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Ep #506 – Andrew K. Fletcher – The Many Amazing Health Benefits Of Inclined Bed Therapy


Andrew Fletcher was nice enough to drop by and talk about inclined bed therapy and how this simple and just about free bio hack can help you improve your health!

What is inclined bed therapy?

Inclined bed therapy is where you raise the head of your bed by 6 inches from the bottom of your bed. Inclined bed therapy means that your entire bed is tilted at an angle instead of just raising your head by folding the mattress.

There are many mattresses that fold at the hips and will raise just one part of the bed either up or down. Inclined bed therapy means keeping your bed flat (from head to toe) but simply tilting the entire bed at an angle.

What are the benefits of inclined bed therapy?

There are many many amazing benefits. They are normalized blood pressure, increased circulation, feeling more rested and the fact that your blood pressure and circulation increases has a dramatic impact on many health conditions from depression to eye problems and much more.

What I love about inclined bed therapy is that it doesn’t take a lot of money (if any!) to simply modifiy your current sleeping arrangements. And it is a one time job. You invest 20 minutes to change your sleeping situation around and then you don’t have to do anything more.

It’s a one time investment in your health that takes almost no money but the upsides are huge!

If you’re looking to improve your sleep you may want to take this short quiz and see what you’re doing wrong and if you can change some things around.

There are also other items you might want to consider if you’re looking to improve your sleep. I have listed some of them in our store which you can check out by clicking here.

I also shared some pretty strange and weird ways to improve your sleep in the video below.

So that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed this show about inclined bed therapy!

If you did, please share it! Both Andrew and I would appreciate that a lot!

And let me know if you experiment with inclined bed therapy in the comments below. I’d love to hear how it goes!

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This episode of the podcast is but you buy this really cool ozone generator from a truly heal. Comments from Marcus our friend Marcus Ford and then he was on episode 490 and that he's got a really great course and a really great the ozone therapy whole thing he's got going on over to the healing how to use ozone to improve your health and ozone spray for boosting your man system killing bacteria and viruses increasing the oxygen level of your sales people of use ozone for herniated discs diabetic ulcers cancer shingles Lyme disease arthritis autoimmune diseases and all kinds of things everything in between vaginal infections tinnitus chronic fatigue fibromyalgia digestive issues ozone is amazing therapy and also helps reduce heavy metals in the body that's a great it's a great course he's got in a great that program so if you want to listen to the show or check out his free webinars will put a link to that on this show page and also brought you buy magnetico Sleep Pad so this is where a product that we talked to dr. Dean bonlee he was a doctor has been researching this for over 20 years and he's developed a product that is essentially a sleeping pad that stuff filled with these two high-powered magnets that you can sleep on and increase your circulation increase your health in improve of the body's ability to get rid of heavy metals it's an amazing machine it's amazing things that you put on top of your bed and you sleep on these high-powered magnets and he's been nice enough to give us a code if you want to get 10% off of your order it is EHR that's in for extreme Health radio thr10 and you'll get 10% off your order go to our store and watch the video that we've done it we've linked over to the side door to the interview that we did with Dr bondly and you can learn more about these magnetic mattress pads really really fascinating unique technology that he's putting into these mattress pad so go over door store and check those out you can get both magnetic mattress pad as well as the ozone generator and all of that stuff at extreme Health / 5:06


