awake but when you get light it's not it's not any Waiting by itself it's not an energizing color it's actually a calming color if I make sense so you don't get you don't get it's not like drinking a cup of coffee at the color red is analogous to drinking coffee or it has the same effect as simulates The Fighter fighting lights but sympathetic nervous response in the body just like caffeine does just like cocaine and amphetamines all of those things to me like that the sympathetic nervous or spot where is Blue simulate parasympathetic calm you down it actually lower stress levels and that's her things but when you see you at night it makes you feel or energized and you should be because you should be getting calmer and quieter does a lot of sense cuz it just makes sense the sky is dark at night the blue goes away the full spectrum light from the sun there's and it does not have that left so I'm sharing this with blue light like a lot of people's alarm clocks you know in their room are blue if someone gets up in the middle of night and it just happened to catch a glimpse of Ages after I just goes over to see what time it is is that enough light to stimulate maybe not going able to go back to sleep goodnight any type of light at night actually has it doesn't affect what do you do if there is an app that you can get that that makes the screen even more red than that them Flex program better design for phone and tablet they don't they're not focused on just cutting up the blue what they do it shipped everything to read so that all of your blacks and up looking like this other tracks and reddish-brown it doesn't it distorts the colors to the point that there it doesn't seem very color sensitive I don't like the way that they look for me now I'm just I'm really starting to think about the work that you do and in color and light in general in terms of our health and right now I still do a lot of work at at night and I'm trying to wean off of that and so I guess what I want to know or you know understand is is there a way to do that kind of work and have it not be damaging to my eyes or to my system or trying to thing like that I'm not sure that I'm no longer I know a lot of fluid like in my mind don't use anymore because I think and he was saying that you're walking around your home and you have short sleeves and shorts on the light hitting the skin is still an issue is that correct Orange Bowl in Europe there doing these LED lights that sort of are adjustable so as the day or two progresses it turns more red and then I thought what if they had glasses cuz you know we wear those ones glasses and I think you do too but what the heck glasses that you can wear that them eventually like were smart glasses that kind of time that with the sun kind of like flux how it does that automatically like what if you had glasses at that that would be really cool that you're like the way around it so I don't worry I have something on my face in my house but never stimulate you never keep you awake right as it got through the same thing that happens as a gun and that dust we get this predominance of red orange yellow wavelength of come through the atmosphere that's why I said a red blue and green light blinks don't come through until the same thing with the flu and they will come through until this whole thing is so fast there's a gun or so while back you talked about like what keeps us alive and you kind of alluded to this and you're talking and he was saying what keeps Us Alive is the burst of biophotonic like that happens when cells die so sell will die and then there's a burst of some sort of Life they could submit it from the cell and then the living cells that are still alive feed off of that light in order for us to continue to exist I thought that was super interesting but you were talking about in your in your lecture kind of the same thing where we actually are light beings right like we ain't it a certain frequency of light in lights all inside of us and so fascinating that we actually do it like a living being is always getting off lightly store The Human Bean or plant or anything like that you can actually now see the actual photons light that's being given off by by yourself so what do you think is going on with our culture cancer cuz I know you have a couple lectures on cancer that on on YouTube I haven't had a chance to listen to yet but I'm curious your take because there's there's a light that there's like it's been emitted from our own bodies and then there's white external light which is any other light than the sunlight in our home and it seemed as if there needs to be some sort of connection like a lock and key kind of a deal where were these things interact with each other in a healthy way to thaw disease process and what's going on in the world today with light all the Hemingway books that are found in sunlight so what if you actually are very good for us and not enough we do need them when you don't like that we need near for red infrared under all those wavelengths and so it came out recently studied the effect of signing red light on the cells and then following it with NBA toxic doses of UV amen. So we do need you to get too much then it becomes like it but our bodies actually let me know when you get red light shining on your cell or the red light actually Caitlin day when we were about thing you know that you can go out and hunt and fish in the early morning you know it done and I got those were the time is it in time to see animals are out early in the morning and hunting and fishing you're getting all those red lights on your body and then you're out for the rest of the day Under the Sun you know you didn't have clothing. That may have the one causing all this work in terms of someone love to go to the beach or go work out in the outside or be outside all day so when you're talking about exposing the cells to Red Light prior to being exposed to UVA or blue light does that so like it it it if I had a red light that I was exposing let's say my stomach too or something or my face does that affect the telomeres and the ability for the cells and in the entire body to be able to deal with that blue light later alright with me in the morning and then going on but I do know bodily treat one side and the other side by the next morning with pain on both sides will be gone and my friend director of College University the third power lifting and he's been using one of my life that I asked him to do the same as he's been doing the same thing it's really sore and immediately go away on one side and Light Within I don't know about eight hours wasn't like that on the other side as well so if someone heard of this I'm sure they active sungazing heard about the sun gazing and they're looking at the sun as it's dropping down on the horizon what's going on is that damaging I would like what's going on in their body do you think actually you said he had to wear sunglasses all the time like he could never go outside because he just get an instant pudding headache because his eyes are so hypersensitive light and it like that