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Ep #505 – Freedom Of Speech, Thoughts On Donald Trump, Great Documentaries, Urine Therapy, How To Heal Your Gut, Listener Questions & More!


We originally had a show scheduled and recorded with Jeff Maier and Dr. Stan Stanbridge from Rapid Release. This is the tool that we have in our store that I’ve been using everyday for the last six months or so. It’s become so helpful to me that I wanted to do a show about it and share it with you guys.

Unfortunately we said some things during the video recording of it that could get them in trouble legally. We didn’t make any claims but still they wanted to be above board on the legal level. I understand that.

Because that show was supposed to be #505 I couldn’t leave a gap in the numbering system so I recorded this show. It actually worked out pretty well because I had a lot on my mind and a ton to share so it worked out great!

I talked about how we don’t have freedom of speech anymore. That’s lost. We have it, but we can go to jail for it. It doesn’t make any sense. Then I shared a story that relates to this aspect of not having an freedom of speech.

We’re moving into strange times people.

Then I shared my thoughts about Donald Trump and why you shouldn’t care who holds the office of President of this private corporation that we call The United States of America.

Make your own reality. Stop looking to strangers living thousands of miles away from you to somehow make your life better. You control your life, not them. Make your world better and the world becomes better.

Then I shared a list of some really great documentaries that I’ve watched over the years and that you might enjoy!

I also discussed urine therapy and why it’s so beneficial.

I also shared my story about getting into alternative health and natural healing and answered a bunch of listener questions.

See them below!


Hello Justin and Kate. Hope all is well. Can you please tell me which episode has the one gentleman that desparages Dr Wakefield? I would like to listen to it again. I believe this guy is wrong and after watching more of the vaccines revealed videos I am certain of it and wonder his intentions. Thanks and no hurry, I know you are quite busy. Kind Regards, Jane


Wanted to ask if you could do an episode on DOCUMENTARIES.. and where you find them? As for books, I heard about the Anastasia series on your show. I will definitely add it to my read list. If you come across other books that comprehensively list such things, mention it in your show, I will keep an ear out

If I come across some mind blowing knowledge I will share it with you. By the way you have the best health podcast…




Hi Justin and Kate
I see you ( at the corner ) of Marcus webinar you do a great job as he does too but the last webinar was not as good the Zoom ones were much clearer is there ant chance of going back to Zoom ????


Justin, I thought you might want to know this. I heard that President Trump ordered the FBI (temporary Director) and the lead CDC scientist, William Thompson, to raid the CDC at [3:00] last night (Mon.). I’m assuming it’s with regard to vaccines. Maybe he’ll change some vaccine laws like the one in Calif. This didn’t make mainstream news (no surprise). William Thompson became the CDC whistle blower about Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s vaccine-autism correlation.
I also heard that a 24 yr old woman traveled to Haiti recently to investigate the Clinton Foundation funds, and she was taken down – didn’t make the news of course.
Maybe you’re aware of this info but I just want to encourage you that I think there’s hope with Trump in office..



Is this really you? I’m all in. Because I learned through you, I’ve ordered this sauna, the bellicon rebounder, squatty potty, vitamix, and earthing products through linking from your website. I was the .001% that retired in 2012 at 42 yrs old after 19 yrs in corporate rat race (CPA and investments industry) living in the SF Bay Area. I do retirement planning as a fun side job but my passion is healthy living/coaching (that’s why I listen to your shows). I do it for myself first and then I tell all my friends and family around me. It all starts w/ me and trying it on myself first. The corporate world left me almost dead mind, body, and spirit. Since I left in 2012, I went deep into the bible, explored my diet (currently very little meat and prob 75% raw but always changing), learned yoga, and fully awakened my pineal gland. Perhaps I’m looking to emulate you and Kate’s lifestyle. I listen to your shows and am a fan of you guys.

-Can you tell me your back ground before you got into this?
-Can you suggest for me the next 5 most important things you do/use that I should look into? I’ve listed above the things I bought hearing through you..
-B/c i know you do urine therapy, I’m kinda interested in trying but scared. Can you tell me all about this experience (first time, after while, now) what it’s like and why you stick w/ it?

I’m going to study scalar energy shield next. Can you tell me your true opinions on that product hand if you still use it and how many you place in the house, etc etc (the more detail the better)?

It would be great to meet up if you’re ever up in SF area or I’m down in S.Cal.

Take care, Bill H


New listener, just finished ep #123 with Konstantin. I thought he was great but I was really surprised by what he said. What did you think about his thoughts on juicing as well as eating veggies and fruits? Part of me finished listening and thought “well, what the heck can I eat?”

I have also taken fiber supplements for a long time because I thought it netted some carbs. Do you have a different opinion?

I was really surprised when he said juicing in his opinion was not a healthy option. Never heard this school of thought before and not sure what to make of it. You guys still juice, right? Appreciate your feedback!

Rob W

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This episode is brought to you by the scalar energy rest SHIELD season is brand-new scalar energy pyramids we have in our storage is a really unique devices that you can put around your home or in your bedroom next to your bed when you sleep and it helps to promote deep sleep in the relieve stress is stress related issues in a Limited jet lag and relaxes the body and mind reduces the effects of air pollution and Ken's been on the show couple times and if you go to our store you can watch some videos about Ken talking about this a really unique device that you plug in and it helps to reduce electromagnetic fields around your bed or around your work work space so really really interesting devices that scalar energy rest shield and if you want to learn more about them and listen to the talk that we do with can I can go check those out in our store and this show is also brought you by the magnetic mattress pad put together by doctor Dean barley who had on the show a couple times and he is doing some amazing research for the last 23 years about magnetism and magnetism and affect your health in a very positive way and he's put together this unique technology in the form of a magnetic mattress pad and it's called the magnetic mattress pad and it's really a unique piece of technology that you can use every night when you sleep too and answer Health it's pretty awesome and if you're interested in magnetic mattresses or magnetism in general for helping your help in improving your health I can go to extreme Health