Today to be talking about an interesting idea at least I think relating to how we sleep and it's something super simple as something that we all can do to improve our sleep until proved our health and you probably never would have thought about what a simple concept this is but it's the idea of raising the head of your bed 6 inches above where your feet are super simple right I mean anybody could do it there's no products to buy really there's no I know a program of course to get there's none of that all you got to do is just raise the head of your bed 6 inches and cataloging the benefits to your health that this could provide so we're meeting with Andrew Fletcher today and his website inclined bed therapy in this is interesting concept least to me I think because I'm really into the idea of being able to make a really big strides and big gains in your health with relatively little work and what are the best things that I think is his grade our tools and you can Implement into your life that either don't cost much don't take a lot of time or things that you can adopt into your life or bring into your life that you do anyway right like guy Snap-on doing the show on a standing desk so I'm standing while doing the show with you you know sleeping we have the magnetic sleeping pads and our store we have to grounded bed sheets in our store you could incline your bed or raise the head of your bed by 6 inches and you know these are going to go to sleep every night anyway so why not make it the best ever right and it's so simple you don't have to try it's not like going to the gym trying to change your diet which can be very challenging so this is pretty cool I'm really excited about this and your Fletcher's been researching inclined bed therapy for about 23 years now and he's had a lot of experience with people who have been it been able to change their health and their life pretty profoundly with this some with the science behind what are you doing an inclined bed therapy, so this is going to be unique and interesting conversation with Andrew I'm really excited to have them on the show today so they make sure before we introduce him just want to let you know that we do his name three shows week on Monday Tuesday and Friday so if you want to keep up-to-date with everything we have going on probably the best way to do that would be to text the word get healthy to 33444 and you'll be able to sign up to our newsletter list and get access to everything we have going on so that's probably a good thing to do just to make sure you don't miss any of these kind of unique shows we do is pretty pretty interesting ideas we share a lot of free shows every week so if you're interested in and making great pains in your health and want to do I stay up-to-date with everything we have going on that would be a way to do that so if you want to sign up to our newsletter just text the word get healthy to 33444 and you'll be off and running I'll send you some phone it says he can sign up right there on your phone so all right so I will turn this down and I will turn Andrews Mike on thinking so much Sandra for rubbing on the show today

