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Freedom Of Speech, Thoughts On Donald Trump, Great Documentaries, Urine Therapy, How To Heal Your Gut, Listener Questions & More!


We originally had a show scheduled and recorded with Jeff Maier and Dr. Stan Stanbridge from Rapid Release. This is the tool that we have in our store that I’ve been using everyday for the last six months or so. It’s become so helpful to me that I wanted to do a show about it and share it with you guys.

Unfortunately we said some things during the video recording of it that could get them in trouble legally. We didn’t make any claims but still they wanted to be above board on the legal level. I understand that.

Because that show was supposed to be #505 I couldn’t leave a gap in the numbering system so I recorded this show. It actually worked out pretty well because I had a lot on my mind and a ton to share so it worked out great!

I talked about how we don’t have freedom of speech anymore. That’s lost. We have it, but we can go to jail for it. It doesn’t make any sense. Then I shared a story that relates to this aspect of not having an freedom of speech.

We’re moving into strange times people.

Then I shared my thoughts about Donald Trump and why you shouldn’t care who holds the office of President of this private corporation that we call The United States of America.

Make your own reality. Stop looking to strangers living thousands of miles away from you to somehow make your life better. You control your life, not them. Make your world better and the world becomes better.

Then I shared a list of some really great documentaries that I’ve watched over the years and that you might enjoy!

I also discussed urine therapy and why it’s so beneficial.

I also shared my story about getting into alternative health and natural healing and answered a bunch of listener questions.

See them below!


Hello Justin and Kate. Hope all is well. Can you please tell me which episode has the one gentleman that desparages Dr Wakefield? I would like to listen to it again. I believe this guy is wrong and after watching more of the vaccines revealed videos I am certain of it and wonder his intentions. Thanks and no hurry, I know you are quite busy. Kind Regards, Jane


Wanted to ask if you could do an episode on DOCUMENTARIES.. and where you find them? As for books, I heard about the Anastasia series on your show. I will definitely add it to my read list. If you come across other books that comprehensively list such things, mention it in your show, I will keep an ear out

If I come across some mind blowing knowledge I will share it with you. By the way you have the best health podcast…




Hi Justin and Kate
I see you ( at the corner ) of Marcus webinar you do a great job as he does too but the last webinar was not as good the Zoom ones were much clearer is there ant chance of going back to Zoom ????


Justin, I thought you might want to know this. I heard that President Trump ordered the FBI (temporary Director) and the lead CDC scientist, William Thompson, to raid the CDC at 3:00 last night (Mon.). I’m assuming it’s with regard to vaccines. Maybe he’ll change some vaccine laws like the one in Calif. This didn’t make mainstream news (no surprise). William Thompson became the CDC whistle blower about Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s vaccine-autism correlation.
I also heard that a 24 yr old woman traveled to Haiti recently to investigate the Clinton Foundation funds, and she was taken down – didn’t make the news of course.
Maybe you’re aware of this info but I just want to encourage you that I think there’s hope with Trump in office..



Is this really you? I’m all in. Because I learned through you, I’ve ordered this sauna, the bellicon rebounder, squatty potty, vitamix, and earthing products through linking from your website. I was the .001% that retired in 2012 at 42 yrs old after 19 yrs in corporate rat race (CPA and investments industry) living in the SF Bay Area. I do retirement planning as a fun side job but my passion is healthy living/coaching (that’s why I listen to your shows). I do it for myself first and then I tell all my friends and family around me. It all starts w/ me and trying it on myself first. The corporate world left me almost dead mind, body, and spirit. Since I left in 2012, I went deep into the bible, explored my diet (currently very little meat and prob 75% raw but always changing), learned yoga, and fully awakened my pineal gland. Perhaps I’m looking to emulate you and Kate’s lifestyle. I listen to your shows and am a fan of you guys.

-Can you tell me your back ground before you got into this?
-Can you suggest for me the next 5 most important things you do/use that I should look into? I’ve listed above the things I bought hearing through you..
-B/c i know you do urine therapy, I’m kinda interested in trying but scared. Can you tell me all about this experience (first time, after while, now) what it’s like and why you stick w/ it?

I’m going to study scalar energy shield next. Can you tell me your true opinions on that product hand if you still use it and how many you place in the house, etc etc (the more detail the better)?

It would be great to meet up if you’re ever up in SF area or I’m down in S.Cal.

Take care, Bill H


New listener, just finished ep #123 with Konstantin. I thought he was great but I was really surprised by what he said. What did you think about his thoughts on juicing as well as eating veggies and fruits? Part of me finished listening and thought “well, what the heck can I eat?”

I have also taken fiber supplements for a long time because I thought it netted some carbs. Do you have a different opinion?

I was really surprised when he said juicing in his opinion was not a healthy option. Never heard this school of thought before and not sure what to make of it. You guys still juice, right? Appreciate your feedback!

Rob W

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