for as long as he can remember and it didn't really say anything the light and he wasn't trying to treat his eyes he was actually just trying to treat his face and got his stop talking and I actually I hadn't even noticed that myself but I have the same thing happened but I would love the fact that it happened after the fact that I was using my life on my face and anyway but it does seem to be having like the effects on the eyes and they have been doing research with red circular sunglasses that's interesting experience for the last probably 6 months or so I just the sunglasses altogether and I found is that when I go outside if I start out with my sunglasses on it's almost impossible to take them off but if I start out with no sunglasses I adapt pretty pretty quickly light it actually if you get food like during the day and increase your melatonin production at night and it's like an idiot I mean you can you can you know if your circadian out of whack and she got blue light during the day go by and get you know a good amount of light while you're out doors or you can use a blue light therapy device was reset your circadian rhythm really quickly because you're getting like this you know bombarded with blue light and your body's like I know exactly what time it is now and then that evening as soon as it starts sitting ducks start getting sleep even if you hadn't gotten sleepy you know until two or three in the morning for ever for the soup by using some of these principles you could probably really make a pretty good game on things like jet lag right are we actually use it I want to talk about your life in a little while but your red light your LED light I wonder if that would be good to shine like if you're flying somewhere I mean obviously people think you're crazy cuz got this big life you probably have to plug it in but if it is during the daytime of the place that you're going to be going on site or during the night time of the place that you're going to be flying to as well on the upper back that most people like on the upper deck you really like within about 5 minutes and I type that wants to do anything for my computer in my bedroom at night and then I'll do any like there because I don't like not like it that's entered into the Pinal gland and lighting a light affect the pineal gland into the Green Ranger Wait like this thing as you are create ATP energy and then they use it to increase energy and how much of an impact it has on her health and how little people know about it that's that I think that's what's so sad because you look at the lot of the studies like their studies and you're probably aware of these me know down and Australian okay well the ozone layer is depleted and the amount of people that get skin cancer in Australia is X person and that's per cent more than Americans and Miss because they're in the sun all day but then you realize you look deeper into the study and you see the people that they actually tested they were people that were primarily office workers and people who didn't go in his son and it was actually actually outlets at the latest that would be happening in our in our bodies but anyways so we do the study where they took office workers and compared them to outdoor workers and they found that people that work in offices are much more susceptible to cancer again or get cancer more often because they're not getting their not getting a lightweight outdoor workers people that are working Outdoors Under the Sun all the time have a much much lower incidence of melanoma I mean there's so many studies proving that sunlight is something necessary the necessary nutrients are bodies under the study of 20 year study done and Suites on 35 and lemon and they were analyzing the effects of sunlight and avoidance of sunlight so they analyze all these women and over the course of twenty years and sound there's a direct the English correlations it the less Sunshine that these women got during the summer months because of you think we can you don't get in the winter but that's true of most of the planets are mostly Planet a good person and you need to get some shots when the sun is shining you know it's actually and then your body produces all of it all these nutrients like Vitamin D it will produce an excess amount of vitamin D think it's used up during the week during the more likely they were to die of anything like not likely that they actually did die for their illnesses and deaths disease and death went directly correlated to reduce reduction of sunshine exposure direct increase in probability that you're going to die from any cause is always like cause mortality after camping times as buddies but it every single type of cancer with avoiding the sunshine Yarns I find it cuz when you're exposed to the Sun in AU your body creates melatonin later on in the in the evening like you said and melatonin and a lot of people think it's just the sleep hormone but you know people use it IV melatonin super high doses for Alex 60 milligrams are putting me know for people with cancer and so and then also vitamin B over has over I think something like three thousand different metabolic functions in the body and that gets created when you're in the Sun and so what people that are getting a new heart disease all all sorts of things I mean not his cancer is this a ton of them even depression anxiety are related to avoid is the sun shining in prison in multiple studies that going out and getting Sunshine is a much stronger ceiling effect for depression anxiety than any antidepressant drug on the market if you think about the black it if the lack of Full Spectrum Lighting in the middle of the day sun is affecting us in these ways than you know it if it's affecting us in those ways to lack of that then it would make total sense that you could use light and them in in in the vibration vibration a blank. They're just like the body starving and then you could it mean there's other stuff in my life I have been on my custom formulations kind of put into energy and other things like that but it's like going out and getting Sunshine everyday and I don't know Fort. Energy from when you go out under sunshine and you can kind of see it have you ever looked up into the sky and not directly into the Sun but I thought you know the blue part of the sky and if you let your eyes go slightly out-of-focus you can see all these little squiggly that the plight of you say may definitely or whatever you want to call it all means the same thing as you mean. And the more when your own in nature you get a lot of it because when you're surrounded by a lot of trees with there's running water there's more of it and it's the same thing like when you talk into first and I keep slipping into that you're getting your accessing some of that flow of energy and it's coming treat you and it said for you feel so energized near not cleaning your own battery life consumed when we consume water and when we consume blight you know why people don't realize life is is almost like an essential nutrient it's like information and same with water and