Alright thank you so much and you for joining us today we will appreciate this thank you for loving me yeah you know what you're not going back and forth for some time for some reason I don't know why but I thought you were in Australia but you're in the United Kingdom your way over to where you ever in Australia or did I just read that wrong way she lives in Australia I hope that's where the confusion confusion can I say I say okay so was I correct about that have you been studying this for over 17 years 423 little on my goodness wow wow so when you first got started studying there so I see that you were looking at sort of the science of Nature and trees and I started looking into it that from that perspective was there any were there any health issues going on in your life that you decided to look at this we started so she was talking about this this this is Israel started to her about the question? That's how to play surfboard shop because you're done with me juice concentrate enough to undermine percent equations produce. She was up with you I believe that convection conduction supersonic was becoming considerably what this idea of people actually move that water through the use of spiral action and implosion technology up against the flow of gravity is that kind of what you're talking about go to 2000 Iris place to go to Buffalo Bills Hard Rock Road to Superior Ballroom cheapest hotel rates as long as they will send you a picture of 224 Maple Street fashion scientist German Revolution experiment show clearly in your mind I think for one minute that sleeping on the floor because one person decided the human life should be AutoZone Well personally qualifications Rainbow Loom that's that's a bizarre thing it's like one of those things where we just do it because that's what everyone else does and that's how we were raised in that kind of weird cartoon. Now how do we know that all of the beds without way any chips or Source just some of them so is it this is really interesting to me because you could say that maybe all of these cultures were separated and didn't know about each other or you could say that they knew about each other and share this information or you could say that this information was just Universal and the same way the people sleep flat today that just it was common knowledge and somehow they knew that sleeping inclined was the way to go hard on one side near one of the fences and I do my work out there so when I go out there and bring the two dogs and they both sleep or they both kind of just laying the Sun and they kind of just enjoy themselves but they're always sleeping on an incline or laying at least on an eggplant test with your wife and your children as well and then you lay flat got those readings did you do did you do these readings like aggregate average each Lang flat Lang inclined over. Of days or did you just do it one night okay so that's a good thing you also found at the auction starts with Mom if you don't know what was in the hospital and Brandon Rush surgery and Susan to Edition hotel to the bed Twilight inspirational pictures I'm still coughing pretty Sparrow you should have came down and she should be with your son in recovery time I'm starting to think about hospital beds in a lot of people have in hospitals and people in the beds typically are in one of those recliner bed kind of things in their heads up do you think that this could work cut recovery time for I think about that and hospitals I'm thinking I forget with this kind of beds are called there's a name for him where you can adjust adjustable beds or something but I know there's a brand name I'm wondering does do your feet need to be adjusted as well or can you just have like in one of those adjustable beds in how they can kind of Bend and fold and put your feet up or down or the back of your thing are no good you wanted to your whole bed at an incline research and wanted to start small and so she started with two or three inches to start but then we got about stuff you just didn't work for us but then again we didn't or three inches but you're talking about for 6 right or 7 inches and how many centimeters is noticing any differences like right after they do it for the first night now and all of your research with this it's it got me thinking about inversion therapy for back issues people many times will hanging upside down for 5 minutes a day or something like that what what are your thoughts about that or does that tie in a tall Pole Position hanging upside down but you're still getting the traction is what you're talking about what's most important Google translation Kenny's work function at all when you're doing what hanging upside down or something like that yeah so fast and so my thinking is that something like this could be extremely powerful or if your research is wrong with I don't think it is it could be extremely damaging because this is something that people are going to do for 8 hours a day for a third of their life essentially and with stuff like this you want to make sure you're you're right and everything you're saying is correct and because it sounds amazing and I heard you talk about a lot, and pressure in the eyes and things like that right so have you have you had any one that's gone through inclined bed therapy to have had bad results and would that be a bad thing Wolf Camera. Now you're talking about the richest Associated proteins in blood pressure because it's challenging you could say the same thing about the whole thing for example you could say well you know what certain amount of people die per year or certain that a baby's diaper Year One the mothers give birth at home that doesn't mean necessarily the given birth at home is wrong or bad or in any in any way dangerous it just means that there's also a certain out of kids that died in a hospital and so it's it's it's not necessary does a lot of factors going on cuz like you said with someone with high blood pressure they could be going through a stressful time in their life or they could be know that blood pressure could normalize over time to so it may not be directly what were such show me different Dynamics and things going on in the human body in terms of our energy or our thoughts are food or stress levels and things and so but the fact that you've been studying this for as long as you have makes me think that you've done a lot of research in terms of from hunting in a finding in an average with people and you're finding good results orange paint company on the population is about two patients with diabetes to terrible on Galaxy Note 1011 patience I was out your blood sugar levels I was on your Facebook and I know you have a private group but I'm not sure if you have an actual Facebook page and somewhere I wish I could remember I was trying to find it before we started recording but someone had posted something I don't know if it was about the dangers of sleeping inclined or less I couldn't find a really nice response back with some of your research that was interesting but I couldn't find that the benefits of sleeping sleeping with a flat or inclined as a bad thing without is that a bad thing number for pocket bikes okay what is the answer so then shuts down when I try to the initial circulation the nearest Rite Aid to become and the same thing happens again I never stop to say is the former Prime with circulation taking place across Arbor pussycat flower is a GMO the eggs and how is