Alright thank you so much everybody for joining us we got so so much to get to in the show oh my gosh it's just like information overload we have to show Recaps to get to with got some things that I want to share that I've been going on in my life let's see I want to share some ideas about digestion meant to help you guys with digestion and I got so many questions to get to I got a couple of news articles I want to share with you I want to get to some documentaries that the people been asking about my kids got all kinds of interesting information to share with you guys are so much going on and the Alternative Health World these days is it me or is 2017 flying by and we just started it's so crazy man who got a lot of stuff to get to today and I'm excited to be here with you today today's kind of like an impromptu show because some interesting things that go on behind the scenes here so fast and we did a show that we actually did in studio in person with the good people over at Rapid Release technology recently and unfortunately we can't release that show crazy right we could if you wanted to we have the rights to it but in my mind to be safe and to be honorable they were not comfortable with the show because they felt like too many claims were made although I don't think we made any claims but man it's getting out there in the world today and terms of them what you can say and what you can't say it's a really remarkable what what's going on they just want to take the high road over there at Rapid Release doesn't know the Rapid Release technology is a is a tool that we have now and our store I'm so excited to have this thing and our store it's awesome but it's basically is high vibrational therapy in frequency on trigger points on Knots and any sort of pain in the body and so I use it for a number of variety different ways I used it to stimulate my organs I used it to release trigger points in my hips and my in all my joints in any way we did a whole show and video on in person with the Stan dr. Stan Stan bridge and our friend Jeff mayor but they weren't comfortable and I understand that you know I was home with your story I was speaking to a lady I share this with you guys a while back and one of our other free-for-all Friday shows but I was speaking to a lady off the air we weren't even speaking we can muscle spoke for probably an hour a day or more maybe an hour and a half I kept this is crazy so she is on I should the story before but for those who haven't heard the story she she is a consultant for a company that sells devices I'm not going to give us away because I don't want to throw anybody under the bus or Draw unnecessary attention to people but she's a consultant for a company that sells devices that help it's crazy we can't say anything is a control for this device is pouring in to their company to Facebook too you know to the owner of that company all the time talking about how their devices are helping helping people all around the world and it's incredible it's really really interesting technology these devices have but she was telling me that the company that sells those devices can't say a word that can't say anything let me know that they're there literally can't say a word about what the device is due and so people like the consumers of the devices have to do a little research online look up YouTube videos and see how people are using them and what results they have because the company can't say anything about what these devices can do and they're just their hands are tied behind their back and so this lady was telling me that if someone is like a one of the customers of one of these devices goes on their Facebook page and by their Facebook page I mean the company that sells the device and says oh my gosh I love this device so much been helping it's son and help me with no cancer or fibromyalgia or whatever right and if the company simply clicks like on that comment crazy so the company can even click awake and so they're sort of so she was telling me how the FDA and the DEA and the government is basically hijacking our language and hijacking terminology terminology and and the labels and disease conditions and so once they own the names of those can that disease conditions then they can determine whether or not they want to proceed in court and go after anyone who makes a claim about those conditions sorry it's crazy it's crazy what's going on in the world today so the people over at Rapid Release so that we have available on our store or you know if you want to get it if you wanted your hands on this thing I highly recommend this this product it's awesome it worked Wonders on my back and you know I can't say did anything I'm just wondering what we're going to be able to talk about the future we can be able to say anything my goodness only way that was going to be episode 505 which we're going to put on the show but I just got word back from the good dog who owns that company and our friend Jeff who's the VP over there and now we have to scratch a show so we can't produce that we can't put it out so this actually works out really well because I have so much to share with you I got so many things to get to it's funny because with this show we talked to so many people and there's so much going on and the Alternative Health World especially now with Donald Trump in which I want to talk about that too but it's so much going on in the world today and so much that goes on in our lives and all the stuff and so I just feel like it's a like a pressure cooker feel like a pressure cooker there's so much information to get to the sometimes I just need an outlet and and share what's going on in my life share things that I'm going through and things that are helping me in the email to come in okay so really quickly about Trump there's so much going on about Donald Trump these days and I'm sure you're listening right now thinking is he going to be for Donald Trump or is he going to be against Donald Trump what's he going to say about Donald Trump let me just say that we are a nation now that's becoming divided and that's exactly where the they whoever they are the Illuminati the government's whoever they are that's what they want us they want us fighting with one another while they carry out their agenda to be honest I don't care about Trump I don't care about what he does cuz honestly Trump is a president of a private corporation which is the United States of America you don't know about that look up the difference between or the legal differences between the United States United States of America and America the three different legal terms or three different legal entities it is a private Corporation, Donald Trump does sodas you know the CEO or the president of Walmart right every corporation has a president every corporation has a board and so look all that stuff up Donald Trump has no jurisdiction over our lives or anything we do and if we continually give our power over to some person who is in four thousand miles away on the other side of the country three thousand miles away however far it is from California to Washington DC's we give our power over to these people were the ones losing so I don't care if Hillary gets in I don't care if Donald Trump gets in I don't care about any of that what I care about is the world that I can create on my own and the world that I can create and how I can make the world a better place in my opinion if you are someone who hates Hillary or hates Donald Trump loves Hillary loves Donald Trump if you're not actively doing something to make your world a better place and for each of us it's going to be something different right but if you're actually actively making the world a better place and your own world then you know what's the point about complaining about these people if you have the ability and you want to go fight the Dakota pipeline thing the Donald Trump apparently just approved and you have the ability and the desire then go for it so it's very important to have an ego but it's important to realize that the ego is not you and neither is your opinion about something none of these things are you because you were you before you had an opinion and you were you before you had an ego when you were three minutes old you didn't have either of those things and you were still you so your parents aren't you your ego is not you but here's the deal the eagle wants to cry and whine and complain about climate change or about politics or about oh gosh there's so many different things right there lying to us about the shape of the Earth Earth is really flat there it is really round NASA's lying to us you know all of these things right it's all ego right we can't change things all we can do is make our world a better place that you go wants to complain and cry and whine about global issues that we have no control over that's what he wants to do right well during the time they were complaining about that our lives are spinning out of control were in debt We Can't Stop her you know and saying eating habits we can't let you know we have no discipline we can't carry out the things that we want to carry outs are relationships you're falling apart our house is messy our kids are out of control the dog won't stop barking me know we're putting on weight all these things are what I think are our world and so it's easy to take your eyes off of the things that you can change like that and put your eyes on things you can't that you can't change because those things will never change and that gives you free license to just sort of you know keep complaining about that and keep in that downward spiral so Donald Trump Hillary Clinton these people you know they have no bearing of anything I do in my life I create the world that want to create icrate the the kind of existence I want to create I create the life that I want to create a crate all the opportunities that I want to create and I Envision these things and I focus on these things and I've visualized on these things and I go out and I make it happen and if we all did that instead of complaining about this that or the other thing with the world would be a better place so to be honest I don't place any of my my emotions or anything on the stuff I can't I just can't do it it just rubs too much of my life force energy I could spend my whole life reading my Facebook feed about you know all these horrible stories Donald Trump is doing this Donald Trump is doing that and I just I just can't I just can't I can't go into all that stuff because you know it's not anything I can come change I can change it so those are