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Ep #507 – Chris Wark – How He Refused Chemo & Radiation To Recover From Stage 3c Colon Cancer & Beat The Odds!


Chris Wark joined us on the show today. Chris was originally on episode 12 about 4 years ago, can you believe that? It’s crazy how time flies.

He recently created something called 20 Questions For Your Oncologist and he’s also just created a brand new course (which I’m really excited about because I feel it will help so many people!) called Square One.

Square One is a program that walks you through step by step from you initial diagnosis to what all your steps could be.

I wanted to follow up with him and see how things are going and how he was doing. Since we have over 500 shows now, many people don’t go all the way back and listen to the older shows so many people probably don’t know we ever talked with him.

I’m so glad he’s doing great and now helping millions of people around the world. Isn’t technology great (if you use it correctly that is?).

Chris is a real inspiration to me and it’s so important that he’s doing the work he’s doing. Lives are being changed and he’s helping give millions of people hope around the world.

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Show Guest:

Chris Wark

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In December 2003 I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc colon cancer. There was a golf ball sized tumor in my large intestine, and the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. It was two days before Christmas, and I was 26 years old…

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Healing cancer naturally

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Well there you go! Chris Wark. I hope you enjoyed that interview yeah where to do that one on the phone because I was having some real computer issues and I couldn't I couldn't get my Skype to work correctly so we had to do that one over the phone hopefully sounded alright hopefully the audio was good it wasn't too too difficult to listen to but they are very interesting guy I like Chris a lot we chatted for probably a half hour after the the show off the air and he was just sharing with me on his journey a little bit more and you know the things that have changed in his life and I just know it's just I see these people being diagnosed with cancer and that you know it seems like every single day you get news of someone that being diagnosed with cancer you know whether they be prominent people or we're just friends and family you know it's like and it's so it's so sad I just such a hard for it I don't know what it is I just feel like maybe in a past life or maybe God's given me some sort of compassion or sympathy or some or empathy or something extra and unique like just woke up this morning and got news I don't know if you're familiar with John Anthony West but he is of Fame egyptologist self-taught and he put out some incredible DVDs call magical Egypt and they're awesome like there's and he's been researching Egypt and out of the mainstream media concerning Egypt and and them you know has his ideas and theories and philosophies about what was really going on in Egypt and he's just been studying this for in a 50 60 years and I think he's maybe in his late seventies now but he was just diagnosed with cancer and a cool thing that I saw was that he got accepted to know being an unconventional guy being someone he doesn't really go with the mainstream you know thoughts on things as a result of female his probably is research in in the area of Egypt he got accepted to the US brazinski Institute if you guys know nothing about the presents can say to that is a a place where dr. stanislaw Burzynski uses let me see if I can if I can pronounce it correctly it's called them it's called Blast not neoplast DOMA I forgot what it's called but he's using some really interesting natural modalities for healing cancer a particular and the Brain I'm not sure if that's what John Anthony West has but you know it was awesome that he got accepted there any doing something unconventional but that's the thing it's like everyone I shouldn't say everyone that so many people are being diagnosed and it's just I don't know I don't I don't like it and I suspect my theory about all this is that I think that people being diagnosed with cancer more more these days because of cancer is essentially a fungus you know a lot of people the bait that but there's a lot of people proposing to say that makes a lot of sense of cancer is a is a tumor that some eating your way much in the same way that you know candida yeast a fungus does and what I think is going on is that we are being are our lifestyles are so are so disconnected not just from God and from Source but also from the earth and so you know just the other day I was talking with my mom and I was saying hey Mom have you been though cuz cuz you know many of you know that recently I think I'm sure this on the show she had a spot show up on her on her lung and she got really nervous and Afraid and you know who am I to judge someone else's emotions right and so she wanted to go to the city hope and have them procedure brocky oscopy I think it's called to go almost kind of do a biopsy of what that spot was right because she had her long man she's been through the wringer I think I mentioned this on the show or many of you guys know this but in 95 she was diagnosed with the Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma given less than a 10% chance of survival and it turns out that I was the only one who was a a blood match for a donor for her and for her to do a bone marrow transplant so this is before obviously I knew anything about health but this is the thing it's so weird is that you know you can't necessarily and so we did that and she was in that quarantine bubble and she's had multiple stance of over a month-long in the City of Hope hospital and what happened was she had a chemotherapy radiation surgery and bone marrow transplant in the whole nine yards and you know she still alive you know and I understand that an F if anyone should be hailing and waving the flag against conventional