that showing the research that you're looking at them I say I say is the egg is the rotation of the egg must be similar to the incline that you're talking about someone's lying down on the bed the circulation in the body is happening all the time while we're sleeping going I guess you would say parallel to the ground but the gravity is going perpendicular so it's pulling the different items that are supposed to be circulated in the blood nutrients and dolls and things it's pulling it's quitting drag because it's been pulled down closer to the bottles I said okay so that's slowing circulation down in effect Wikipedia pointless to purchase main number to parking experiments one after 4 weeks of which is to be a grandma and she was able to move the tires on the left front and then she was 11 years old she said she would like as well and my son said she would turn this way so she was able to regain sensation in your legs as well as movement stuff to do work on my goodness which is the worst fight with me over the last year so, which unfortunately was done to impress another the printing business shut up and we spent hours in Arizona and she can review 2015 World's Fair was low pressure switch cause you to develop a serious infection while I want to go with us talking like your naughty friend oh my goodness registration download Belkin Charlotte from October control to not respond, but it's not completely out of class circulation and blood and oxygen to be more circulated and delivered to cells in the body able to heal that was going on that's faster so what now I'm so curious why you're so how do you think we got here do you know you made a reference earlier in our conversation about someone at the very beginning decided we need to sleep horizontally and we just been doing it do we have any research on how this started what while we sleep in flat questions of the Egyptian civilizations that have raised their beds I'm so concerned that the police should never be right before because I'm actually the best cruises to do this alright I understand she told me what she willing to go on record saying that she said she said dr. Thomas Cowan he's written a book called the heart is not a pump your ass so you have all these in here you are talking about the different the pressures in the body inclined bed therapy and how that affects circulation and the long-standing traditions of our of our mindset is very difficult for people to change so I could see why people would want to accept this North American immigration status for brown eyes turned over dry skin or no skin and bones love the feel of your skin color why did they do anything on top of your therapies or just simply raise the head of the bed 6 inches that's crazy I wanted to ask you want to go back a little bit and talk about little babies and children think so because you know obviously I most all cribs and everything are flat and a pillow List have you seen or work with or anecdotally talk to people who have put babies on a little slight incline like this the internet bypass all of that stuff because I'm doing studies is always a good thing but you know when you can't do that you can put out information straight to people like this interesting about children's or I'm not sure what the word is when children are in the hospital but there a lot of them are inclined you're saying where you are before I forget about pressure in the eyes and pressure in the head I'll be a blood pressure or any kind of pressure that you're putting in people when they're sleeping in a flat environment and there's if my memory is correct in your resource you're showing that people that have a high eye pressure like a lot of people that have macular degeneration might have an increased eye pressure and so what you're showing in your research is that when you inclined the bed the pressure in the head drops is that correct 7 again a good bit cause the water to boil in a position to know that's what Chris told you So when someone is okay okay yes I will do the same ask me you should know about your boyfriend can you put sugar on me I never smile because Home Depot under shotguns a Rapunzel with young children with no legs because her Powerball scanner on the cartoon televisions was the one who supported Justin Justin does anything wrong with Vitamix blenders and different juicers and things like that because I know you can't use a blender or juicer for eight hours every day water balloon what's the Best Western Union City Indiana library book written by children free codes for his wife saying that it was non-stop no emotion it's just like your time to talk on your free time for this baby I'm trying to reach you. And you started to remember with great communication with his Falcons game last night when did Madeline Zima all the sex music video with you sleeping well with the patient's room at the time which state would that be okay with you if I was to get groceries people that have too many people that might have headaches are concussions or things like that too but that's when you had it and then you went the other way you would search the past Robert Falcon md-83 delivery in central Africa 1879 places that you could have fit your bed yourself are there things you could like would be the easiest way to do this what's the weather in West Palm state county for the Carthage police officers and the designer stones week it was over the border and blue logical problems and visual disturbances fluid shift in the Barbie collection. Sleeping the opposite way you're talking about so how they been able to determine through throughout the test that would be true in terms of anti-aging practical ideas and terms I can do this but I'm going to go on your studies and spend most of your time and then we'll talk about what happened location coupons with power deposit lost power wheels on YouTube he went well runs with only one was around 12 was he wasn't right now how long has been inclined bed therapy how long did I tell you I'm just Mor everything because they're always looking for ways to get shortcuts into improving different areas of their life because once you do this like everything's fine and you're getting all the benefits of the best place for people to find you would be inclined bed therapy. Com is okay and is that a group or is that like a page of people could thank you so much I'm going to close out the show hope you enjoyed the show and I'll be very curious to see if you try this experiment I love to know maybe you can post about it or share you know with us an email about your experiences with doing an inclined bed therapy and what think you might want to do to is to do the Barnes technique and check your thyroid your underarm temperature maybe something you could do a check your temperature every morning when you wake up as well so I could be something that you could add to this so if you want to listen to this page or get access to his website you just go to extreme Health slash 506 and if you know of anybody that might benefit or be interested please share the show with them I think they would appreciate that and Andrew and I would appreciate that as well so thank you again for listening for all your support you guys are amazing we really appreciate you let us know if we can ever help you and we will catch you guys on the next episode okay thank you so much it was great you're super fun to talk to and that was a lot of fun I hope you enjoyed it.