my thoughts about politics so you know and mom and my mind I considered irrelevant because we could kind of world we want to live in okay we got so much to get to I want to talk with you about digestion and a little bit and how to improve your digestion through a series of different things let me take a yahtzee where do I go first or so much to talk about let's see here I forgot I wanted to share with you a couple interesting TEDTalks I saw on Facebook I'm trying out of Facebook on YouTube and let me pull this up really quickly so one of them is it's called keyrings with Sound hearing with sound with dr. Neal Casal and he uses something like them it's called ultrasonic vibration therapy or something like that and I watched it last night and it's really fascinating so he's talking about a concentrated ultrasound I think he calls it being able to be affected by this technology it's pretty fascinating that were just talking on the walk today cuz I shared this with her it's as if the cancer industry is purposely living in 1920 or something cuz you have all these different Technologies now I mean you have him write you have sound therapy light therapy all kinds of different some different ways of dealing with tumors and now they're even freezing tumors are injecting the tumor with a with a needle and they're essentially freezing it that's called some sort of cryotherapy kind of thing until find a very interesting you know these things are going around people can learn and research about these things but you're not going to hear about these from your doctor because you know they just haven't been able to figure out how to monetize that stuff yet and make money and go through the insurance companies so I feel like it's my job to share some of this stuff that I come across with you guys and there's also one called them this is a different tedx talk it's called shattering cancer with resonant frequencies Anthony Holland at tedx Skidmore College I'll read that again and I'll look it up on YouTube this is a really really good good talk shattering cancer with resonant frequencies Anthony Holland at tedx Skidmore college and it was about 17 minutes to watch that one last night it was a lot of different things some so watch that one last night doing some red light therapy what you want to share with you guys some things are some insights about red light but um anyway I watch that while doing some red light therapy and that was really interesting to because they're using counter frequencies and frequencies of sound to shatter Timber cells and my God right can you imagine imagine a world where there would be no or very few of their low percentage of people dying from cancer like right now they say it's one out of every two men and one of them try one of them every two women and one of one out of every three men could you imagine if it was like if they met people that died from cancer was like 5% is Imagine world like that any more people would be able to be on the planet and doing good work if we didn't have so many people dying of cancer to this is real revolutionaries is really really interesting and I think that um it's it's important for us to get the word out and let people know about what's going on Ryan Martin lessons left us in iTunes review and I want to share with his pretty cool from the United Kingdom he says I first of the Cross extreme Health radio around four years ago and it's been and I've been compulsive listening ever since then Justin and Kate have great personalities and clearly care about the information they're putting out their passion for Natural Health shines through the guest cover covers the full spectrum of all things Natural Health and different views and ways of doing things are greatly disco regularly discussed I'd recommend anyone who wants to improve their own or their families have listened to the show awesome thanks Ryan I appreciate that a lot that's really nice of you to leave tonight and review you guys want to leave this and iTunes review we'd appreciate it when people don't realize how much that helps us when you search when people search for new podcast to listen to an iTunes you know if you have more reviews ratings and subscriptions then you know our podcast will show up so the more of those we have from you guys the more people will be able to find a so I guess Apple thinks you know if a podcast is getting a lot of reviews in a lot of ratings and a lot of subscriptions that podcast must be good so so they show that podcast some people search for certain key terms in there so it really does help us Oh thanks Ryan for sure you know I never thought that I would be when I was a kid I don't know if I thought how amazing would be to have a platform to be able to share things I learned I never thought I'd be able to have a platform like this is just worldwide and we get emails from all around the country get emails from over a hundred and sixty countries I think so far it is absolutely nothing I'm just so humbled and so to me is that I'm able to sort of connect with you guys more personally and dumb and just really feel like I'm connecting with you it just feels good and so I could to share a lot of things I'm going through I got to share a lot of the different books I'm reading and things that are influencing me and I email about that just a second let's see here wanna think really quickly before we go any further let's see all you guys that are supporting us on PayPal thank you so much for that we have some of it so we have a handful of people that are helping us out on PayPal let me get to the actual area PayPal that shows me the people that are donating to us on a monthly basis we really appreciate that let's see here active people just and Cecilia Lauren Kristen Heidi Jonathan Elizabeth Stefania Jessica disc Apprentice is a personal friend of ours is great let's see Laurie Elliott Elliott spenner has been donated to us five bucks a month since 2013 thank you and you're so kind though man some good people in here thank you guys so much for that it's about 10 or 12 people that are supporting us on PayPal so we thank you for that that it really helps us a lot and our two newest patrons are Rob and white and Carl and Brooks Colin Brooks is the owner of the squeeze which is really cool we've been going back and forth with her if she has a if you guys are on the east coast in New York City she has a like a truck like a delivery truck and she goes around delivering fresh juice the people that's awesome The Squeeze juice., check out a website if you were over in New York City or if you ever go there if you go there regularly and you want to get a get a green juice check out the squeeze Carlin Brooks and Robin white thank you guys you guys are awesome I really really appreciate it so so much let's see what else we have to get to do couple show Recaps for you let me just bring up our website and I decide I want to let you guys know to on our homepage were to be putting up above the video we have a video of Kayden myself but above the video we're going to be putting up information about the upcoming the next upcoming show so if you have any questions you can always email them into ice and we will ask do our best to ask your question on the show just make sure it's not too long because it's too long I won't be able to read it so check out homepage for the upcoming guests but it shows we've got dr. Kelly Starrett from episode 504 we talked about the dangers of sitting here just wrote a new book called oh gosh I may go into a ready-to-run zones call no it's not that one he's the guy behind mobility wad., and what is workout of the day let's see what is is his daughter becoming a Supple Leopard a desk-bound standing up to a sitting world that was episode 504 if you guys are interested in this idea of movement and really really how do I put this really optimizing your skeletal structure and form not to be able to move throughout life and a graceful way probably that's the best way to put it dr. Kelly starts awesome he's a cool cool guy and we talked about the standing desks for those who don't know at the beginning of your address for some time and I've been going up and down with it for the last probably three or four years I've had it for about 3 or 4 years and what happens is I just got to be honest with you I know I'm not perfect I do the best I can but sometimes you know it's one of those crank desks so what I'll do is I will love you know you cranking it takes a little while to put it up or put it down right after we bought this one we realize they now have one that came out not long after we bought it that's like electrical so you know use electricity so I have to do is press a button it comes up and down automatically by the way the one I have I really like it's just that we bought it like three days before this new model came out I get lazy with it I just know I'll put it up or I'll put it down and then when I'm down I just dissed easy to stay down and that's the problem with sitting so something happened something clicked at the beginning of 2017 I do it wasn't even like a New Year's resolution it wasn't on my radar like hey this is something I want to do something if you want to visit store you can check it out it's called a multi-table I really like it although I would have bought the electric version or just press the button but that's okay and it says 503 with can roll out we talked about the scalar energy he's always a trip he is so he's the guy behind if you ever looked at our store and seeing those golden pyramids that are in or store these are called the rest shield in our store we have them I try to put related videos that go with all the products so you can come you no learn and kind of learn more about what's going on and get behind the products a little bit and find out what they are all about but anyway he's the guy behind these rest Shield products which are on our store which of these golden pyramids that you've got some kind of scalar technology that he's been able to develop and he's he's a weasel while guy he works on like in Florida any works on and free energy devices and he's a trip but we talked about scalar energy we talked about electromagnetic field radiation we call it we talked about hemp paste was a new product that he's dumb he's not selling it but he's really enjoying the benefits from the we talked about bone health we talked about red light therapy that was cool fun show so that was episode 503 and then we had talked to do a wolf that doc of detox he was cool I liked him a lot he's doing some great things he's up and Canada so