treatments it should be me right being in the Alternative Health field but what do you say to that right so I did I don't judge anybody is Journey everyone has their own journey and everyone has their own pass through this life and it's important whatever it is to be in tune with whatever that path is so you know if your path is to do conventional treatment you know who am I to know I don't even know what kind of food is the best food how do we even know what kind of food or Diet is is reacting with our cells of our body at any given time in diet and nutrition is so complex and it's so easy on one level but it's so complex on another and so nobody really knows what's happening inside our body with just the food we eat let alone these treatments and so I'm in no way advocating conventional treatment but all I can say is that isn't it interesting that my mom got conventional cancer treatment and I hate to see it because that's what really woke me up so like what Chris had going on he had that Jack LaLanne thing happened in the waiting room and then he had the book that was given to him two days after he prayed and God delivered a book to him I'm going to just weird right potato weird or divine intervention in some capacity in and so I just find it very very interesting and cool thing what I liked about Chris is that he said you know she was very intuitive and in touch with his you know his moral compass or his ability to make decisions and is very strong in that and it was very much someone who had conviction about these things and I think that's what one of the most important things because in our society as you guys know I mean you listen to the news you listen to all the stuff going on this so much conflicting information right not just an overabundance of information button conflicting information and that's one of the things to that is used to produce what I would call sheep in our culture people that blindly follow the path of other than blindly follow the path of Percy the 40 figures so if you keep people with an overabundance of information and conflicting information that become confused and as always fear is the number one way to get people to buy into whatever it is you're trying to buy you know get them to buy into it's always fear there's always the number one two and number one best mechanism that anyone could ever use to manipulate somebody else for their benefit and the only way you can do that is if someone is confused or it has an overabundance of information sometimes you need confusing information sometimes you just need too much information and then that becomes overwhelming sometimes you just exposed to too much stuff it's like I don't even know how to it's too much information I don't know how to deal with this but then you throw on top of that conflicting information and then so what happens is that people become confused and if they become confused and underwear though revert back to their old programming and their old programming is what they were exposed to Growing Up and exposed to all throughout their lives through through commercials and through medium advertisements through songs and magazines and all that stuff to be so they'll always go back to that just like Chris did like he was saying it was hypnotic almost when he was in the hospital room or in the doctor's office talking with the doctor and asking about alternative therapies and like he said he'd been doing raw food then probably halfway through that book being blown away by everything he was learning and only that taking action and haven't done a raw vegan diet overnight for a week already and still signed up to go get his catheter put in is a intuition NL it becomes a powerful force because when you believe something and you know that you have to do it no one can stop you doesn't matter what that is the you know getting chemotherapy versus doing you know the Gerson diet it could be starting a business it could be no going and hanging out with this person tonight or tomorrow night or could be in our children to participate in some of Aunt or some action that you know is not right you know if you have a strong moral compass of who you are and what what you're here for it doesn't matter what fear tactics people can put on it doesn't matter what sorts of psychological manipulation or subliminal programming or anything like that it doesn't matter what they put on you because you know who you are and you know why you're here and what you're doing what your whole whole course of your life is so it doesn't matter so at this point I did it so important for us to focus on those things to focus on building or character building or intuition understanding and listening to our body knowing who we are understanding where rule is here and what are gifts and talents are and when you're in tune with all of that no doctor is going to be able to tell you anything that you aren't going to have a feeling about in a really gut intuition about and be able to make your own decision and that's really what my goal here is of this site is too and he's interviews me a podcast of it is to get people to rely on their own intuition and their own journey through life trust in God trust in yourself in a and then start becoming someone who does that I think that's so so important man is so important because I just see so many people that are just it's like they're they're tossed to and fro like it says in the Bible you know or their house is built upon a foundation of San so soon as the rain comes in the rain could be a diagnosis of rain could be anything anything that comes out of your Consciousness is Shore to hit you in a Min like blindsides you when the rains and storms come if you don't have a firm understanding of who you are and why you're here then you could be tossed to and fro the foundation of everything that you have the fit that you think is the strong Foundation of your life is going to be washed away so you don't want that Foundation to be built out of San so it's really really important to understand and have strong moral convictions about who you are or why you're here what you're doing and all that kind of stuff so that's what that was so