food it just a storage space of information that needs to come into the body and so when you deprive your body of that information whether it's through food or through water or through light in and it's not going to be not going to go well for you if you're catching a cold you may be craving in oranges because your body knows that there's a lot of vitamins help your body and orange colors make crave a certain color that will help us get back into balance light go out shopping and everything books and thank them actually it on your computer and if you're feeling creative thinking is the study that was done on this if you want to enhance creative thinking being surrounded by blue or heading blue on the back of your computer screen enhancers creative out-of-the-box thinking was having that enhances War fine details memory working oh calculations weren't which switch it make sense you know because when did she find Focus where is Blue Goose you that were founded state of or an s that's because a lot of people want a ride or they write an article for their blogs or magazine articles or books and things that would be really helpful tool I would probably but I would probably start directly colors that you're craving that helps you read that which was nice. Sitting in the sun and not being directly in the sun like sitting in the shade and if that's still available and then I wanted that your thoughts about cancer and then I want to talk about your your life them can you hold on for just a sec while I go to bathroom thank you okay then are you still there is it okay if people are outside or something and we can still get all the benefits of being in the sun by not sitting for 3 4 hours and burning in the hots midday sun is is that true you're not coming true to tell the difference between when they're when the sun is cloudy and not the Son of God when the sky is cloudy versus when there's another plant growing over top of them because there's another plant growing over top of them and cut those certainly wasn't me and it says I need to I need to grow around it because I'm not getting the vital nutrients that I need because this plant is locking them where is if it's cloudy all of the wavelength I mean you're still going to get the blue in the red and everything becomes true like the boots will come true they're just little more percentage for the plant can't help but when that when the winners of the plant going over it you can tell the difference between that and when it just called your phone and it says it needs a trance-like we need all of those you're not going to be getting the full spectrum of nutrients but I tell people like you can you don't need to be out Under the Sun for really long. Of time that you need to get what they call your room or requirement of Sunshine Grow Under the Sun and bake for that you can be under the shade after you've gotten your minimum and I'll mail her. I don't think minimal amount of the you know you can't be that was coming through in the able to produce vitamin D so it made your skin much more receptive to those wavelengths only take him as much as it can guess which means that if you than go to a Southern Climate it's going to be it's going to be like with us to wait till I saw that light it doesn't have the protective service in which is why people from them climbing really quickly and then you can tell me when you're done you don't need anymore and you don't want anymore because you will burn it that site So after 24 hours your body will go down there which will protect the skin of the next time you may be able to stay up for work very first time I don't but I don't ever want to go because it's actually a good thing because because I need to get a lot of scandalous sunlight you probably need or the more sunlight you probably klax axe it's different for every person and then you can go in the shade or in the shade you can if you don't have sunglasses on I'm sure your eyes can still you know you're looking at a blue sky and so you're still getting a lot of benefit by being in the shade outside I'm sure you're not a big fan of what are your thoughts about laying naked in the Sun and exposing your body parts of your body that don't normally get exposed to the Sun to the Sun write the device that you have a lot of people out there like me and I will purchase them one of these chicken brooder light the red lights I think it during the press conference you were saying that they're not necessarily going to enhance and bring all the wavelengths and that you want are they damaging and what's the difference between the LED technology that you're using they are made to admit wavelength in the midden farm for red predominantly and in farm to read don't have any healing effect on mitochondria it all before by the water in the body quickly inside like inside yourself feel feel feel warmer more quickly instead of having to be in a hot you know as I know where is only coming in from the external each day they hit you up internally as well so that's why they make you sweat faster than just being in a conventional fond of that has heats only coming into the outside of the misinformation that like all over the place about those things that they can be used as a red or a nearby red bug and they have almost no red or near as in it isn't that like less than a household incandescent all you're going to get more red light beer for rent therapy, hopefully Edison bulb an email from one of those giant he called and they're so I go and talk with images and spectrometer readings very first part of the red but it's 1% if you have had it night for example if you didn't write something like that that means your air conditioner part is week so it's already we can text and this happens a lot with I'm not just women but women as they get older 10 to the climbing again that's why you know women that are going through menopause will have heat flashes at night but a lot of them sometimes they feel really hot at night and they feel fine during the day they can be and efficient as well as already had a hard time cooling down your body and a lot of that can be corrected by changing the diet and black eliminating certain things like you know hot spicy food which ones are pretty into something already hundred degrees outside 20 year old air conditioners already it's your birthday you like okay well let me give you a hand on me to open up all the windows so that's like if your air conditioner is already then you start eating a lot of spicy food and drinking a lot of alcohol drinking alot of coffee all of those things that a lot more heat in the body so it goes and I'm going into a hot sauna is also going to exacerbate that it's not going to be healing and it can actually you know I've seen people with cancer but you know I'm going to Think answers like it helps when I'm not going into a lot about that Chinese already have cancer and you go to a hot human environment it can actually make your cancer very much more rapidly over those kind of things yeah you just have to be aware that we already know you know what that system