he has a Canadian accent but he's a cool guy I like him a lot he's dumb what what what he was saying was very I think very very important and that is that he's a big proponent of doing daily detoxification and here's the issue here's the rub with that it's challenging to take care of yourself on a daily basis right it's easier to just sort of abused our bodies and sort of just not do what we're supposed to do on a daily basis cuz we feel we don't feel like we have control over our time right so and so what we do a lot of the times and there's no judgement here I know we're called Extreme Health radio and that probably can turn some people off but you know I'm just like you I'm doing the best I can do our people their way Beyond me who been studying and living this way more intensely than I have and longer than I have had the well just at the end of the day we'll just humans and we're all just doing the best we can right so what was I going to say their doctor saying that it's better to detoxify your self on a daily basis and instead of doing these like really intense herbal cleanses or these series of colonics that really you are really intense because we have so much Gunk and undigested food and chemicals and poisons and toxins in our system and so he's been on a daily basis but what was cool about the show was that it was really more of a kind of inspirational motivational mindset kind of show more so than detoxification give me even though even though we talked a lot about to toxication is really just isn't empowering guys if you won't listen to an episode that can give you hope and I don't with your own health or somebody else's Health he's really I know he's got a good interview about him I like him a lot one thing I want to share with your forgot to share with you about episode 504 with dr. Kelly Starrett was when I doing the standing desk there's a couple things that have been really really helpful I have I'll put a picture on her Instagram account if you guys want to look at that but I have one of those those mats that you can stand on that are you know what they're called but there but they're mad for people who stand all day and so it's got this jail that you stand on so it's really soft but the biggest thing is been helping me be able to stand on a few no I haven't sat down to do work upside down to do podcast are a bunch of points and they they each part of the foot course pancit different areas of your body and different organs so when you massage your feet with a lacrosse ball it's really powerful so and even if that's not true about the acupuncture points in the meridians of the body being connected to the feet even if none of that's true it's still just feels really good and it helps the muscles in my feet adapt to all the standing so across balls been a lifesaver for me so we had episode 502 that was with dr. Darrow wolf duck of detox and then we got episode 501 which was Jonathan pentelis from my kind thought, he is the guy behind that chunk of business we just talked about his health Journey how he got into all the stuff we talked about raw chocolate little bit about business little bit about media and politics and I'm just being mean or trying to live a healthy life in this world and he stopped by that was on video that ones in our studio and there's a question I want to propose to guys we are interested in doing live video and right now we split the interviews from our home and some of them are in our studio when we can get local guests to come in so what I wanted to propose to you was some would you guys be interested if we did live video interviews that might become interesting right we could do live video how could all up into our our system and our studio system in our studio and we could do live like YouTube videos or something like that I might be something interesting but in order to do that we need we've been pricing with them pricing internet connection speeds and the and the the band with that we would need in order to do live video is pretty substantial and then when you put on top of that a commercial internet providers First his home internet providers it's almost like twice the car so it would cost about $300 a month to have the amount of bandwidth we would need for internet connection and our studio in a commercial building so if that's something that you would like us to do maybe you know the more people that donates to us on patreon maybe I'll put that up as a girl cuz I might be kind of fun to do a live video maybe we can take some questions or something like that. That could be pretty cool so we'll work up to that habitat yes oh 50150 250-3504 so those of the show so I wanted to let you guys know to as of this recording our good friend Marcus afforded men from episode 490 he is the guy behind the pemf mat the hypothermia so he got a different kind of son of than we have to be honest I like I'm a big fan of our sauna and I wouldn't trade my son up for the world but he's a man behind that he's a man behind and what's been going crazy as this ozone generator that he has and he's been doing ozone how to use ozone to help your body heal free webinars every Tuesday at 4 p.m. Pacific time so if you want to stay up-to-date with that then just go to extreme Health forward slash ozone webinar all one word ozone webinar and there should be a link on our homepage but you know a lot of people listen to these shows and end of the future Arena 3 4 5 years in advance so yeah those are the Recaps I wanted to talk with you about I got a couple of questions here Jane rights and she says hello just hope all is well can you please tell me which episode has the one gentleman that disparages dr. Wakefield I would like to listen to it again I believe this guy is wrong and after watching more the back scenes review videos I'm certain of it and wonder his intentions thanks no hurry I know you're quite busy kind regards Jane so thank you Jane I appreciate that let me find out really quickly what his name was T Matthew Phillips I do extreme Health radio Spaceteam futu Phil Hughes episode 485 yeah he was a fireball he thinks that the is that what is that name of that vaccines that the March against vaccines more March against Monsanto the movie Baxter that popular documentary that's been going around he says that they're all just shows and they're being paid for by the government and all the stuff and he's suing the state of California for Pickers episode sb277 I think that's what it was anyway he's suing the state of California for the their unlawful ruling that them all kids down must be vaccinated if they want to enter a public school which I would argue that the public schools are these the last place you want to send your kid if you noticed me but everyone has their own opinion about that but yeah that was a really controversial episode 1 episode 45 correct let me just bring that up and make sure if you guys are interested he's really got some unique ideas to Matthew Shadows episode 485 yeah that was really interesting you know I disagree with him on that he said the same thing about dr. Sherri Tenpenny said the same thing about Brandi vonne which she she was on the show both dr. Tenpenny and Brandy thought maybe he was saying that they're basically working for the other side and then sisters kind of as I often designed to get people focused on the wrong issues and the wrong part of that scene because one of the things that he was talking about was that doctor Wakefield and tell big tree the guys behind the movie vaxxed they need to be taking a stronger stand so he was saying that you know they shouldn't say the vaccines are are okay we just want them to be regulated better and we want them to be dispersed in them in a less frequent fashion in a cuz that's the that's the best conclusion that that backs movie says we're not against vaccines we just need to make sure they're safe we need to make sure that they're they're distributed and in a way that so that's the safer so they're not in a 45 shots on one day or the same one we kind of a thing and so she met you poop to say you know what they're doing is wrong because vaccines are damaging to the body and I'm the only one that's going to take a stand on this and are there their they're kind of playing The Other Side by saying they're safe but you know what my conclusion or my my contention is that it depends you got to talk with these people in person behind closed doors not recorded because you know if they're real pit if they're at their people that are up trying to do good things you know perhaps their strategy is that they're they're trying to make it mainstream in if you were to come out with the movie like that because completely anti-vaccine and then the mainstream media would just be all over you right they would just it would just be a horrible PR campaign I-44 are size for people who question the validity of vaccines right so if people were to do that then we would usually be written off its order like you know conspiracy theorists and you know they they come out with some conspiracy that is so mind-boggling and so crazy and there's no chance it's ever true and then people think the all conspiracies are untrue based on that so you know I don't know I don't I like what he's doing suing the state of California I like he's doing there I like that the he's he's willing to take a stand as you know it's really honorable and Noble and honorable that he's out there saying that I don't care what anyone says vaccines are damaging vaccines are dangerous that's cool to have someone out there that says that in your face I like that how he's able to substantiate improve his claims that these people are working for the other side he never said and I'm not sure but I know he's got a unique perspective and that's what our shows about right or shows about offering ideas and opinions different perspective on things and let you guys decide that's why it's kind of cool the duties for the wrap ups and the Friday shows where we you and I can get together and kind of you know a little logic and a little heart to some of the things are being said because so many people say inflammatory things are tell me he will make grandiose claims and you know it's kind of decompress and just in a wait till the guest leaves the room and then you and I can discuss you know the validity of some of these claims right so so they go so there's there's that question long-winded answer to a short question thank you Jane I appreciate that polish rights and I wanted to ask if you could do an episode on documentaries and where you find them as for books