cool about Chris you know and I'm not saying that you know I'm not judging anybody is Journey I know I know people right now that are going through conventional treatment I know people right now they're going through alternative treatment I know people right now that are going through a hybrid approach you know I just my thoughts and prayers are with them to guide them and to strengthen them you know and so it's so everyone has their own journey and whatever decision or path that they take is ultimately up to them and it's our job to support them because once you start getting into the role of trying to be a facilitator of helping everybody that becomes the weakest position for you you know when you're trying to help people and change people and get them to think like you do that becomes a weakened position because it's it's a losing battle you're never going to win that battle so there's no use even trying you know so the best we can do is let people know what we are about and the information we know we could just off of that up and maybe if your outspoken about these things you know them know about that before but you know if the if they know what you're about they'll come seek you and no come ask you for advice and for inside and for answers and for some some ability to make sense of everything and so but if it if you're not very outspoken people don't know that you're into all this alternative weird medicine and natural cures and things like that then you know maybe you could offer it up and so have better resources if you ever want let me know and I could send it send you some stuff for something and then it's up to us to Simply support people on their Journeys cuz you know listening to Christmas Story and the amount of it's just and it's so it's just hits me it hits me because what someone has to go through in order to culture one of the things that people want is a quick fix and that's why people go get flu shots that's what people can go get vaccines that's why people go to the store to the pharmacy in a pharmacy and go get in on the pill for every girl like Chris said you don't like a pill for your headache or something because it's really difficult to figure out why you're having that headache in terms of a few in a physical thing let alone spiritually you know where are you are you holding trapped emotions and your body are you holding on to something that you need to let go of the meanest is all deep spiritual work a lot of this deeply spiritual emotional work reconnection work reconnecting with yourself we connecting with God reconnecting with the Earth and becoming plugged into all that stuff so that you have an understanding what's going on in your body people don't want to do that it's too hard too much work so would rather live a completely disconnected life from Marcel from others from God from the Earth and then when something comes up take a little pill to get rid of it or take a shot instead of doing the hard work instead of doing the necessary work that we should all be doing throughout the day and that's think this work that we do have to be healthy if not it's not difficult it's so not difficult last night I've been really getting into as many of you guys know of Russia and chaga mushroom the medicinal powerful mushrooms at the Chinese been using for thousands of years and they're the two most powerful mushrooms on the planet and so recently I bought some chunks of chaga arrived on the door and last night I put a bunch in a teapot I cooked it up for a couple hours let it simmer let it brew and then I put the lid on turn the stove off went to bed and now I've got a whole ton of chaga mushroom that will last me probably a week and a half give me and you know it takes almost zero work to do these things I know some things are more work specially if you having a really cute situation you know something going on where you got to do coffee enemas every day and that kind of thing they can a Grangers sure it's work but it comes down to how much you value yourself and how much you how much you think you're worth in terms of why you're here on the plant I mean this being on the planet is a 400 trillion to 1 odds I mean you beat the elite four hundred trillion to one that you exist to you exist for a reason right if you exist for a reason what is that reason and why don't you not exist anymore why did you know years ago there's obviously some kind of plan for you there's obviously some kind of reason why you're here right so figuring that out and understanding that if God sees a reason for you and there's more if you don't believe in God than the universe or however you want to label these things has a reason for you being here then there must be some good on the planet that you're supposed to be doing that you haven't tapped into yet so if that's supposed to happen then why not pursuing that you're robbing all those people that you're supposed to help right cuz those people want to be held by you and need to be held by you but we're not Captain enough to know in what capacity we can help people so I mean it gets it really does get an all this health stuff and all the stuff that we do it sounds like oh okay and I was you just change your diet you really raw paleo diet or vegan diet or whatever you change your day start taking no supplements and you do the same as in a lot of times people think it's just purely physical but when you really get to the meat of it really get down to the brass tacks it's it's a spiritual journey all this stuff it's it's all spiritual journey and and Awakening in that way and learning more and reconnecting with God and when you do that you reconnect with yourself you reconnect with others you reconnect with the Earth and we're never meant to get cancer at 26 years old we just weren't you know we do it we just weren't you know it so it's it's a rack of connection I think that's one of the major causes of so many people being diagnosed these days the lack of living in harmony under God's laws and nature's laws and the universe has laws its lack of living in Harmony and in connection with those things and being able to to look closely to the land and closely to Nature not