What are you go interesting ideas from mr. Andrew Fletcher from inclined bed therapy., try get that name rights for you don't want to lead you astray with the website yes inclined bed therapy. Come when you guys about that was that something that interests you I think it's it's something to me anytime we have people on like this because what I like is it from time to time to get people on people listen I should say that right in and say you don't what all you're doing is selling a product or all you're doing is doing shows what products are being sold but I have to just come in on that really quickly it's it's really challenging and today's world 2 to do a show where there's no product or no there's nothing being transacted is everyone really has a website everyone has a book everyone has a program of course a piece of software piece of Hardware some supplements or gym equipment Fitness stuff you don't there's nothing wrong with doing a show me know if we're going to sell high-quality items I think they're going to be able to help you I want to do a show and find out what these products are and the people behind them and stuff like that so we just make those shows available but they're those very small percentage of the overall shows that we do so this is the 506 show so very few of them are we actually selling the products of the people that they are on the show but I do think it's important to be able to offer products are going to help you and if we're going to sell products I'd like you didn't know who you're buying from and what you know what's behind those products and how they can help you may know because we use them and you know a lot of times we don't know all the science behind you know the rebounding or the sun is our stuff like that but what I thought was really cool about it is that he doesn't have anything to sell other than the fact these kind of website which is nice and I don't think has a book or anything it just helps people at his website and through his Facebook stuff and then so anyway I just thought it was really interesting concept and I never really heard that before but it makes a lot of sense the only thing is I want to make sure I'm going to go through and read his website cuz I want to make sure that what he's doing is correct cuz one of the things or the reasons why example I stopped eating a raw vegan diet for those who don't know I did that for 7 years have a percent in I was all over it how to percent Ravi again and the reason why I stopped doing that was because I couldn't really justify if I had done that for 30-40 years I just thought to myself you know a lot of times I do future goal setting our future planning and I'll look back so I'll place myself and in the future so I imagine myself as set as a 70 or 80 year old person and asking myself if that diet that I was on was conducive to what what wanted to do and I and I just thought maybe if not you know I have done a lot of research list a lot of people read a lot of books and I just thought I don't either something inside of me that says no that's not right for you and if you do something that's not right for 30-40 years and someone tells you at that time in someone's able to unequivocal be say you know you needed to eat meat in order to be healthier and shows the science behind it all that stuff I was just have all my heart would think and I would think crap I can't go back 30 40 years and change that right so I thought to myself okay it's just small that's an animal products are primarily plans primarily the again but I will have animal products in my diet and I'll try not to make them in a obviously make them the highest quality possible but also to make sure I'm not it's not the dominant part of my diet so I just thought all hedge my bets and take like the flight of Icarus you know take that middle path do not too high where you get burned by the Sun but you're not too low and you and you know it's too cold and you and you found the ocean right so I take that middle path and has my bats and the way I had my bed says is true you know Energy Medicine through doing she gone meditation praying over my food being grateful gratitude drinking water exercise and getting out in the sun and exposing myself to the difference on an incline bed like this I want to make sure that I don't make any mistakes and after 30 years of sleeping this way which would be a third of that 30 years right that be 10 of those 30 years will be spent on doing it so I make sure that it's actually healthy and I'm going to look more into his research in and look more into that but I do think he's on to something I don't know what it is you have you have that gut feeling that desandnate feeling that someone's doing the right thing I get that with him I really do I feel like what is doing is noble and what are you doing is accurate I don't know if I'll be a cure for everybody you know I forgot to ask him I was going to ask him I had it in my notes asking about pregnant people pregnant ladies in there that would be a good thing I don't know but I don't know obviously a lot of what he was talking about was anecdotal so I don't know if you know they've been proved but like he was saying you know you not going to be able to do studies and get actual proof and peer review double blind Placebo studies because they're just not to put any money into something like this so I find it so fascinating and those are interesting and also I understand why there's not a whole lot of scientific proof because like I said they're not going to pour money into something like this which is so because obviously you only want to put money it's basically like investing in a business what he studies at you hear everyone talk about right there basically you know investing in something that can make a return on and if the the studies going to show positive results and they can make a positive no show positive findings and then from there they can actually help benefit people sell products sell the drug or whatever so