I heard about the anesthesia. Series from your show I will definitely add it to my read list if you come across any other books that comprehensively list such things mentioned on your show and I were here and I'll keep an ear out if I come across some mind-blowing knowledge I will share with you by the way you have the best health podcasts thank you paulus paulus that's awesome behind the scenes stuff goes into a show so it's nice so it's nice that you recognize that I really appreciate that as for documentaries you know I have a list that I keep in my computer you know what I can read some the list of my documentaries is pretty extensive and recently I've been into the Lewis Howes podcast which is the school of greatness and I were highly recommended he's got some cool cool stuff and there's more business more success principles that kind of thing taking responsibility and she's sharing stories of people who have them overcome their health issues and dumb and as well as they're like Financial issues and he's doing some cool stuff so one one pocket or one documentary that I'm going to watch it called the corporation let's see the lot of good documentaries man I keep by you no pad on my computer let's see you know I've also been watching the podcast called inside Quest that's been a really good one lot of interesting people on there I'm going to free the mention of the people podcast podcast people are afraid to mention other people shows cuz they're really concerned with competition and things you know but that's not I don't view the world like that I mean that's that's like I mean people can go do searches for these things in you know if if our podcast is good then you listen to it and there should there should be no competition were all here trying to help them make help the world be a better place they're watching a lot of stuff over the years about Sandy Hook about that debacle that's see trying to think been watching a lot of stuff about Flat Earth stuff pretty interesting you know what is a good documentary I should name this what is this called Everything is a rich man's trick on YouTube that's a good one to most the stuff has nothing to do with health actually which I find interesting I've been watching a lot of Eric Dubay stuff he's a flat earth guy well let's see lots lots of cool stuff and I don't really watch a lot like I said on he'll just cuz I know that the conspiracy behind hell if I know that they're lying to us on every level and so you know I've already kind of got that figured out it was Ted Talks Of The Day what else I like to watch the like the symbolism and you kill cat symbolism in the logos and things I like to learn about that so you can do some research on that c it's really good it was recently was really interesting called astronauts gone wild that was a fascinating documentary and then whatever A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the man that one was good I'm scientism exposed that was a good one let's see here Eric Dubay has one call Jesus Christ never existed I thought that was pretty pretty interesting and you can tell that I speak with these speak about these very inflammatory is a very controversial topics right people have a lot of emotion a lot of their life a lot of their resources a lot of their energy a lot of their income tied into these big questions right and so when I say no to talk about these things like I don't have anything invested and it's true I don't really have anything invested in these things to know I like to just play around with ideas and and and then I really just look into things really you know I don't believe everything but I like the elective research because you know you nothing to get the stuff anywhere else people think you're crazy but was a good documentary at that was about it no Jews and let's see the Holocaust and basically denying the Holocaust never existed because this guy did a bunch of research about the schedule a bunch of research in terms of the amount of people that were claimed to have been killed and it started out with 6 or 6 million right and then he started doing all this math and Research into how many concentration camps there were how long will it take to burn a human body amount of space that we have to be taken up for you know to bury these bodies the amount of time that these people allegedly died in and start doing all these math and crunching his numbers and then you know he basically came to the conclusion that there's no possible way that six million Jews could have been killed and then he basically keeps going down down down and then the members actually start changing sewing newspaper reports you know and fifties and all of that then never Wendell's and so so this guy saying that the Holocaust never existed so there you go there's another one called but those are good ideas I think it's really important for us to take ideas and not be married to these things and not have to figure things out you know you don't have to realize if if the Holocaust if the Holocaust was made up and in a what and I went how does that affect your day-to-day life okay you realize I've been lied to okay then that starts making you question you know a lot of different things right it starts making you question you think but invite you to play with ideas and be open to different opinions about things and not think that you have everything figured out because the more I learn the more books I read the more podcast I listen to the more videos I watch I probably watch maybe at least probably if you double cuz I do double speed on YouTube when I do I do my son on my Rebounderz I do those for 30 minutes to an hour and then I do let's see ya so an hour or so I walked about an hour and a half to two hours of video per day I YouTube stuff and then something at night sometimes with Kate and you know so I watch a lot of stuff I listen to a lot of different podcasts and I read a lot of books and I read a lot of articles on the internet but the more I'm learning as you know the more I realize I don't know anything it's impossible to prove anything so no use in and really thinking that you know anything the dead end you know what's not it done is what you can do with your life and what you can do but I do find it in Alexa Lee very stimulating to to watch listen and learn and read about these things and not be tied to them very important to really good interview recently I'm not sure if you guys are free with a friend of mine Ben Greenfield who were going to get on the podcast one of these days then Greenfield episode on London real is really good as well as Elliott Hulse I really liked Elliott Hulse is interview on if you guys are unfamiliar with him he's a cool guy he's out there in Florida does a lot of motivational videos big workout and fitness guy but he's really into philosophy and he's really into spirituality and personal development which is kind of his are right we should think about work out guys love people just think Meatheads and things so just going through my list here as I have to go through oh yeah so there today has some good videos on his YouTube channel just type in Eric today let's see just scrolling through scrolling scrolling through. I've watched so many does one really good one about about what was I going to say oh my gosh. Like oh I forgot I like Bob Proctor a lot of his stuff on YouTube sometimes I want to let his stuff he does all 911 let's see I'm trying to figure it out let me let me find out really quick let me see if I can find it really quickly for you cuz it's really interesting the file on my computer that I do this search on is called a newer than it was originally well when you go through these documentaries about 4 hours long or five hours long I've watched it maybe three times and he answered all those questions so it's really interesting interesting documentary let's see what else Big Bang versus evolution is a masonic lodge let's see here and I got people saw this list that I have there's probably hundreds of them of documentaries New Zealand skeletons in the cupboard I was interesting I member that one Jesus Christ never existed again let's see the war on reality oh my God I could just go on and on and on I mean I'm sure you guys are what's a lot of stuff recently on mushroom so on Netflix there's a lot of documentaries YouTube great man YouTube is just awesome because you can get access to all the stuff I watch for free all that's what it's called The Magic of mushrooms and his two and then there's another one called the history of suicide and containing magic mushrooms that was really good let's see here let me see if I can just find anything more secrets of the mushroom psychic abilities DMT and religious Origins that one was good too collecting cash that was Goodwin Clinton cash that was a documentary all about the Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation if you want to learn about some of the Shady stuff going on about the Clinton Foundation you can have a field day with that one I'll just was really good I watched it got a few times called Weapons of Mass instruction by by John Taylor Gatto John Taylor Gatto is got a talk and interview I think I might be at his last one cuz he's done I think is like 80 something years old but this was nothing the last interview he ever gave and it was a four-hour 5 hour talk and I got this from I know about John Taylor got it for years but I didn't know about this documentary or this video I got from out of Bergstrom frequent guest of ours and social search that out that is if you want learn about our education system started and all the Shady Shady Shady stuff going on programming our children's minds and getting people to the basically be good slave workers and watch that documentary also watch one kids for cash on Netflix a while back kids for cash that was interesting documentary about a judge who was putting kids in prison doing all the liquids young kids put them in there for final five or six years I didn't and you know I think like $100,000 or $50,000 for every kid that he put in prison he was in I think New York at the time and this is years ago but he was just making a killing like a couple million dollars off of all these kids you put in prison regardless of whatever they said you know what was done in court the real history of the evil Roman Catholic Church that was a good one that's right this one is that everything is a rich man's trick that was good I was going to watch at a number of times let's see uncounted this would be good one Ivan I could watch one the true story of the California primary