so sometimes it being in a hot environment sweating a lot can be very good for you other times it might not be good for you so I could depend on what your Dosha is right like you're just saying what kind of person you are as well because it will because you're going to great lakes that are colored but I definition means light light and color of the same thing don't wait in here until it is not light as radiation just like mid-infrared infrared radiation UVS radiation or not I think we like it was going to change it now but because they don't eliminate don't give up any lights if you have it if you have no infrared LED it looks like they're not doing anything they don't you can't see the light this coming from the because it's not like it's not it's not a little bit of light coming from though you know it's like you can see the phone and you know that's right but it's not very much compared to the amount of energy that tiny amount of red light and then little bit of here to read all of it and it actually intentionally designed the phone because when you this is a problem that this is why you keep doing it over and over because the energy into the light really quickly they wanted them to the infrared range because they want it all don't like you don't get them LED and red light you were talking during the conference that the last time that you're in front of it is actually a better thing right because if you have to spend four minutes in front of an LED and you need to do spend in a triple that for some other device and also that thing now discovered in the science room about the depth of penetration work for me but you know the wavelength of red light will go more deeply into the body and near-infrared and then the longer wavelengths of here so I can go even deeper but now they're finding that a note oh wait a minute no that is true because they were all those experiments were done on it called X pro2 shoes so they can a chunk of Flesh or an organ or whatever it is that they're testing than their Shining Light on this weekend chunk of Flesh which is no longer a part of the impact energy something other than that I was talking about you don't have it I can take it out of piece of electrical wiring in you're expecting it to be able to be no transferring energy but it's like a little while but when you put it into the whole system now you can shine light and Aunt about wiring the wire will actually carry the information for you so regarding the regarding the difference get some penetration stuff that's that's all irrelevant and which ties and also with the myths about the 660 nanometers and fortunately we know when I first started teaching about this is all the research that I was coming across with anything 660 nanometers and then I discovered how research studies get funded the reason they kept testing 650 nanometers wasn't because it was the best wavelength it was because when something is discovered in proven then in order to be able to get Sunday to do the other research study basically have to say we already know this is going to work so we want to do you want to experiment with it and try it for this application now so that's where a lot of things that you know that's right can take a really long time to expand in the Research Foundation can only tangentially new law for something so we both know that this 660 nanometers works and now we can test this around with another thing or compare it to something that's all irrelevant because they were taking into account the fact that he's actually try and I started research that way make sure you stick to this because it's going to be damaging your body and then it's almost kind of somewhere to Market drugs and things like that really careful that you don't overdose on them because you overdose on cocaine at laser light where you can't overdose on leem like the wavelength of light unless there's no damaging potential potentially damaging ones that you're in this order energy the shorter wavelength you know who would be coming through and I can be damaging to that I can grow light but with red and your infrared your Purcell's they they they they don't get them as they shut themselves off when they're so essentially so she's not adding heat in really it's like there's this Optima window of drinks output word like too much is over till like you don't need the super industrial LEDs with something some people now making these devices with these industrial LED 3D does a fan blowing on them cuz they're so hot and they're blinding I mean I don't know what under the light is so bright from the name actually be harmful to your eyes it really don't know that you don't need them as straight but you can't get close to them because they always have to stand back so far away from them that any increase in power is in being delivered because the dishes that you have been away from them good Tree store in all of this is happening because you have no the starting from my lecture several years ago because options anything anything anything Little Liars that formula it will work on and people know people are buying that one because they just want you know the intake affect the want that that sort of thing and make people when they have more like serious joint issues and pain like that used to have the nearest red in the nearest Red combined with the red is in the number to and the number three formulations for the number one is it red when he was different wavelength of red light number to the lab mix with red and then the number three is the universal which is a combination of the one in the two so it has all the benefits of Formula 1 and formula to come by and go in formula to and kind of like more focused for these people but you know how the muscle Pain & Injury or joint type stuff even if he does all the anti-aging stuff as well as all the joint pain muscle stuff as you can the formula for is that correct that combines the first three number for completely power light which will kill bacteria and combined with red which then here's the skinny kind of your acne or mild acne or so shingles Outbreak on your back which is really bad and I'm sure if the treatment at night and she woke up the next morning and we humans were already healing like after she had them opening losing room for to mention painful like stabbing pain constantly one treatment at night how many minutes I've only 20 minutes on the shingles and I'm covering her right shoulder the same as all the way over there and she woke up in the morning she's like oh my God I just feel like I slept the whole night all the way through the flight before Sedona treatment under leave but they put in the treatment if you had she had knee pain in her left me that was getting worse and worse than everything when she was having to go and get me the lyrics of cortisone shots the true only make it you know temporarily better where he could walk on it but it was never hearing it but she was really expensive cortisone shot and she does one treatment armies and wakes up the next morning and the pain is gone from I need to go out and so