you not going to really even if the studies did show tremendous benefit they're not going to be even done because it would cost money to do the studies but then if they published a study how they going to benefit from that right so what we can do though is test ourselves and so I'm going to look more and his research and I am really cautious about stuff like this because I mean I don't want to make a wrong decision I don't want to spend 30 years doing something only to find out after 30 years that I damage myself in some way so I'm going to look more into his research I really like what he saying and intuitively I believe everything you say is true and so I can't really all I should go it's by my my my intuition right really but I don't know some part of our ego wants to look at studies and things right kind of a bizarre thing so anyway I hope you guys enjoy that show I thought it was interesting I'm curious are you guys going to do like a challenge are you going to if you do I'd love to hear your thoughts I'd love to hear what you do and if I find if I'm going to look at his research and look at other people's research as well and also look into this and if it's something that I think we should do I think we're going to do it and see how we feel so kind of document everything in get Kate on board I'm sure she'll be on board interesting stuff interesting. I just think that the health is much much more easier than you and I think it is it doesn't take a whole lot to be healthy and I didn't make a lot of money really all you have to do is just fill your life with Sunshine clean water eat real food and I'll do some exercise you don't get expose yourself to some full-spectrum sunlight be grounded on the ground be grateful and I'll go to bed early sleep a lot have sex and I'll make sure you're going to the bathroom I mean really didn't healthy does not require a whole lot now if you want to do things like in a we do like that she going every day and that we down there every day and meditation and I'm standing in a standing desk in all these things cost money and things so if you have extra resources an extra money and you want to spend you know some money on improving your health I think those are excellent choices and I think it's something that we should all consider cuz really you know it's really more important in my mind to invest in your health and tools that can help you rather than you know a new car or putting value in something that appreciates like that or and why not but I know how this is something you are in it something you workout everyday it's a mindset and attitude of being grateful and died and so all of these things are tools to help us get there quicker so just curious if you guys like that show what you think of Andrew what you think about his son his work in his research I'm curious if you've ever done inclined bed therapy I'd love to know what you think about it and how it's affected you that would be really interesting to hear let's see this page is going to be extreme Health slash 5:06 so if you have any comments I'd love to hear what they are to go to that link that I just shared 506 and post a comment there I need to get back on my comments and improve them because they're stacking up on me but I love to hear your thoughts if you've tried it or if you had any friends tried it anything like that here one thing I did get from Andrew after the show off the air was he has a different website another website sharing with me some interesting ideas got something called operation and I'll put a link to that on the episode 506 too so you can look at that are you sharing with me some ideas about the drought here in California and he asked and requested he asked me if I would be able to ask you guys if you have any good images of the California redwood trees I know you can find those on Google Images but if you have any yourself the California redwood trees could you go over to inclined bed therapy. Calm and send him those images cuz he's working on a book right now and I think it has to do with operation Oasis but I'm not sure I think it is actually and if you could just go to inclined bed therapy. Calm and find his contact form and send him a picture of this California redwoods I know he would appreciate that he asked me if I would share that with you guys so great guy just a really nice nice gentleman nice guy nice they're doing good things in the one the world I feel and don't know I just really wanted to feature his work and I bring you guys differing opinions different ideas about things you could do easily and effortlessly in your daily life that will help improve your health so hope you guys enjoyed that that was 506 this just so you know I'm also on the home page of our website we do are now putting up the next show that's going to be on so if you want to know who's coming up the next or what the next interview will be we do shows Monday when Monday Tuesday Friday so if you want to find out who's next and submit your question to them those that you can check our homepage for that and I'll try to keep up-to-date with that we are next guess is going to be dr. Kevin Conners at will be episode 507 I believe we're to be talking about Rife frequency the rice machine and cancer and the Connors has been on her show before you can look through our archives he's a really great guy is really cool things so we'll be talking about that one other thing I want to let you guys know to is that we were a listener I forget which listener sent us this suggestion but it was really amazing she suggested like is there a way to make it easier for our listeners to buy 2 or Amazon like in there is it's so what we've done is if you look on the right hand side of a website you only have to do this one time and it's a really great way to support the show cuz I mean who doesn't buy from Amazon right before so I could forget to go to extreme Health radio first one I'm going to make a purchase on Amazon and I just I don't think about it I just do it so this