that shows the fraud of our of our system in terms of in terms of in terms of our voting fried okay so yeah they just keep going on and on and on there's there's a hundreds of these things Atlantis as you can see I have a wide Orlando shooting false flag stuff is a lot of stuff about that there's one called the life of Adam life of Adam and that's about Adam Lanza last time Lanza and his name right the supposed kid who killed all those people in the Sandy Hook so anyway another one. and what Trump does or doesn't do it doesn't pertain to me I just can't I can't go there I have to be the one that controls my destiny me and God and Kate and our family and ourselves you know I'm so if it gets bad enough to where you know if his laws are actually affecting my life then we'll just move somewhere else that's simple the t-bill says apparently ordered a sauna oh by the way I want to tell you guys with the sauna at you what's the day today that I have a nice 26 I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to get this episode out I'm sure I will pretty soon the Sun is going up in price by $165 so that the so lot of people been emailing and asking about this if you're familiar with the song I go to work on a page and your watch really amazing information about our son of the sauna prices 1095 but we were able to negotiate with Phil and get that price down to 10:30 for you we're not supposed to be doing that and he's kind of doing it as a favor and as a courtesy to our listeners which is you guys and so is 1030 which is $65 off the regular price but the prices increasing from 1095 to 1195 starting February 1st unless he changes it now last time you changed it but I don't think is going to change as you go out anymore time so anyway I'm just want to let you guys know if you want to save $165 on the sauna send me an email and or go to Warsaw on a paid you can buy right there and I can access to a 465 box off just want to let you guys know that I hate seeing people pay more than they have to you know I just I don't like that that's want to make sure you get a good deal so Bill right since a little bit longer he says just as it's really you I'm all in because I learn through you I boarded this sunny the bellicon rebounder The Squatty Potty the Vitamix and earthing products through linking from your website I was the .001% that retired in 2012 at 42 years old after 19 years and corporate Rat Race CPA Investments industry living in the San Francisco Bay Area I do retirement planning as a fun side job with my passion is healthy living a coaching that's why I listen to your shows I do it for myself first and then I tell all my friends and family around me and it all starts with me and trying it on myself first the corporate world left me almost dead mind body and spirit since I left in 2012 I went deep into the Bible Explorer my diet currently very little meat and probably 75% raw but always changing learned yoga and full awaken my pineal gland nice that's awesome perhaps I'm looking to emulate you and Kate's lifestyle I listen to your shows on the big fan of you guys number one can you tell me your background before you got into this number to can you to just for me the next five most important things you do or use that I should look into I've listed above the things that I bought hearing for you number 3 because I know you do you're in therapy I'm kind of interested in trying but I'm scared can you tell me all about this experience the first time after while now what it's like and why you stick with it finally says I'm going to study scalar energy Shield next can you tell me your true pinions on that product and if you still use it and how many place in the house Exedra at the more detail the better it would be great to meet up if you're ever in the San Francisco Bay area or fun down and Southern California take care of build awesome okay what did you say well first of all this is great I love this because in a lot for a lot of people a lot of listeners this is how it was for me to health and all the stuff related to health was basically a side-by-side it was my job but it was a side part of my life that I really learned a lot from the Explorer from and so this is really cool I love when people do this cuz she retiring at 42 or so I'm 41 so that's amazing but I would retire if I could understand if I if I did a job like this that I didn't like that I kind of got into and it did well I could understand retiring but I never want to retire retirement City of Hope and can you believe she went through chemotherapy radiation surgery she has a cold multiple times for more than a month to the City of Hope and be isolated from everybody we could even go through the plastic barrier and so that happened and we thought we're going to lose her and that was really a profound wake up calling my life so she went through that I was like man this is his show us so I should say what happened was I was exposed to that time to the work of David Wolfe on Coast to Coast AM and then so when I started listen to him I think started really really rapidly being expedited so I started my my learning curve was diminishing and I was really learning a lot of information that I realize he had a website called The Best Day Ever and I join that and I looked about for many years and that really really open my eyes to a lot of different things that are in the world today and how we feel and understand the world and so that's how I got started and then over the course of the next 9 years I just listened to everything I could get my hands on podcast interviews YouTube videos just obsessed with learning this new information and as a result of that I started to realize work well I've accumulated a lot of knowledge and then I became a raw vegan for seven years and then I start getting into all the stuff and so that's what I meant to now I'm just running really looking to to increase my ability to learn more and new information and to become more aware and conscious and open and loving and giving and things like that so I just it's a consequence it's a constant desire to that's a constant constant what's the best way to put this it's the concert pursuit of personal development I think will be the best way to say that so that's my background never finished College thank God I wouldn't go wouldn't pay I couldn't be paid to go to this college thank God I did not finish college not a fan of college not a fan of any of that for most people and less you have a clear Direction where you want to go unless you have a complete understanding of everything you want to do and you have a complete understanding of the career path that you want to take and how that affects your worldview and your values at lunch time she will get locked up in his career path that they love but they realized wow those career paths are really damaging to the Earth or damage to other people so then all the sudden people have this sort of midlife crisis or this Awakening maybe before midlife crisis thinking I spent 10 15 years 20 30 years in a job that's damaged in the world at 6 killing people it's just making these unconscious owners of these companies millions of dollars while I have to slave away in damage the planet and so if you understand your role and what you want to do with your passions are and it requires a degree that I think that's great but if you don't understand that I don't think the college's a good thing at all I think that emit henders a lot of people and it's just a lot of people's growth it squashes a person's ability in my opinion to be creative and to go after their dreams I think that in today's world it's possible to access all the knowledge you need necessary for a degree I'm sorry enough for a degree before the necessary skills in order to do what you want to do for the most part you know if you're going to be a brain surgeon if you were to do things like that it's a different story but in general I'm just so glad that I didn't spend one more second and college because everything I've learned has been outside of school and it's because I have a desire to learn I want to learn I want understand I want to grow in every area of my life so never finished call thank God let's see can you just for me the next five most important things you do are you that I should look into list of the about things I could bother you okay let's see where the things you do the things I would say is to live your life with more intention and have the make it so that your life is everything you do is what's the best way to put this make sure that everything that you do a silicate to your greater mission in life did not to be everything I was running around doing errands is not going to be facilitating to most people but the things that you spend time on it that are your career make sure that they are in alignment with your current values that's why I would say gratitude and gratefulness that's always huge for me just being grateful and thankful for everything I have massive massive massive for me this always being grateful for everything that I have even if you don't have anything it's so important he isn't the most important thing are you saying like the five most important things in terms of health and things I'll drink all that water and that's what I do when I first wake up in the morning if I drink got a little bit of urine and so I don't even taste it to be honest it's not that bad it's really not that bad especially if you're if you're well hydrated so I drink 3 mr. Fuller everyday that's been 96 ounces I'm six feet that 175 that's about enough for me little bit more than what I need and so yeah I think it's real important show on urine therapy have read an article about it on the website that's the most popular page on our website oddly enough people are searching for urine therapy on the internets crazy so yeah we do the show if you can look through our archives I forget with the guys name is but it's it's really beneficial it's really really powerful a lot of Time Zelda urine injections and the people I'm it's powerful substance and if you read the article that I wrote about it there's lots of evidence that suggests it's incredibly beneficial for reeducate in your immune system and letting your body know what's 4 + West domestic because a lot of times what happens is that we don't really our bodies are not on it unable to communicate with ourselves were unable to listen to what about his try to tell us but it's also it doesn't know it's confused a lot of the times because it doesn't that's why there's so much autoimmune disease it doesn't know someone