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Chris Wark – How He Refused Chemo & Radiation To Recover From Stage 3c Colon Cancer & Beat The Odds!

Chris Wark joined us on the show today. Chris was originally on episode 12 about 4 years ago, can you believe that? It’s crazy how time flies.

He recently created something called 20 Questions For Your Oncologist and he’s also just created a brand new course (which I’m really excited about because I feel it will help so many people!) called Square One.

Square One is a program that walks you through step by step from you initial diagnosis to what all your steps could be.

I wanted to follow up with him and see how things are going and how he was doing. Since we have over 500 shows now, many people don’t go all the way back and listen to the older shows so many people probably don’t know we ever talked with him.

I’m so glad he’s doing great and now helping millions of people around the world. Isn’t technology great (if you use it correctly that is?).

Chris is a real inspiration to me and it’s so important that he’s doing the work he’s doing. Lives are being changed and he’s helping give millions of people hope around the world.

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Chris Wark

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In December 2003 I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc colon cancer. There was a golf ball sized tumor in my large intestine, and the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. It was two days before Christmas, and I was 26 years old…

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Healing cancer naturally

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