saying that you know if you go out and live in nature nothing bad's going to happen but what I'm saying is that every aspect of our life has been completely hijacked is it in the sense that we're just not connected to anybody anymore that's really awesome to see Chris doing what he's doing I love I love it so much. I got a bug in my throat but I love what he's doing so much and I'm super supportive of him so if you know of anybody who is has been diagnosed with anything and are to serve influx of newly diagnosed if you know anyone dealing with cancer some of this show and I hope it helps them this will be me make sure I get this correct you make sure our website I think it is episode 507 I still can't believe that we've done 507 shows and all those shows her Free Will listener-supported so everything is free and you can just download them and listen to your heart's content on my website or from them iTunes or wherever you want to listen to Stitcher or on Stitches well or YouTube but um can't believe you done 500 show that's not very cool though I'm so so excited to be doing this and helping people in some way so just send them to extreme. Com / 5:07 and that will redirect them and we'll put the links to Chris's course as well as that 20 Questions that's 20 Questions document that he mentioned on the show will put it into that as well at extreme Health slash 507 let me just share with you a couple things coming up so I could get that if I can get that pulled up here husband if you guys know we just shows five days I'm sorry this week Monday Tuesday Friday so today actually in a couple minutes so we're doing a special show with the Melissa Henning work she does a raw paleo diet so she is kind of like the Primal diet that's so so much are Janice vonderplanitz but she also does raw vegan along with raw animal foods and I've been doing some animal animal food like eggs and butter cheese and let's see real nice to do wrong though I don't do raw dairy too much idukki and he's not a real product but I do really agrees with me I'm more so than Rob butter but I don't we have Lilly and their nerves about the science behind the healing effects of red and near-infrared biophotonic light therapy have been getting into that lately biophotonic red light been doing it all myself and got a cut a lot of questions for her. Light therapy and things then we got to see Jesse cannone from natural back pain so if you know anyone with back pain every time with him pretty soon Sam Jones the good skin solution natural healing for eczema psoriasis rosacea and acne then we've got dr. Cass Ingram we're going to be talking with him about the Colts or the cold and flu what's going on here as soon as radio so as I said before we'll hunt up some listener-supported if you would like to send us a donation or sign up via PayPal or patreon and give to the show on an ongoing basis we appreciate that that would be awesome be very much appreciated we have so many so many bills to pay here internet connections and we're looking to get internet connection in our studio is well so maybe one day we could do live shows live video in our studio but that cost 300 bucks a month minimum for the band with that we need and then getting commercial internet here in Southern California pretty crazy so we can do that one day and we can do all that as soon as a way of if you donate to the show so the no no problem if you can't donate we have a great thing on the on the side of a website now I'm any of you have been supporting us via Amazon lately and we are just so thrilled and so happy that you doing that are one of the things we did as set up a really easy way for you to do that and that is if you go to the right hand side of extreme Health and you'll have to do this one time one time and that will support us on Amazon into the future with every purchase that you make you'll see an Amazon Banner on the right hand side and below that there's some blue text that says click and drag me to your desktop and if you do that on your computer probably on a iPad 2 I'm not sure but pretty much any computer you can drag that icon off of the sidebar I'm sorry I dragged that text below the the banner to get access to to be able to overcome any kind of health condition were to be adding to that overtime so it's going to be a paid membership so I won't be for everybody but what I will say is that this could be a big discount on the first week that we launched that so if you want access and it could be a lifetime access so it's a monthly program that you'll have access to this could be a massive discount at the beginning that would be a lifetime discount forever as long as you stay signed up and the price probably will go up over time I would imagine so if you get in on that first week that will be in a way to save a lot of money and have webinars where to have coaching we're going to have live Q&A calls possibly depending on what you guys want we have access to people people doctors in different people to build answer your health questions individually and we're going to have a forum and potentially one day to will be having the life conferences in in in person events in things like that so lots of cool stuff going on if you want access to that right now we're just all you got to do is sign up and put your name and email address and we'll let you know when we launched that so that will be launching pretty soon you can get access to that at extreme Health site 507 thank you also for supporting us and our store amazing thank you guys we really appreciate it we sell blenders juicers Rebounderz she gone programs saunas all kinds of really cool and unique Cutting Edge Health Products in our store and so the next time you're going to buy something like that consider going through our store and see if we offer it there on our store and then going through or Lincoln out help support the show to lots of cool stuff there and are so I'm going to be adding to that as time goes on so thank you for your support you guys rock I love you guys on your amazing thank you so much let us know if we can ever help and I will catch you guys on the next show.

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