eat something as simple as a peanut and a body goes crazy shut down their throat trendkill that's why it's really important to reeducate your immune system and tell your body what's foreign what's domestic what to focus on what not to focus on and also it's a great way to readjust the vitamins and minerals that I take every night before bed so I'll take some liquid vitamins some pictures and things like that they do a lot of the pictures from Global Healing Center recently before bed he's got some great stuff dr. Ed group over global Healing Center and he's got the got Oxy Powder that a lot of cool stuff actually I take his side on detoxadine I think it's called I really like the stuff and so I do that before bed where can I put up with them too if you want to go through our store are there in our store at the very top of our store it says some stores that we promoter or tonight that doesn't link to a bunch of different Outfitters and Global Healing Centers in our store but I do his product before bed and so when you readjust your urine the next morning anything that you've peed out your we ingesting take a sip of water here it was good excuse me into the well recently and had on the 50 great a lot of TVs are in 200 CVS is like 42 or something like that well water down Carlsbad California so yeah let's see here yeah that's the urine therapy I'm going to study scalar the shows we've done with the controller if you if you want to um learn more about scalar technology he's kind of the one behind that and so would like his rest Shield product that's awesome that's why we have it in our store where we don't have one and we use that in the bedroom and then I'll put it into the into the office here while I'm working and we plugged it in and it's a pretty awesome product actually I really like it so give me so that would be cool to meet up if you're ever in California I want to get to digestion and then we'll call it quits with the show here cuz I have to go out and then I'm going to my rebounding outside and on about 2:40 p.m. here in the middle of winter in California it's a sunny day but it's cold and I want to make sure I get that light onto my body when I rebounding to get to listen to about a show about that really change me it was dr. Jack Kruse really changed my whole opinion about light and I've been really studying light and light therapy and red light and all that kind of stuff I have to say that for another show but really fast thing dr. Jack Kruse he was episode I think is like 465 or something like that okay one more question never get into digestion Rob rights and I can say that new listener just finish episode 123 with konstantin monastyrsky I thought he was great but I was really surprised by what he said what did you think about his final thoughts on juicing as well as eating veggies and fruits part of me finish listening and thought well what the heck can I eat the diet of not a whole lot Tennessean I have also taking fiber supplements for a long time because I thought it needed some carbs do you have a different opinion I was really surprised when he said juicing in his opinion was not as not a healthy option never heard this school of thought before I'm not sure what to make of that you guys still juice right appreciate your feedback Rob Wiley yeah Rob so one of the things I would say off first hand is so this kind of reminds me of a listener that I was listen to listen to a popular radio talk show about healthy other day and The Listener was talking and asking about the different that's what was she asking about she's doctors about I forget what it was but have something to do with her medication she was on and so she said she's having some bad food bad reactions to the medication the doctor put on during the course of the conversation she said the doctors have me on this on this medication and then they put me on this because I didn't I didn't have a good reaction but now they have me on this other one and I'm not really enjoying it in blah blah blah and it got me thinking it got me thinking about a lot of the stuff that happens in our show and it got me thinking in terms of the spiritual path that will take and I'm not any better than anybody else I just the I don't know just had an Awakening back in 2003 but what it made me think about was the importance that we have to place on the spiritual journey and understanding who we are because knock on wood you'll never going to hear me say the doctors had me on this and then they put me on this one and then the doctors put me on this medications not going to happen not unless you know something were to happen where your debilitated in your unconscious or in a coma or something it's really important for us to do this. To work along with understanding our bodies work physically because if you don't have a spiritual foundation and understanding who we are and our roles in the in society and in our culture at large we're going to let other people's opinions dictate to you how you think and feel and you're going to let other people's persuasion and their research dictate to you something that you and totally know that you shouldn't do so the doctor should never had anybody on anything everything is just a suggestion and I wanted to tell this lady or what do you think what do you want do you want to be on this medication okay so if the doctors tell you that you have to be on it what are they using to try to convince you the only thing that have that sphere so we determine what we're on right now I'm on no medication zero none 41 and an anime medication I guess that's kind of rare I've had nurses before you know shake their head and I can't believe it but it's true and I know I know people who are 75 years old never had a medication never went on any medication so the important thing is is to know what your thoughts are about things and so Rob I love concert in monastyrsky he's awesome is episode 123 what he's talking about and then that interview was a dietary extra supplemental fiber and that usually is like them what is the name of that fiber that's in most a drawing a blank here what's the name of that fiber the not milk thistle and I forgot the name of that there's a there's a there's a constant of psyllium husk I think it's kind of the and so he was saying that kind of fiber is very very dangerous to the inside of villi of the intestines and so he's very much against using supplemental fiber and his diet to me sounded like something I could never do I think he eats a lot of rice a lot of chicken you know and it sounds like not very much fun to me I don't know about juice but then again it all depends on the person if you have if you're doing a low sugar juice too high and greens juice could be good for you if your do if your diabetic and doing carrots and apples and it wouldn't know that may not be good for you I think what's important is to no man may be bad for certain people but it's really important to have a foundation of knowing who you are what you believe in and be willing to change you know if someone gives me really good day to buy juicing a plant like a cucumber and some celery and some parsley and some romaine lettuce and some lemon and some ginger I mean you can't tell me that's a bad thing but I can't see it's right for everyone because someone someone might be in a allergic to those things so it really comes down to intuitively what do you think so my opinion about this is really kind of irrelevant it matters what your opinion about this is that's why I really want people to understand on our show it's so so important to realize that I interviewed these people I pick their brains and I asked him questions but ultimately doesn't matter what I think or what he thinks it matters what works for you and what works for you may change down in the future it may not be what works for you five years from now so you know it's it's always a constant learning what up body really wants and being in touch with our bodies and not with our brain and not with our mind and not with research in what people are saying because once you get into that game if it's it's really challenge okay with that said I'm going to share some ideas that might help you with your digestion so again these are just ideas you just opinions they may help they may not let's go into a rodent article while back when we talk about this article here too long no dick digestion all disease begins in the gut right we've heard that said many times again you don't know but intuitively I think there could be some truth to that so taking that premise as something that we can build a foundation and jump off of from what I would suggest is not eating food that you can't digest and so a lot of food this really difficult to digest are corn sugar gluten dairy these types of things so avoid the foods you can't digest them as a sort of Baseline hear it if you can't digest something or if you have a really difficult time digesting it avoid those Foods that's the first step and so some of the next things you could do is start exploring to foods that are what they call mucilaginous mucilaginous I think it's called These are foods that have like a mucous lining to them and these include like raw eggs right chia seeds flax seeds slippery elm bark raw aloe vera right is a really slippery and slimy foods and so it's important to explore somebody's raw eggs may not be in may not be able to do those but she has seeds flax seeds aloe vera slippery elm Irish moss is real foods that get mucus there mucus so you can imagine it's going to have to say that the next step is so exploring some of those Foods exploring the foods that are damaging your digestion they are difficult to digest chewing your food I can't recommend it highly enough any food that you consume that you don't shoot properly now that becomes the burden and the work of your entire digestive tract now your body has to produce more like that I'm sorry not the lactic acid but hydrochloric acid than it normally would to put in a big burden on your liver your gallbladder you know the ability to create bio and hydrochloric acid enzymes sleep putting a burden on the pancreas great those enzymes you don't chew your food there there's a cascading effect there really the reason why we don't she was cuz we're in a rush and four in a rush worse were stressed and four stressed were taking energy and blood flow away from the digestive organs which are are stomach are are liver or pancreas are intestines are colon small and large intestine so we were and then it's on an M or empty stomach just a simple right I don't drink a lot