is a good way to support us in so probably that's why it's so all you have to do is go to a website extreme Health you know if you're probably out driving or running or doing a workout or and I'm doing something right now but when you remember to go back to your computer later I have to go to our website on the right hand side of the road said there's an Amazon image like supporters and hands on the road that there's some blue text and all you have to do on a Mac or PC is but I do know it's going to be in 2017 and we're really excited about it we're going to bring together a private exclusive Community where we can all come together and share protocols and ideas and we will be talking with doctors were going to be weirded long-form content an hour long shows but they were also be creating short-form content about specific health questions so if you have a question about how do I build my immune system or how to overcome a cold or beat the flu or something like that or to have little tiny snippet so we're going to cut all of those things out so everything's going to be categorized even be able to find home remedies for all kinds of really prom and health conditions or to be adding to this as we go along is going to be a form in there when you guys can make friends and I'm going to be able to connect with you guys too that's one of the things that I've really been struggling with his I love to connect with you guys but I just it's challenging with all of the shows that we do and so are our members were to be able to connect directly with you attention in the future maybe do some in-person conferences and seminars and all kinds of cool stuff so the sky's the limit for this memberships website they were the building we are building so it will be a paid membership nothing will happen to extreme Health radio it'll be the same always free but if you want to dive deeper and connect with other people and help get answers to your health challenges than this is going to be the place for you to be a monthly pay website and we will be offering a discount when we first launched it for probably a week so it'll be a lifetime discount to so you'll never the price will never go out for you the price will go up overtime but or anyone who joins at the beginning your price will always stay the same so that's kind of the way our way of saying thank you for helping build this membership so I'm just really excited about it something that I want to do I want to be able to connect with you guys if you know on a more daily basis and I want answers to health questions and we have a ton of resources and access to doctor Arisen things to wear to be bringing them on and we'll do all kinds of things maybe we'll do you know cleanse you know group cleanse once every 3 months for months for the change of season overseen by a doctor maybe we'll do group classes on different things and take listener questions and Q&A and the girls to really worth all your help get you feeling amazing and get you connected with other people who are crazy like us who who care about this kind of stuff and want to support each other so that's a whole and eventually get to meet each other in person and have fun summer looking forward to spend a lot of fun so if you work if that sounds interesting to you and you want to join I'll be awake on this page like I said it may be a couple more months until it's launch but you can sign up to I could put your name and email address in you'll be able to sign up and I will let you guys know via email when we launched and that way you can get access to the discounted price and no that's going to be a big deal cuz the price would never go up for you so have a good thing always a good thing alright so thank you guys for supporting our work you guys are awesome your support on Amazon your support on in our store you guys are amazing I really appreciate it and love you guys are supporting some PayPal on patreon setting S5 $10 a month man you guys are just so awesome I just I seriously I cannot I wish I could just meet you in person and give you a hug and say thank you for supporting our work my gosh like I'm just so blessed like it's just amazing to be able to put out information that helps people so much so that they want to help us financially I mean what an amazing time we live in I'm just so grateful so thankful so you guys are awesome and so we appreciate you so much and if you like to support us and the other ways of the great white supporters to was just sharing or shows on Facebook if you like it I'll share with your friends would appreciate that that would be awesome awesome sauce anything else to think that's about it we love you guys thank you for all your support or one final thing you may be listening to this in the future but for right now are good friend Marcus for it and then from episode 490 is doing Weekly webinars right now every Tuesday talking about ozone and ozone therapy on everything from diabetic ulcers to repairing leaky gut Crohn's disease digestive issues of people using ozone for cancers candida bloating and gas all kinds of digestive issues and so he's got a program where he did you watch that you had to do all the stuff at home with different protocols so he's doing free webinars every Tuesday at 4 p.m. 4 p.m. Pacific Coast time webinar I'll put a link to the webinar and you can also get access to previous webinars to so if you're that if that is interested interesting to you will put a link on the show page so everything will be available everything that I talked about will be available at extreme Health 4/5 06 that Amazon link the patreon link the link to the ozone webinar classes the store our sponsors all that stuff and you can also listen to it the show there as well as click over to his website to so everything is that extreme Health slash 506 and I think that's it thanks guys we love you we appreciate you so much and let us know if we never help and we will see you on episode 507.

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