bad like she'd been really active and used to take a trip every year and she has to cancel her trip like it was supposed to be this month actually this was a few months ago. She just felt like she said she couldn't walk to walk with a cane in the reason that she can go to a foreign country and then email possibly fall down and then who knows what's going to happen like a few weeks before she came and got the right and then after your date like the street and she's like oh man I wish I can cancel that but you have any plans on changing the shape or size of it right now you can University of anybody all of these different things. Just one thing so that's why I'm right now I had it I had another design you know it might be years ago airline to make a wrap around thing but then I realized it just wasn't it wasn't it wasn't it I couldn't make the light brighter as I wanted them to be and it was way too many issues with the design actually pretty much everything over to the website for the catalytic and dumb and people can just purchase right on there right some of your other YouTube videos cuz I'm super fast I mean it's crazy I hope you enjoyed it this correct so you can go onto our website and get all the stuff like that this was episode 508 so if you go to extreme Health forward slash 5:08 that will be the show page for this particular interview I'll try to make it easy for you I'm so all you have to remember is the number of the show 508 so thank you for listening I really appreciate it and I hope this helps you out in some way and you learned a little bit more about light therapy and what light therapy can do do for you and help to improve your health so yeah just thanks so much for being a part of everything we have going on and if you enjoyed the show please consider pass it on to your friends and other people in your life that you think might benefit from and it information that we share today that would be awesome we would have both appreciate it so much thank you again everybody we love you and let us know if we can ever help or catch you guys on the next show.



There You Go episode 508 set correct at 508 them and just as an aside if you guys are interested in those the products we just talked about from synergistic nutrition over at Steve and here's place he was on her show couple times episode 458 episode 476 is probably been on a few other times too I love their stuff just by the way if you guys want to try and have the product of a big fan of the young the let's see the One World whey and the under it seems they're just got some really really high-quality stuff they've got a Synergy one man I have some really really cool stuff over there so you guys are interested in any of the products from synergistic nutrition will put a link on the show page which is the truth slash by the way in case you want to try some of their unique products but you don't probably do is probably I would listen to the shows we done with Steven cure for 76 and 458 are most recent ones and see if you like him and if you like what he's doing and what he's up to you got some really cool stuff that products that we buy from him yet so many products I haven't tried all of them but I want to try out so I just left doing so if your way and check those out what did you think about what is it then what do you think about her did you like the show I thought it was interesting I'm so fascinated by the light and and just as I do actually let's see a pull this up and I get this is pretty interesting that says I want a human sperm cell makes contact with an egg a flash of light is produced which indicates that the egg has been successfully fertilized and Canal develop into a healthy embryo the spark occurs when a fertilized egg releases a egg releases a billions of zinc atoms at the exact moment of conception some eggs produced brighter Sparks than others depending on their ability to develop into a healthy embryo so it's interesting what I was talking about during the show was that one sells die that you met a biophotonic life and that life is what feeds the living cells to continue to live in so we can only live are cells can only live as a result of the spark of light that gets created when a cell dies it's not interesting and so make sense that you know that in light of what I just read about the embryos let me read that again and as his pretty cool stuff what human sperm cell makes contact with an egg a flash of light is produced which indicates that the egg has been successfully fertilized and Canal develop into a healthy embryo the spark occurs when a fertilized egg released as a billions of zinc atoms at the exact moment of conception some eggs produced brighter Sparks than others depending on their ability to develop into a healthy embryo so I've been thinking a lot about this idea of light and light therapy and you know what you know to be honest it sounds like a bunch of bump it really does work and light really heal can light enough people making these eggs you know exorbitant claims out there of what light can do no because that's just the nature of human beings we just exaggerate everything and so it does sound like new age kind of hippie crazy we were kind of things but when you look at the signs of it and you start understanding that we are light beings we emit light and we live off of light inside looking in the science and the in the mechanics of it all if we really does make sense and I was thinking about this the other day do you think it's possible so incredibly important to the human body and it's my it's my contention that light as a number one thing that's causing people to become sick or to become healthy and it's hard this connection with light and frequency if you want to learn more about light listen to the shows that though we've done with Adam Bergstrom he's talked about that and our most recent show I think it was episode 466 it we did with what was his name dr. Jack Kruse we talked with him and it was a lot about life and I don't know it's just my suspicion that the further we become disconnected from light the Seeker would become like that study as mentioning I should find that study in Australia this office workers in skin cancer and you know we have this this thing in our culture and our society where we demon eyes the most simple basic health practices with that we could ever do because industry is behind it and Industry is going to know you go to any dermatologist they're going to tell you to stay away from the sun and it obviously everything is is in proportion to the you know the person's need a need in the mall that right I mean certain people need some more send another that we talked about on the show but you know there to try to sell you sunscreen and so you fear so that you keep coming in to see them because without fear you know if they said yeah going to go in the sun and this is how you should do in a based on your skin type and and your lifestyle and you know you don't need to come and see me and you know that would never work because I got to keep people coming back and so you know something