of water sometimes people will eat or consume like a little bit of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar about a half hour before a meal to bring some of that acid in your stomach a lot of people like to eat a fermented food with each meal so sometimes that could be sauerkraut could be kimchi it could be just a simple acidophilus supplement pill a doctor okira mix a great one I drew canole mexicrate one from Fit Life. TV we have those connected up in our store you can buy the Dr ohhira's from Amazon through us if you'd like on his lot of great supplements for 4 acidophilus and eating fermented foods I would highly recommend we take we have kombucha that we make actually my mom makes it for us now we have kimchi we have sauerkraut we have a cold. What is a pickled olives we have what else one of the 400 we got them rejuvelac and all kinds of stuff that I take a little bit of that with each every day just a small amount so the other thing you want to do is take enzymes with your meal dr. Jonathan Wright recommends taking your enzymes with your mail but then I'm sorry taking your hydrochloric acid with your meal and then afterwards about 30 minutes after you eat take your enzymes I don't do that I probably should I take my enzymes and my acid off and my hydrochloric acid with my meal so that take some enzymes that could be really really good as well as hydrochloric acid to dr. Steven Hines recommends a whole hydrochloric acid protocol that can last for like a year by slowly increasing the amount of hydrochloric acid you take with every meet me all I haven't done that yet but he talks about it and it's a great way to improve your body's ability to create its own hydrochloric acid and then you slowly work up some people take 6-8 capsules of 650 milligrams of acid acidophilus 650 milligrams of hydrochloric acid with each meal so and then you find out how much works for you if you get a burning sensation in your mouth I'm sorry in your stomach then you back off a little bit the next time you eating at the right time would be a very very important thing call me soon as we're the book called the daylight diet which he argues that we should only eat during the hours of the day where the sun is out I'm at a book some disagrees he is the author of yes no maybe corner by the nutrition he's got a whole program developed around eating food that the right time so that might be something to look into really important you want improve your digestion it's really important to the basics of food combining what I think or what work for me is not combining starches and proteins so if you're going to eat like french fries and a baked potato example of root vegetables eat those together along with a salad and then if you want to eat like chicken then eat that with the salad at a separate time of the day like a dinner or something like that so don't combine starches and proteins or fruits fruit should be eaten alone on an empty stomach from my experience now could be there for you but that's how it works for me see if you can buy and that's that book that for life that I was telling you about that I thought was really good another one to help you out is so there's a symptom called mastic gum and that helps to clear any pathogens in the stomach that could be damaging to you and creating your body not being able to create enough hydrochloric acid and Allergy research group has a good Mastic Gum 500 milligram 220 capsules and also L-glutamine is a good is a good supplement to take L-glutamine powder to help seal the gut according to dr. masi has a 14-day protocol for this or 21A based upon your needs Mastic Gum he put the people on 1500 milligrams twice a day on an empty stomach and then L-glutamine is 2000 + 3000 milligrams or two to three grams of powder twice a day on an empty stomach so that's something to consider and let me share with you some food that could be good and healing to the gut bone broth having a massive sale on colostrum and I highly recommend taking colostrum it helps to heal the gut and helps build your immune system as well so amazing supplement and I take it everyday any mention of glutamine in Mastic Gum enzymes probiotic ozone is something else that you could listen to the webinars that we've done with Marcus for two men from episode 490 that helps to heal up tight junctions inside the colon inside the intestines that cause leaky gut and have a profound impact on digestive issues ozone could be something that you can look into there's also a product called them restore for it's a it's a gut protocol and it's called which store and then and then number for you can look into that. Dr. Zach bush him on the show everything or some simple things your stomach is very aggravated way of looking into this with you but then you can also lay down and just rub your stomach in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion must like to do when you get a colonic done they'll rub your belly and you can do that every single night I do before I go to bed it really helps I think it's great and it's just an amazing way to you no love on yourself as good a good thing every night I use a Rapid Release tool to that product that mention at the beginning of the show I use that and I am if you're interested that's in our store but I use that over all of my organs and it stimulated helps me to stimulate my organs bring some circulation and blood flow to the organism selves through an outside stimulus like that machine and I think it's really really powerful for me in order to I do it every night before bed as I just I go over my entire I go over my both my lungs my heart's my stomach my liver gallbladder or pancreas my colon and my small intestines and I go through and I do my entire front of my body and I do my thyroid as well and then I'll go ahead and do my face and my job so that I can release stress that's in my jaw you would be surprised how much stress is in your job and then I'll do my road and mentioned and then I'll do all my joints as well before I go to bed it's really powerful feels amazing to so that's the Rapid Release it as you some ideas about digestion I'm sure missing some things so if I missing anything let me know and comment on this page that would be pretty cool if you guys could, if I missing anything that would be beneficial for digestion let's see is there anything else to get to documentaries books podcast such a bunch of those all share some more books and I'm reading the reading the Anastasia's series about the called Anastasia the ringing ringing Cedars series really good books time flies when you're having fun I tell you there's so much to talk about I have so many more things I could talk about my red light experience in looking into that too so many crazy things so much fun being on this path of personal development Health exploration learning new things Awakening Consciousness pretty fun I tell you life is fun when you're getting all the stuff I tell you really opens up for you that's for sure let's see so I think that's about it I just thank you guys for joining us in joining me on this Sumter impromptu show I appreciate it so much you guys are amazing I just love you guys so much and I just feel so privileged I just feel so so that is awesome so what we did is on the right hand side of a website we have a Amazon Banner and then blow that there's some blue Texas's drag click and drag me to your desktop and so if you click and drag text not the banner as you've dragged the banner off of our side on your desktop it just going to grab that image but if you grab that text the blue test text below the banner and you just drag it to your desktop and oh create a little desktop icon on a Mac or PC and then that icon will just that looks right Amazon but it just goes through are feeling so all you have to do now is to remember to go through that icon every time you make an Amazon link or an enzyme purchase I should say an amazing way to support the show it's so great you guys have been really helping us a lot and I'm just so he and I are just so thankful so thankful thank you guys so much for supporting us and you don't have to remember to go to our website all you got to do is do that one time and that I kinda live on your desktop and you just use that icon and I helped support the show and it's just amazing so thank you your support is too if you want to do it on a monthly basis patreon or PayPal is a great way to do that and we really need your help because if we want to expand and start doing live video shows we have to earn more to do that cuz it's quite a bit of money so I could at least $300 for the internet access at the studio so that would be fun like you like we're doing our goal is to help a billion people through our show and so that is our goal that's what you want to do and so if you're on board with that you want to help us do that that'd be awesome and picture on his way to give like we did 12 shows a month so if you gave like 50 Cent's show that we 6 bucks a month and if you gave $0.25 to show that be three bucks a month and if you can afford to do that that would be amazing so we would appreciate that a lot so you have to do that though we appreciate you guys just being a part of what we're doing so would love you thank you for sharing our shows on Facebook thank you for dance in our store and buying the products we offer and our store you guys are awesome really really awesome something about time for me to go down this time for me to go get some sunshine I usually listen to a podcast or two when I'm rebounding in order to to learn more new information so that I can share with you guys and we love you a lot and will be back next episode very soon with Kate and she'll be on the next to freefall Friday should we do so stay tuned for that I would love you let us know if we can ever help you and we appreciate you and just know you're doing the best you can we're all doing the best we can just know that you know there are forces out there God and friends and family people care about you and doing the best you can don't beat yourself up just keep trying keep keep plodding forward keep moving forward and keep doing the best you can and things will work out so just remember that and no important not to beat ourselves up in six months or a year ago wouldn't even know about any this stuff and then we're looking all the amazing things were doing so just stay positive stay strong keep doing awesome things and you'll be rewarded so we love you thank you all and we'll get you guys on the next show.

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