like a light is so important and it's free you just got to go outside like I do is go outside right I mean it's amazing how simple it all really is you know by simply going outside like I'm sharing on that episode with dr. Jack Kruse I've been doing all of my workouts outside these days and so I'll go in the backyard and without my shoes on and I've got some weight that I've got my got the PowerBlock dumbbells those are available on our store and I can get those through our store on Amazon and I got some adjustable kettlebells I've got some other equipment to take it out in the backyard take off my shoes I don't wear sunglasses and what's really cool is that I'm able to breathe fresh air for one right so I'm not getting this so it just by breathing that air is is doing two things they it's it's giving me all of the electrons in the negative ions and all of the good properties that are in air right assuming there's not polluted but I'm getting all of the all of those things that we can't measure and science as it is natural and I think that's probably ninety-nine percent of what makes it healthy or things that science can't measure but things that make complete total sense so I'm getting all of that by breathing bacteria and I'm getting all of that by breathing that good wild air out in the backyard but then I also I'm not breathing stale indoor air by being inside so I'm doubling up just on the on the air I'm breathing right on top of that I'm building vitamin D M getting direct sunlight getting all the frequencies of the of the sun with no sunglasses on and no sunscreen on and with no shirt on so I'm allowing my body to be exposed to more of my body to be exposed to all of the different frequencies of the of the midday sun right so I'm getting all of that and my Bodies rated vitamin D and then on top of that I'm grounding myself so I'm getting that perfect electromagnetic radiation being emitted into the Earth from the earth into my body so my body's circadian rhythms recalculating and on top of that I'm I'm exercising which is helping me and it is helping my house and then making my body stronger and on top of that I'm also usually I like to do things in terms of them just like the stack a bunch of things and do a bunch of things at one time so usually when I'm working out I'm listening to something as stimulating as fun and usually like it help podcasts or something like that so I'm getting all these amazing benefits from working out where is before I used to work out in the gym and I just couldn't I could not do that working out in the gym I did it for how many years from 9 probably about 19 years old 18 19 on the way to 4041 so I mean that's a good 21 years of working out inside and I think my house would be a lot better had a been outside so in any event it's so simple right going outside and getting sunlight and getting fresh air me how simple as that and it's free cost nothing and I think that the more we we get into much better served I think it's so important to just do the three basic things and on top of that just thinking positive thoughts or meditating doesn't cost anything to meditate you know you could do that right now I could do that and when you get home or wherever you are right now you can go back home and meditating nothing you know I mean the products in our store cost a little bit of money because their tools to help advance that process of getting healthy or but you know a lot of things you could do without having you know buying any two products are store this or simply free reading a book meditating you know going for a run exercising outside not wearing your sunglasses and all the stuff is free and easy so I'm just really really passing it cuz I was thinking the other day you know is it possible that all of our diseases coming from this fractionated light that we're getting and lack of access to not access to lack of exposure to regular full frequency full spectrum light I mean over the last 30 years we've gone from living outside most of the time to living inside most of the time and on top of that with the Advent of iPads and cell phones and computers and things you know this is causing a real issue with blue light of a blue light is really as damaging especially after Sunset as they say it is then you know it's a real problem you know now you have little kids looking at the computer screens and iPads and things in it really concerns me is to know what's going on I mean a lot of people think that Steve Jobs his cancer was a direct result of just things completely disconnected from from outside light and in staring at blue screens his whole career so I don't know Steve Jobs is a weird weird guy because you know he has is really inspirational and motivational quotes but then on the same token he's dumb known for you know this really oppressive workplace environment or Pete where he expected people to have that freakishly entrepreneurial drive and dedication to work 20 hours a day like he did and he was just like a Taskmaster apparently but then you have the all these motivational quotes to and then at some point in his career he was a fruitarian and went to India to meditate so I don't know what was the case with that guy but you know a lot of people speculate that his cancer's drive from his some is constant staring into the into computers with blue light so I don't know I don't know me no one will ever know I mean a lot of times you don't even know in living people wear their cancer came from most people consider it or think it to be a spiritual emotional issue at the core and then physical issues obviously teeth detoxification chemicals and stuff like that but then you have to like component to and I think that light is it something that we really really need to get on top of that we really need to start spending time outside more and more and more as much as we possibly can I think I've been really really focus on this ever since that show with dr. Cruz 466 really changed my thinking as I knew about all the stuff but it just wasn't I don't understand the importance of it how how powerful really was I didn't understand how how much it really affected me and how I don't mean like a lot of these things where we talked about on her show it's like certain things the gas could make it sound like it's really important but in the overall scheme of things it may not be that big of a deal like for example like them a good example of that could be like still turning your water right with Jess come on here saying that there's chlorine and chloramine is chemicals pharmaceutical homeopathic pharmaceutical residues of chemotherapy and birth control pills and things like that in our drinking water and unless you do it unless you filter your water you're going to die and you're getting exposed to floor I would all be true right I don't know but I feel like there's there's a couple layers above that couple runs above the ladder above that I think that's where the light comes in because you know we are like being so I think that this is going to make him profound impact and all of our health if we just started implementing better lighting strategies and your house one of the things we do when the sun sets it was just turn off almost all our lights iced I wear those orange glasses and what I'm going to do is exchange all of our out in the forest and off the land and mimic that as much as possible in our Modern Life. That's part of the work that the Daniel Vitalis does with the surf surf rival I love his products over there by the way and they're at their in our store if you're interested but then my talents as you know he's doing that work of reconnecting with land and bringing nature back into the home and that's his whole rewilding Fame and the his podcast and all of that and so I I I really think we need to get back to those roots but do it in a very creative modern way because to be honest with you not everyone and US included what you know become hippies and do all these weird things and you know him like we just need to start bringing plants into the home or start getting air filters or start Grimm grounding yourself while you're in your home and start with no understanding Lighting in you know when you're in your home and not sitting so much I'm standing right now and so there's a lot of strategies of bringing the wild nature back into our home that I think it's so important lighting it's just one of them so I didn't even know that land was going to do that with the coupon code it is so extreme 25 so she said that the coupon code would be good until the end of February it is February 3rd today 2017 so if you're listening during the month of February you want to buy one we don't get any there's no me no Financial anything between us but she just wanted to offer a coupon code for her list or so before our listener so I hope you pick up one of her items and I'm going to look more ran to them myself and my might look into getting one cuz they sound really really cool I've looked at a number of different LED red light devices on the internet and I just don't know I like what she's doing it's some something residents there with me so thanks. I'm just so fast my light and how light affects us would be so ironic when it be so strange if we found out that all of our diseases and health problems were directly related to light you know all this time we're thinking it's food and it's chemicals and it's a sedentary lifestyle what it was just like that's simple with that be happy so crazy with it so nuts that would be so crazy it wouldn't surprise me either I tell you I wouldn't surprise me cuz I'm just learning about his do to start doing some Google research are some YouTube resources start learning the red light therapy or whatever watch the videos from Lee Ann on her different talks and podcast she's been on and start learning from other people too about how important life is and it makes sense it really does make sense so many things to work on isn't there so many different ways we still have to Incline our bed we did a whole show on inclined bed therapy and how beneficial that is so we're going to do it for a while and see what we think and keep looking into the research want to make sure that let's see if we got an email in from Gene let me just make sure this is correct that she was saying how come I was so overly past it or not pessimistic but overly skeptical about change awesome to she's a fan of Daniel Vitalis but she rode in on Facebook which by the way if you read it on Facebook it's challenging for me I would much prefer if you sent me an email but she says let's see you seemed overly skeptic about inclined bed therapy at the end for any reason that you maybe don't mention or her different about next time you could also compare this to the work of City rock singer whom you had on yesterday cause I just want to look more at the science of these things because one of the things that's really important to me is if we do things that like it's one thing to like for example it makes more sense to me you let me think of a good example I'm terms of being skeptical. Something I'm not skeptical I just want to make sure I make the right decision and I'm not fearful I'm not afraid of trying things that all but one of the things that I'm I'm thing the Kelly gets into is it it's about movement not necessarily A standing desk so it's not standing versus sitting it's more moving versus not moving so the problem with sitting is that if it puts you into almost like a cast where are your range of motion and your ability to move is severely restricted because you're sitting right standing you can't stand for more than a little time before we start visiting because you know it's uncomfortable to stand so that makes sense to be two to stand but you know in terms of the incline that their pee you know if we're doing that for eight hours a day what if it was proven in 5 or 10 20 years from now that we know after we do this for 30 years that you know instead of being incline with your head up you're supposed to be sleeping with your feet elevated a little bit like three or four inches instead of the other way around you know and then all the said you did something for eight hours a day for the third of that time this 20 30 years 10 of those years you were damaging yourself so that I'm not skeptical as much as I am just want to make the right decision if I'm going to be doing something for huge blocks of time and sleeping as a third of your life so I just want to make sure that the decision is it correct and it sounds to me from the research I've been doing I have yet to do it for the full 6 inches but it sounds to me from the research I've been been looking into that it is incredibly beneficial so I just like to be cautious when it comes to you have if it comes down to like you know doing a PowerShot like algenist vonderplanitz talks about to reset your hormones in a blending of thyroid and blending of liver and blending up a lung and brain of a cow and drinking that with raw goat's milk with an L some honey to reset your hormones and your thyroid gland for the rest of your life it's a one-time thing if it's damaging is no big deal right but if you're going to do something for you know third of your life that's a big deal so you've got to make sure you're careful about things that the protocols that you follow for along Porsche of your life that happen to take up many hours in your day so it's like following a diet to know if you follow the wrong diet for 30 years now that's a real problem so you want to make sure that you're taking that Icarus middle path in are not too high not too low and following exactly the wreck on a diet for you so that's kind of just my thoughts on that but in any event I really think she's on to this life therapy thing and I'm curious if you try it if you get her what-do-you-call-it biophoton what did she call that the rejuvenator think it's called a little like in the show page let's see if you get her yeah red juvenate ER that's pretty cool funny rude and then juvenate ER juvenate or one of these machines let me know what you think of it if you like it if it's helping you I'd be curious to know how you use it and the benefits you've gotten from it sounds really really fascinating to me if we know maybe one day we'll pick one up and talked about on the show alright guys that was long enough so I hope you enjoyed it we really appreciate you guys and we appreciate your support and for those of you that have been helping us on Amazon we really appreciate it I will set up of a cool new way of allowing you guys to support as an Amazon which is cool because a lot of times people don't don't remember to go to our like it's hard to remember as you want to buy some of them done just want to go there directly get it but anytime you go on Amazon you can support someone if they are Affiliates of Amazon so just remember remember that and so we set up a little lick on the right hand side of a website it says Amazon and it's a it's a banner but below that is some text that says I drag me 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generators all kinds of cool stuff so our store has lots of really cool items and cutting-edge stuff where to be adding to that so thank you for thinking of us and checking out our store every now and then to see if there's anything you might want to check out we appreciate that a lot and don't do a special thank you to those of you who have supported us on patreon and Amazon sorry on PayPal really appreciate you guys we just got two new donations for $5 each month on PayPal and you can donate on patreon as well and that's just the way to support us on a monthly basis on patreon you can put a limit on patreon so it's as per podcast so if you want to send a dollar or two per podcast we do about 12 and month so if you want to do $0.25 a show you know that'll be four bucks a month and you can put a cap in our case we do 15 or 20 shows in the months you never pay more than whatever your cat is so it's cool to cuz it allows you to have a Facebook account you can sign up and you know I do 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Friday February 3rd 2017 okay I got Carrie grey coming up on green shorts if you guys are interested in Alternative Health insurance we just signed up so funny it takes so long to do things we had to run a couple years ago and that's where it's taking us 2 years or 3 years to sign up for greensurance so we're to be talking about that greensurance is an awesome show I'm so an awesome program at least I think it is so far it looks really promising and I like everything they have going on I haven't used them yet and I haven't you know really tested them and see but it sounds really great on paper and we just signed up to greensurance so she could be on Monday talking about Alternative Health Insurance then we have good skin care Solutions healing for eczema psoriasis rosacea and acne so that'll be good but also we got a Friday we got dr. Cass Ingram will be talking about colds and flus and then we have dr. Christine Horner I forgot we have some way to get people coming up Melissa headache should we talk about the raw paleo diet dr. Zach Bush glyphosate and got health so that would be interesting you got a product hardware store that looks really interesting anyway we have a lot of cool free shows going on and if you want to keep up-to-date with everything we have going on the best way to do that is to text the word get healthy to 33444 that is get healthy to 33444 and get healthy is all one word and it's 33444 and you could send up to our newsletter right up there on your phone right now and will send you a bunch of bonus as an audio program about how I overcame my food addictions I will just by using primarily one strategy over a long period of time that we just completely change my Cravings forever like reset everything so I do that and I send you a book that sells for 20 bucks on Amazon called lessons from the miracle doctors and you know you could do rectal ozone and supplies and solutions you could do ozone in your ear and your nose you could drink ozonated water put ozonated oils on your skin and he's got this really great ozone generator but he's been teaching webinars about how to use it and what's good for and so we've done with work done with the ozone webinars I'll put a link to the replays of those webinars let me make a note of that ozone webinar replay link so if you want to get access to that will put it on the show page and so the next thing is going to do with hypothermia hypothermia sorry I should say so what are we doing that and he's going to do some webinars on pemf and all kinds of cool stuff so we're going to be really really diving into a lot of cool think he's don't we do those every Tuesday he asked me to come on and moderate the questions and ask the questions and all that good stuff and so I've just like what he's doing so I join him on every Tuesday at 4 p.m. Pacific time so if you want to join that I'll put a link on this page for that too so any other think so another thing I should tell you really quickly if you know of anyone who's dealing with cancer Chris work who was just on the show episode must been 507 was just on the show and he has a program called Square One and I highly recommend Christmas in Austin for those that don't know Chris was diagnosed with them where stage 3C colon cancer think about 10 years ago and he's been his runs really popular blog called and we had him on the show recently episode 507 for the second time and he's got a really great program called Square One and it's it walks people through a series of programs and courses and videos of what to do for your health if you've ever been diagnosed with cancer only look like a like the square one and so I wanted to tell you that's going on right now it's actually starts right now it's the whole thing is going to be available for free I think from febricity's to like every 22nd or something like that 2017 so it's something like that if it's like a week or 10 days maybe and I so want to make that available to you if you guys are interested in that I'll put a link to this to that on the show page extreme Health slash 508 is this particular show page right guys would love you all so much you're amazing you guys are awesome I love you guys it's awesome so I'm just so glad and grateful that you're in our life and I'm in your life in some capacity taking along with you on your trips are your workouts are your runs or whatever man what a what a humbling thing that is to be enough for people to take us with them so we thank you you are amazing so stay tuned for more shows lots of cool stuff coming up don't forget to text the word get healthy to 33444 if you want to sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss any of our upcoming shows and this show is episode five oh wait so that is Extreme Health such as 5 or wait and you can find the links to our sponsor skin it our sponsors you can find a link to that square one program as well as those on webinar and the upcoming it webinars and stuff like that that Marcus is doing right or guys love you so much we'll catch you guys on the next show.

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